Greenland Parliament approves same gender couples’ legal right to marriage in church

Press Release:
It was a great and transformative joy that spread through the country, as the Greenland Parliament
adopted the bill on same gender couples’ legal right to marriage in the church. It’s a real relief that our
politicians today are supporting us, in the expansion of our rights. Consider this a resounding thank you
to our politicians for deciding on the bill for equal opportunity to marry, for our LGBT people in
same gender relationships. With such political support there is hope, that we in the organization LGBT
Qaamaneq can focus on preventing and changing the norms and restrictions, we as LGBT people face in
everyday life.

During Qulaarpaa (a debate broadcasted on KNR, Thursday May 21 2015), it was shown that there in
our society is little need to discuss our right to exist and to have equal legal opportunities in society, on
par with couples of different genders  what an honor! From a global perspective, Greenland is therefore
well on the way to quickly create better living conditions for its LGBT people.

However, there is one thing that cannot go uncommented, from LGBT Qaamaneqs side: one theologian
in Qulaarpaa, Helene Jensen, attempted to use some of the Bible’s message as a weapon against LGBT
people, unquestionably supported around the country. People like theologian Helene Jensen create
further exclusion, insecurity and unhappiness among the LGBT people, in our country. You cannot ignore
us or condemn LGBT people to a life without God: We live in a Christian country, and we too are brought
up in Christian homes with Christian values. Some of us will undoubtedly also want to implement the
transition rituals, that are part of the Christian faith. For good reason, religions no longer determine
society’s laws.

On the same note LGBT Qaamaneq takes strong rejection to individuals in society who assault children
and/or adults ¬ it is deeply disturbing that the theologian Helene Jensen made an attempt to equate
LGBT people with individuals who possess psychiatric diagnoses of such kind. It is a claim that the
progressive countries have disproved, and which no longer holds power over affecting the rights of LGB
people. However, it is still a societal issue, including in Denmark, where trans people are still imposed
psychiatric diagnoses, to be able to access the help they need to survive and live.

LGBT Qaamaneq wishes for all same ¬gender couples, whom will want to marry in church in the future, a
healthy and happy marriage!

For everyone else, please remember: not everyone in same gender relationships are lesbian, gay or
“cisgender*, as well as not everyone in relationships of different gender than oneself, are heterosexual.
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by LGBTQaamaneq (Greenland LGBT organization)