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Cyprus is still a socially conservative nation when it comes to homosexuality, as LGBT people are seen as engaging in immoral conduct. However, ever since Cyprus sought membership in the European Union it has had to update its human rights legislation, including its laws regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. In 1998 Cyprus lawmakers decriminalized homosexual relations between consenting adults in private. In 2002 a new universal age of consent was established at seventeen. Sexual conduct that occurs in public or with a minor is subject to a prison term of five years. But the laws in Northern Cyprus still remain the same--male homosexual conduct only (not lesbianism) is still illegal.

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Gay inmates tie the knot inside Cyprus prison

The two men, one a Cypriot and the other a Brazilian national, are only the second same-sex couple to marry in a prison within the European Union. Nicosia, Cyprus — Kevork Tontian met the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with behind bars. And not even his freedom was enough to… Read more »

Cyprus Approves Civil Unions Bill For Gay Couples

The Cyprus House of Representatives on Thursday approved a much-anticipated civil unions bill. The unicameral Mediterranean island nation is the second most religious state in the European Union behind Malta. Gay or straight couples entering a civil union will receive all the rights and obligations given to a married couple with the exception of joint… Read more »

Six ambassadors + attend Cyprus Pride march

Four ambassadors march in Cyprus Pride together – The British, American, Australian and Austrian ambassadors to Cyprus marched together in the country’s Pride parade this weekend. Hundreds of people yesterday marched through the streets of the country’s capital Nicosia, to mark its second annual Pride celebrations. The event drew huge crowds, with many LGBT people… Read more »

Cyprus to hold its first ever Gay Pride this year

To celebrate the north becoming the last part of Europe to decriminalize homosexuality, Cyprus will celebrate gay rights in a ‘long overdue’ event Cyprus will be holding their first ever Gay Pride this year. To celebrate the north being the last part of Europe to decriminalize homosexuality, the country will celebrate gay rights for 15… Read more »

Northern Cyprus votes to repeal gay sex ban

Politicians in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have voted to repeal a ban against homosexuality. Monday’s second reading approval by Turkish Cypriot deputies of an amendment to the island’s colonial era ban on gay sex marks the end of a long crusade by the Turkish Cypriot LGBT community, human rights activists and London Conservative… Read more »

Cyprus: Gay couple dragged from car and beaten by gang of eight

A gay couple have been brutally attacked by a group of eight people while driving in the Cypriot village of Arakapas, near the city of Limassol. According to the Cypriot newspaper Simerini, the couple, consisting of an English man and a German man, were travelling in a car when it was forcibly stopped by the… Read more »

Northern Cyprus to legalize gay sex

The government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is set to decrliminalize gay sex Homosexuality is to be legalized in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), if the measures drawn by government are approved. The new amendment, drawn up by the Prime Ministry’s European Union (EU) Coordination Centre, would repeal Articles 171, 172… Read more »

Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus To Legalise Homosexuality

Homosexuality is to be legalised in the TRNC, if the measures drawn by government are approved. The new amendment, drawn up by the Prime Ministry’s EU Coordination Centre, would repeal Articles 171, 172 and 173 of Chapter 154 of the TRNC Penal Code that prohibit male homosexual conduct. Currently there are two legal challenges to… Read more »

Bid to decriminalise gay acts in Northern Cyprus at European court

The European Court of Human Rights has registered a case to decriminalise homosexuality in Northern Cyprus, the last place in the Council of Europe where being gay is a criminal offence. Cyprus was required by the court to decriminalise consensual sex between consenting adults in 1993, but Cyprus’ division has meant many of the island’s… Read more »

MEPs condemn gay arrests in Northern Cyprus

A Conservative MEP has condemned arrests made in Northern Cyprus for “unnatural intercourse” after the self-declared state’s leader told her he had drafted a repeal of the law. Marina Yannakoudakis, who represents London in Strasbourg, called for an immediate moratorium on arrests today. Her concern was echoed by the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT rights… Read more »

Proposal to repeal anti-gay laws “has been submitted”

A Conservative MEP who lobbied the leader of Northern Cyprus to repeal the self-declared state’s anti-gay laws said yesterday he had written to her confirming that the proposal had been drafted. Marina Yannakoudakis, who represents London in Strasbourg, had been visiting Nicolosia as part of her role on an EU group for relationships with the… Read more »

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