“Reeducation for Halimi!” (Minister of Justice), protest of LGBT in response of the street language used by minister

The LGBT movement protested today in front of the Ministry of Justice in response to the scandalous street vocabulary of the Minister of Justice Eduard Halimi. Yesterday, the media published a video and several photos of Halimi and member of parliament Fatos Hoxha chatting with each other using very banal vocabulary. The minister stated in his text message to the MP: “Do not mess with the people’s advocate as he supports fags, but be discrete because might start talking about us.”

During the protest, Xheni Karaj, the director of Aleanca LGBT called out to Halimi: “We are waiting for you downstairs. If you still have dignity come and meet us downstairs and apologize.” The activists were holding signs with the messages: “Whom do you protect Mr Minister of Justice?”, “ No street language in the parliament and government.” During the protest the activists also chanted: “Reeducation for Halimi!” “What worries and is unforgivable”- said Kristi Pinderi, director of Pro LGBT, “is the ignorant manner in which our politicians use their position.

A minister represents an institution and the irresponsible way in which he treats constitutional institutions like the Ombudsman Office is disappointing. A day before the media had announced the suicidal of an 18 year old boy. One of the Albania newspapers stated that his peers had bullied him using expressions like “You are like a girl.” Karaj, referring to this case said that there are hundreds of girls and boys who suffer because from bullying in schools, families, and elsewhere.

Minister Halimi himself was in favor of the Penal Code changes that state that offense because of the sexual orientation through digital channels is considered a punishable crime with up to 2 year of imprisonment. Officially, Halimi has accepted these suggestions of the Ombudsman, Igli Tototzani, but in reality it was clear from his message that he is still a homophobe who is afraid to talk about these issues.

by Redaksia
Source – Historia IME