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France has traditionally been fairly tolerant in matters of private morality including homosexuality and this is reflected in the country's legislation. Any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in employment or service, public or private, has been prohibited since 1985. Gay and lesbian people are free to serve in the Armed Forces. On December 2004, the National Assembly approved legislation which made homophobic or sexist comments illegal. The maximum penalty of a €45,000 fine and/or 12 months imprisonment. In 1997, 55% of the French considered homosexuality "an acceptable lifestyle". In 2006, 78% considered homosexuality "as good as any other lifestyle". The current mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, publicly revealed his homosexuality in 1998, before his first election in 2001.

Included in this index are two non-gay stories, both located in France, (
Baccarat Crystal and the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of World War 1) as well as six non-gay-related photo galleries that relate to the Meuse-Argonne region and the death of my uncle, a US soldier in World War One.



Gay France News and Reports 2009-11

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Gay France News and Reports 2006-08

1 France Rules Both Members of Gay Couple Exercise Parental Authority 2/06 2 Second Toulouse Gay Pride 5/06 3 Ground-breaking gay mayor Andre Labarrere dies 5/06 4 French Communists breaks with Russians over Moscow’s Gay Pride Ban 6/06 5 French court drops high-profile case of attack on gay man 9/06 6 French court blocks lesbian… Read more »

Gay France News and Reports 2000-05

1 Lesbian magazine upsets gay lobby 6/00 2 Paris marks 100th anniversary of Oscar Wilde death 11/00 3 France formally recognizes gay victims of Nazis for first time 4/01 4 Paris and Berlin Gay Mayors Celebrate Gay Pride 6/01 5 Paris gives a typical Gallic shrug about its gay mayor 6/01 6 Modern gay twist… Read more »