Italy Allows Lesbian Couple To Adopt Child

In a historic first, an Italian court has allowed a lesbian to adopt the child of her partner.

The 5-year-old girl was conceived through artificial insemination in another European country.

The women, who also married abroad, have raised the child together in their home in Rome.

Gay couples are not allowed to marry or adopt in Italy.

However, the court said it would allow the adoption to proceed because it was in “the best interest of the child.”

Same-sex parenting is a “different” kind of parenthood which is positive and must be recognized as such, the 4-judge panel of the District Court for Minors ruled.

LGBT rights advocate the Mario Mieli Society for Gay Culture described the ruling as an “historic step for our country.”

“We applaud the court which, with this ruling, has anticipated the law and recognized that this child, born to a gay couple, has the same rights as any other child,” said Andrea Maccarrone, the group’s president, referring to a proposed civil unions bill which would allow gay couples to adopt the children of their partners.

by On Top Magazine staff
Source – On Top Magazine