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Homosexual activity above the age of 20 was decriminalized in 1961, then above the age of 18 in 1978 by the new penal code. The age of consent, which is 14, has applied equally to heterosexual and homosexual activity since a Constitutional Court decision of 2002. Gay and bisexual people are not banned from military service. The 2003 Act on Equal Treatment and the Promotion of Equal Opportunities forbids discrimination based on factors that include sexual orientation and sexual identity in the fields of employment, education, housing, health, and access to goods and services. Unregistered cohabitation has been recognized since 1996. It applies to any couple living together in an economic and sexual relationship (common-law marriage), including same-sex couples. Starting from January 1, 2009 same-sex couples can enter into registered partnership. The law gives the same rights to registered partners as to spouses except for adoption. Hungary was the host country of Mr Gay Europe 2007 contest and will host the Eurogames in 2011. Budapest's Gay Pride was the first such event in the ex-communist blocs, and draws a steady, but moderate number of LGBT people and their supporters. The LGBT festival lasts a week every summer with a film festival, pride march and parties across the city. The Festival was opened in the past by notable public figures including Gábor Demszky, mayor of Budapest and Kinga Göncz, Minister of foreign affairs.



Hungary just outlawed same-sex adoption with vile new law: ‘It’s a dark day for human rights’

Lawmakers in Hungary have passed a measure to effectively outlaw adoption for same-sex couples, continuing a wave of concerning anti-LGBT+ actions in the country. On Tuesday (15 December), the Hungarian parliament gave a green light to the bill championed by family affairs minister Katalin Nova, which defines family as “based on marriage and the parent-child… Read more »

Brussels on course for struggle with Hungary and Poland as first-ever LGBTIQ strategy is unveiled

Brussels released its first-ever strategy for achieving LGBTIQ equality on Thursday, days after Hungary unveiled plans to curb LGBTIQ rights. As part of its strategy, the Commission plans to extend the list of “EU crimes” to include hate crime and hate speech, including when targeted at LGBTIQ people. It also plans to bring forward a… Read more »

New law forces Hungarian transgender people to choose exile

Responses in the field ‘sex at birth’ on new ID documents will be unchangeable Being a transgender person in Hungary is about to become even harder, after the government passed a law that will demand all citizens write their “sex at birth” on their national IDs. And the response in this field cannot be changed.… Read more »

‘Panic’ as Hungarian parliament bans trans people from changing gender on IDs

The ruling Fidesz party voted to prevent transgender and intersex people from changing the sex on their birth certificates London (Openly) – Hungary’s parliament voted Tuesday to ban transgender people from changing their gender on identity documents, in a move that LGBT+ advocates said was creating panic among trans people who feared an increase in… Read more »

Hungary lurches ‘back towards dark ages’ as parliament passes cruel and devastating law to legally erase trans people

Lawmakers in Hungary overwhelmingly voted to end legal gender recognition for trans people Tuesday afternoon (May 19), putting to law prime minister Victor Orbán’s cruel crusade against the country’s most marginalised and vulnerable. Around 133 National Assembly members voted in favour of stripping what little rights trans Hungarians once exercised. With just 57 opposed and… Read more »

Poland and Hungary veto inclusion of LGBTI rights in EU statement

In response, 19 other European Union members states sign pledge calling on the European Commission to enshrine protection of LGBTI rights Poland and Hungary have infuriated LGBTI rights supporters across Europe. Officials from the two countries insisted on the removal of ‘LGBTIQ’ from a common European Statement. It is not the first time the two… Read more »

In blow to Hungary, EU court rejects refugee ‘gay tests’

The EU’s top court yesterday (25 January) ruled that psychological tests to determine sexuality are illegal for asylum seekers fleeing countries where homosexuality is outlawed. The ruling involved a Nigerian man subjected to tests by Hungarian authorities, which the court said had interfered unduly in his private life. “An asylum seeker may not be subjected… Read more »

Hungarian town’s gay and Muslim ban deemed unconstitutional

A Hungarian village which banned openly supporting same-sex marriage, as well as building mosques and wearing headscarves, has been told it can’t do that. Laszlo Toroczkai, the mayor of southern Hungarian border village Asotthalom, posted on Facebook last year about the proposals which were adopted by his council. He wrote: “Instead of looking for a… Read more »

Two men jailed for 30 years for trafficking gay sex-slaves

A Miami court sentenced two Hungarian men to 30 years in prison for forcing young gay men into sexual slavery The two men, Gabor Acs and Viktor Berki, were given their sentence on Friday after being convicted of human trafficking, conspiracy and racketeering in February. They kept up to eight Hungarian men in their 20s… Read more »

Hungary extends hate crime laws to include gays

LGBT groups welcome change in criminal code to include homophobia and transphobia Hungary has passed new legislation which extends hate crime laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity for the first time in the country’s history. President Janos Ader signed the new Hungarian Criminal Code on 13 July and it will come into force… Read more »

3,000 march at incident-free Budapest Pride

Budapest Pride 2012 took place safely on Saturday despite earlier threats and the mayor’s unwillingness to support the event. Over 3,000 marchers took to the streets protected by riot police. According to organiser Szilvia Nagy, it was the most popular pride so far in the city. The procession included human rights organisations, ambassadors, opposition politicians… Read more »

Budapest: MEPs open gay EuroGames 2012

Members of the European Parliament have taken part in the official opening of theEuroGames 2012 in Budapest, the Hungarian capital. Each year, the EuroGames gather LGBT athletes and their friends. More than 2,000 participants from 34 European countries are taking part in this year’s Games. However, the Budapest Assembly and the Mayor of Budapest declined… Read more »

Court overrules police to give go-ahead to Budapest Pride

A court of Budapest has reportedly overruled the police’s decision not to grant a licence for the city’s gay pride march. The move, which is similar to a decision taken last year to overrule the police, means Hungary’s capital should be able to host a Pride parade this year. The 2012 Pride March was scheduled… Read more »

MEPs address homophobia in Hungary

Hungarian government called out over ‘shameful’ discrimination Members of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT Rights have expressed their concern over rising homophobic sentiments in Hungary. Their statement follows reports that police have banned the 2012 Pride march in Budapest and that the Hungarian far-right political party Jobbik has submitted anti-gay laws to the country’s… Read more »

Hungary: Fears over new ‘gay disorder’ bills

Following similar developments in Russia, extreme-right parliamentarians in Hungary have tabled proposals to outlaw public discussions of homosexuality. In parallel, the Budapest police has rejected a request to hold the annual LGBT pride march in July 2012. A member of far-right party Jobbik, which holds 47 out of 386 seats in the Hungarian Parliament, has… Read more »

Budapest urged to reverse Pride route refusal

The Human Rights Watch group is calling on Hungarian authorities to reverse a decision which refused Pride organisers permission to hold a march on their chosen route in Budapest later this year. The Hungarian police are being called on to allow the 2012 Pride March to take the organisers’ chosen route on 7 July. Human… Read more »

New Hungarian constitution comes into effect with same-sex marriage ban

Hungary’s new constitution, which bans gay marriage and does not explicitly protect gay people from discrimination, has come into force amid public unrest. The constitution was enacted 262-44 in April of last year, with 80 members of parliament boycotting the drafting and voting process, and took effect on 1 January 2012. The document specifically restricts… Read more »

Anti-gay Hungary constitution becomes law

New anti-LGBT constitution and laws in Hungary come into force – activists join protests LGBT activists in Hungary have protested together with opposition parties against the new constitution that restricts marriage to heterosexuals and fails to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The constitution came into force on 1 January. Meanwhile a new Family… Read more »

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