God’s LGBT Children in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova: Homosexuality is Not Sinful, Demonic, or a Mental Illness

The book is in Russian and includes a full English translation. It is authored by an Eastern Orthodox Bishop for LGBT individuals in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia. The book will resonate with Eastern European LGBT persons who are “out and proud,” out to a select few, and those who live quiet lives of isolation and hopelessness. The Bishop answers a series of questions about social, political, religious, and spiritual issues that directly impact LGBT persons in Eastern Europe. His answers provide love, comfort, and support to those enduring homophobia. The questions presented reflect those that many LGBT individuals struggle with in Eastern Europe. They are answered in plain, simple language often referencing Orthodox thinkers, theologians, and philosophers from Eastern Europe. Table of Contents 1. For whom is this book written? 2. Why would a Bishop in a major Orthodox Church write this book? 3. Why am I different? 4. Should I feel ashamed? 5. Why am I lonely and isolated? 6. I’m confused. Do I have a mental illness? Am I a national security threat? 7. Will I become a pedophile? 8. Isn’t LGBT a life style choice? Don’t I have a choice not to be in a same-sex relationship? 9. Isn’t being LGBT about sex? 10. Isn’t homosexuality a problem brought in by the secular West? 11. If it’s not a lifestyle choice can I pray away this burden? 12. Will getting married to someone of the opposite sex make my same-sex attraction go away? 13. If it is normal to be LGBT, how can so many people in society, religion, and government be wrong? 14. I’m scared. What should I do? 15. What about government law? 16. Should I tell my parents or close friends that I’m LGBT? What if they reject me? 17. Am I a sinner for wanting to love and be loved?
(Russian and English Edition)

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