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Homosexual sex was legalized in 1962. The age of consent was equalized in 1990 (15, before it was 18 for homosexuals). The Army doesn't question the sexual orientation of soldiers, and allows homosexuals to serve openly. Homosexual prostitution was decriminalized in 1990. The Czech Republic is considered to be one of the most liberal Central Europe countries. In 2006 it legalized civil unions for gay couples. the Czech Republic offers civil unions for same-sex couples, with most of the rights of marriage. A poll conducted by the Angus-Reid Global Monitor conducted in December 2006 found that the Czech Republic favored Same-Sex Marriage at 52%. This percentage number being above the European Union average of 44%, it is one of the few countries that consider same-sex marriage as a likelihood. LGBT Travelers should check out our new Czech Republic Gay Lodging Directory.



Czech Government Backs Same-Sex Marriage Bill

The Czech government on Friday announced that it will back legislation that seeks to extend marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. The move likely means that the Czech Republic will become the first formerly communist country in Europe with marriage equality. According to Reuters, Prime Minister Andrej Babis announced that his government would back… Read more »

Czech Court Recognises Gay Parents For The First Time

The Czech supreme court has ruled for the first time that two gay partners should be legally recognised as the fathers of a surrogate child, the daily Mladá Fronta reported on Saturday. The child was born a few months ago to a surrogate mother in California through artificial insemination. In its ruling, issued at the… Read more »

Poll finds overwhelming support for equal marriage in Czech Republic

A large majority of voters in the Czech Republic now support equal marriage – as pressure grows in the country to end a ban on same-sex weddings. 16 countries across Western and Northern Europe have now introduced same-sex marriage, but progress has been slower across Central and Eastern European countries, where polls suggest a majority… Read more »

Door Opens to Achieving Marriage Equality in Czech Republic

Issue is on the Agenda for October’s Parliamentary Elections If it was up to the thousands who participated in last week’s Prague Pride, it’s clear the Czech Republic would be joining the growing list of countries legalizing same-sex marriage. Marriage equality was a major theme during Prague Pride Week, which prominently featured a lesbian couple… Read more »

Czech Republic: Police Drop Charges Against All 30 Gay Men Living With HIV Following Prague Public Health Authority ‘Witch Hunt’

All criminal charges have been dropped against the 30 gay men living with HIV who were reported to the police by the Prague Public Health Authority earlier this year after they were diagnosed with an STI, Czech media report today. The draconian behaviour of Prague Public Health led to widespread condemnation by human rights defenders.… Read more »

Czech court strikes down ban on gay people adopting children

A Czech court has struck down the country’s ban on gay people adopting children – though only for individuals. The country had maintained a law that outlawed gays and lesbians who are in registered partnerships from adopting children, either together or as an individual. However, the Czech Constitutional Court has overturned a law which banned… Read more »

Pavlovian Priests and the Sorry State of LGBT Rights in Georgia

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the word gay refers to cheerful, lively and high spirited person. The LGBT Prague Pride Parade, which I was fortunate to observe on my recent visit to Prague, lived to the very definition of the word. What I saw was fabulous: unicorns and countless rainbow colored flags, balloons, and thousands of… Read more »

Prague Celebrates The Fifth Pride With The Biggest Parade In Its History

Prague Pride is behind us, yet our work for equal rights in the Czech Republic is hardly over. However, a major step was made on Saturday with the biggest and most colourful parade in the existence of Prague Pride. Up to 35,000 people joined in, filling the entire Wenceslas Square, while several thousands more were… Read more »

Love will be the theme of Prague Pride 2016

Love will be the theme of Prague Pride 2016, which will be held from Monday August 8 until Sunday August 14. The sixth annual Czech LGBT festival, the biggest of Eastern Europe, wishes to point out that we all have the same right to love. We are all born with the gift of love, we… Read more »

Prague Pride 2015 will celebrate fifth anniversary of the ever growing festival.

Press Release The 5th edition of the Prague Pride festival will take place from Monday, August 10th through Sunday the 16th, with the Parade, main concert and outdoor party on Saturday the 15th. This year the festival will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a full program. The Facebook event of the Prague Pride Parade can… Read more »

Czech President In Dispute Over Gay Rights

Prague (AP) — The Czech Republic’s controversy-courting new president is under fire for refusing to grant a university professorship to one of his critics and hinting that it is because the man is a gay rights activist. In what is normally a formality, Czech presidents appoint the country’s professors after they are nominated for the… Read more »

Raw Video: Gay Pride Celebration in Prague

Video Thousands celebrated Prague’s second gay pride on Saturday with a parade leading from the city’s main square to a nearby park. The event drew homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders from across Europe. (Aug. 18) by Associated Press Source –

Pro-traditional family group blast US ambassador for supporting Prague Pride celebrations

An international anti-LGBT, pro-traditional family group is apparently furious that the US ambassador to the Czech Republic has given his blessing to the Prague Pride Festival taking place this week. Speaking at the opening of the festival on Monday, Ambassador Norman Eisen said: “I am truly honored to be here today representing the United States… Read more »

Gay festival begins in Prague

Prague — The Second Prague Pride festival of homosexuals began here in the capital of the Czech Republic Monday, Xinhua reported. “Our goal is to present the community of gays and lesbians to the public. There are many prejudices that need to be removed,” festival director Czeslaw Walek said. This year’s festival will include a… Read more »

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