Belarus, Europe

Homosexual sex was legalised in Belarus in 1994, however Gay rights in Belarus are still severely limited. Homophobic attitude, suspicions and prejudices are still very strong. According to the survey held by Belarusian Lambda League for Sexual Equality (Lambda Belarus) in April 2002 47% of questioned Belarusians think that gays should be imprisoned. The activist group Belarusian Initiative for Sexual and Gender Equality works to improve LGBT awareness and acceptance.



‘At least I know I won’t be killed’: how one gay man fled from Russia to Belarus

Peter* had set up a Skype account just to speak to PinkNews. Even though it has been six months since he left Russia to embark upon a new life in Belarus, he has to be cautious, and won’t tell me his real name. ? Since Russia’s gay propaganda law came into action in 2013, a… Read more »

LGBT People Under Attack: Raids in Belarus, Murder in Chechnya, Registration of Gays in Central Asia

Singer and Entertainer Zelim Bakaev Apparently Murdered by the Security Services of Chechnyan President’s Security Services The LGBTQI community is under assault in Eastern Europe as well as Central Asia. The most recent crackdown in the region was this past weekend’s raids of nightclubs popular with the LGBT community in Belarus, during which two clubs… Read more »

Gay clubs raided and dating app shut down in ‘alarming’ crackdown on LGBT people in Belarus

LGBT people in yet another former Soviet state are facing an “alarming” crackdown. Two clubs popular with the LGBT community in Belarus were raided this weekend, with customers harassed and detained by police. Gay-rights activists hold placards on February 14, 2011 during a rally against homophobia in Minsk. Gay rights activists said they held their… Read more »

Belarus activist threatened and beaten by police for trying to register gay group

Amnesty International Australia has called on authorities in Belarus to properly investigate the beating of gay activist Ihar Tsikhanyuk by police in response to his trying to register an LGBTI rights group with the government Amnesty International Australia is campaigning for an investigation into a Belarusian gay activist being beaten and threatened by police after… Read more »

Belarus cracks down on gay activists

Minsk, Belarus – Police in Belarus are going after gays, raiding their clubs and locking up clubbers overnight, and summoning gay activists for questioning. One activist accuses police of beating him during questioning, while others say they were interrogated about their sex lives. The leader of a gay rights organization was stripped of his passport… Read more »

God’s LGBT Children in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova: Homosexuality is Not Sinful, Demonic, or a Mental Illness

The book is in Russian and includes a full English translation. It is authored by an Eastern Orthodox Bishop for LGBT individuals in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia. The book will resonate with Eastern European LGBT persons who are “out and proud,” out to a select few, and those who live quiet lives of isolation… Read more »

Attempt To Register A LGBT Organisation In Belarus Provokes Police Raids

Last month, police raided three gay club events in Belarus. It appears that the authorities have become increasingly nervous about the growing social activity of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, especially following the largest Belarusian LGBT initiative to obtain the legal status of an NGO. On the night of 11 January, about… Read more »

List of Professions Not Allowed to Hire Persons with HIV

Approved here is the list of specialties (professions), which is not allowed to use the labor of persons with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). According to the Decree of the Council of Ministers on April 13, 2012 ? 343, which comes into force on June 24, 2012, adopted a list of specialties (professions), which is not… Read more »

Belarus President: Better to Be a Dictator Than Gay

Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko responded to criticism of his authoritarian governing style by saying he would “rather be a dictator than gay,” which appeared to be a thinly veiled reference to gay German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle. Bloomberg reports that Lukashenko made the comment to reporters Sunday outside Minsk. He seemed to be responding to… Read more »

First belarusian video about equality and love

We are glad to introduce the first Belarusian short video about taboo love, about same-sex love and above different fillings. In a three-minute video you can see story of two couples. Narrative showing that love applies to all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, age, race, nationality. In this clip affected the issue of human… Read more »

Gay Belarus News & Reports 2011

1 A photo essay of Belarusian LGBT activity 1/11 2 "President Alexander Lukashenko takes oath for the fourth time" 1/11 3 Gays and Lesbians Given Permission to Stage First-Ever Sanctioned Rally 2/11 4 Gays and lesbians held their first ever authorized rally against homophobia 2/11 5 Journey With a Movie Camera Through ‘Gay’ Eastern Europe… Read more »

Gay Belarus News & Reports 2009-10

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Young Gay Activist in Belarus Targeted by KGB Faces Two Years in Jail for His Activism

KGB’s ‘dirty tricks’ – tries to get activist to become informer Gomel – A young Belarusian LGBT activist is today living in fear of imprisonment after being summoned yesterday to KGB headquarters in Biletskogo Street, Gomel. Svyatoslav Sementsov, aged 25 and co-president of the TEMA Information Center, was told that a criminal case had been… Read more »

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