Greenland says yes to gay marriages

Parliament in Greenland has unanimously decided that gays and lesbians should be allowed in the church.

A proposal to allow gay marriages, which was originally made in 2010, was yesterday finally adopted.
The proposal met strong support from all parties in the Parliament Inatsisartut. It writes KNR .

– Finally, I say. It has been five years of long struggle. It was a great day yesterday, and of course also a great day at the time we called on the Danish government to take this up, which has echoed around the world, says Justus Hansen from the Democrats to the KNR.

It was he and the Democrats, who in autumn 2010 first suggested that marriage law should be modernized.
Only in 2012 were gay marriages allowed in Denmark.

Broad support from all parties
The proposal was welcomed by all parties in Inatsisartut.

All 27 members voted for that homosexuals should be allowed to marry. It gives them the right to get married in the church, like any other.

– It is not something that they themselves have chosen, so it’s even an acceptance that we need here in Greenland. Yes worldwide, says Justus Hansen KNR.

The Act comes into force on 1 October. This also means that the law on registered partnership lapse.

by Søren Bjørn Hansen
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