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Niviaq Korneliussen: HOMO sapienne

The title itself is a neologism, a kind of female declension of homo sapiens – with the emphasis on “homo” as in homosexual. The novel’s five main characters comprise two lesbians, a gay man, a bisexual, and a transsexual. The novel is fundamentally about love, friendship, and family ties, portrayed through people who don’t exactly… Read more »

The Young Queer Writer Who Became Greenland’s Unlikely Literary Star

The first Greenlandic novel—a Rip Van Winkle-like tale called “Singnagtugaq,” or “The Greenlander’s Dream,” by a priest named Mathias Storch—was published just over a century ago. In the time since, the island’s modest literary output has tended to hew closely to traditional themes—what one Greenlander describes as “we have magnificent nature and we all live… Read more »

Greenland legalizes same-sex marriage

Greenland this week became the latest country to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation reported that lawmakers in the semi-autonomous country within Denmark on Tuesday unanimously approved a same-sex marriage bill by a 27-0 vote margin. Danish media reports indicate the vote capped off a campaign to extend nuptials to gays… Read more »

Greenland says yes to gay marriages

Parliament in Greenland has unanimously decided that gays and lesbians should be allowed in the church. A proposal to allow gay marriages, which was originally made in 2010, was yesterday finally adopted. The proposal met strong support from all parties in the Parliament Inatsisartut. It writes KNR . – Finally, I say. It has been five… Read more »

Greenland Parliament approves same gender couples’ legal right to marriage in church

Press Release: It was a great and transformative joy that spread through the country, as the Greenland Parliament adopted the bill on same gender couples’ legal right to marriage in the church. It’s a real relief that our politicians today are supporting us, in the expansion of our rights. Consider this a resounding thank you… Read more »