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Since 2003 discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in employment is illegal throughout the whole country in conformity with EU directives. Since the introduction of the first Penal Code in 1890, there have been no laws against same-sex sexual activity in Italy. Same-sex activity were not considered as a problem, or better they were tolerated while performed in private. During the 1800 century Italy was known for 'gay tourism', i.e. a place where lived beautiful men. However, gays were persecuted in the later years of the Mussolini regime and under the Italian Social Republic of 1943-45. The age of consent is 14. On February 2007 the Prodi government proposed to the national parliament a new law allowing a restricted version of civil union, called DICO, which would grant rights to unmarried couples both homosexuals and heterosexuals in areas of labour law, inheritance, tax and medical assistance. The law faced strong opposition from the Catholic church and from Christian democrats members of parliament and did not pass. Prodi has even chastised several members of his cabinet who supported with their presence a pro same-sex marriage legislation demonstration. The new government headed by Berlusconi does not have among its goals that of civil rights recognition for same-sex couples.


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UK museum reclassifies Roman emperor as transgender

According to research, Elagabalus asked to be called “lady” and preferred other feminine addresses A UK museum says that it will be heeding research that reveals the ancient Roman emperor Elagabalus was transgender and will subsequently be referring to the ruler as “she” in its displays. According to the Telegraph the North Hertfordshire Museum will… Read more »

Italian Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Parents

An Italian court ruled that same-sex parents have the right not to be labeled “mother” or “father” on the ID paperwork of their children. A judge in Rome ruled in favor of a lesbian couple who had launched a legal challenge against the regulations for IDs for minors, Reuters reports. Parents or legal guardians must… Read more »

Italian Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Parents

The ruling goes against the views of Italy’s new far-right government and prime minister. An Italian court ruled that same-sex parents have the right not to be labeled “mother” or “father” on the ID paperwork of their children. A judge in Rome ruled in favor of a lesbian couple who had launched a legal challenge… Read more »

World’s first LGBT+ head of state elected in San Marino, one of the oldest nations on earth

The microstate of San Marino has just elected an openly gay head of state, becoming the first country in the world to do so. Paolo Rondelli, 58, was elected one of two “captains regent” of San Marino, one of the world’s oldest and smallest republics which has just 34,000 inhabitants. He was elected on 1… Read more »

The World’s First Out Gay Head Of State Appointed in San Marino

San Marino, the world’s oldest republic, has taken another historic step this week in appointing the world’s first openly gay head of state: 58-year-old Paolo Rondelli. Rondelli will join Oscar Mina as one of the two captains regent, San Marino’s heads of state, according to The Guardian. The captains regent are the country’s highest elected… Read more »

Italy Creates New LGBTQ English-Language Website for Travelers

Italy is a very welcoming and friendly country, and even better, they’ve just launched a new website, QueerVadis, which helps English-speaking travelers and ex-pats learn more about the dynamic and historic nation and its welcoming spaces for queer visitors and locals. QuuerVadis offers feature articles, travel ideas, and even news about current events and notable… Read more »

Vatican claims Pope’s remarks on LGBT+ rights ‘taken out of context’ and underlines church’s opposition to same-sex unions

Pope Francis’ endorsement of same-sex civil unions was taken out of context, Vatican officials have claimed as they sought to clarify that the church does not support LGBT+ rights. The Pope’s comments featured in the documentary Francesco did not signal a change in church doctrine, neither did they support a wider endorsement of marriage equality,… Read more »

‘We’re living in fear’: LGBT people in Italy pin hopes on new law

Debate on long-awaited bill that would punish discrimination and hate crimes towards LGBT people opens on Monday For 15 years, Marco and his boyfriend had lived together fairly peacefully in a town outside Rome. Then, in early June, a neighbour started harassing them. “It began quite lightly, with him being provocative whenever we met in… Read more »

Europe’s smallest country San Marino bans anti-gay discrimination

San Marino has voted to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. The microstate, which is the smallest country in Europe by population with just 33,400 citizens, held a public vote on Sunday (June 2) on whether to update its discrimination protections. The country’s constitution already made clear: “All are equal before the law, without distinction… Read more »

Europe’s smallest country San Marino bans anti-gay discrimination

San Marino has voted to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. The microstate, which is the smallest country in Europe by population with just 33,400 citizens, held a public vote on Sunday (June 2) on whether to update its discrimination protections. The country’s constitution already made clear: “All are equal before the law, without distinction… Read more »

Turin mayor in Italy unveils banner to counter World Congress of Families

The banner was hung from the City Hall and carries a message of inclusivity for all kinds of families As the anti-gay, pro-life World Congress of Families takes over the city of Verona, Italy, many public figures are showing their support the the LGBTI community. Turin mayor Chiara Appendino unveiled a banner on 29 March,… Read more »

French Writer Alleges Vatican Is One Of The World’s Largest Gay Communities

Author Frederic Martel is claiming Catholic priests publicly denounce homosexuality while privately leading double lives. Vatican City (AP) — A gay French writer has lifted the lid on what he calls one of the world’s largest gay communities, the Vatican, estimating that most of its prelates are homosexually inclined and attributing much of the current… Read more »

Parents locked up Lesbian daughter

17-year-old freed after calling gay helpline says LGBT Center Rome’s Gay Center facility said Tuesday that, with the support of State and Carabinieri police, last week it managed to free a 17-year-old girl who was being locked up at home by her parents because she is a lesbian. “The girl said she had a very… Read more »

Gay pride colours Rome despite Italy’s lurch to the right

Thousands of people took to the streets of Rome on Saturday to celebrate Gay Pride just days after Italy’s new families minister caused a storm by saying that homosexual families do not legally exist. The annual march in the Italian capital comes at a tense time in the country after a coalition government took power… Read more »

Rome Pride attracts a 500,000-strong ‘Rainbow Brigade’ in Italy

Organizers wanted a march to celebrate the fight against fascism – at a time when far-right politicians have taken position of power in the country Organizers of this year’s Rome Pride say 500,000 people participated in today’s event in the city. The celebrations commenced at 4pm at the Piazza della Repubblica and passed such classic… Read more »

Former Mafia home to become shelter for LGBTI community

The local council decided to give the former Mafia house to a LGBTI group to promote acceptance LGBTI people and migrants fleeing persecution will be able to call a former Mafia villa home. The city of Castel Volturno had opened bids for organizations to take over a three-storey house in the coastal town. Mafia boss… Read more »

In Italy, Lesbians Can’t Be Legal Moms Without Saying They’ve Had Straight Sex

Italy’s retrograde laws, pushed by the Catholic Church, force LGBT parents to lie about the way their children were conceived. Rome—Chiara Foglietta did not have sex with a man to conceive the healthy baby boy she and her partner Micaela Ghisleni delivered in Turin last week. And she says she’s not going to pretend that… Read more »

Vatican cops bust drug-fueled gay orgy at home of cardinal’s aide

Vatican police raided a drug-fueled gay-sex party at an apartment belonging to an aide of one of Pope Francis’ key advisers, according to a new report. The Holy Father is “enraged,” since the home, inhabited by Francesco Cardinal Coccopalmerio’s secretary, belongs to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith — the arm charged with… Read more »

Caught With Their Pants Down – Italian Government Paid for Gay Orgies

The country’s anti-discrimination department used funds intended to combat homophobia to invest in private prostitution clubs. Rome—There is little question that Italy has been slow on the uptake when it comes to recognizing equal rights for the country’s LGBT community. Last year Italy was the last in western Europe to finally pass a same sex… Read more »

Fascists carry coffin draped in Italy flag to protest gay couple’s civil union

Italian fascists have held a funeral procession to protest a gay couple entering a civil partnership. On Sunday (5 February), 15 members of the right-wing, neo-fascist Forza Nuova marched in Cesena, a small town near Rimini in north Italy. They carried a coffin, draped in the Italian flag and some of the marchers had dressed… Read more »

Italian high court makes it easier for same-sex couples to adopt each other’s children

The highest court in Italy has made it easier for same-sex couples to adopt each other’s biological children. A decision by the court, however; does not make the process of adopting each other’s children automatic for same-sex couples. The Cassation Court ruling, which came on Wednesday, bolstered lower courts’ rulings on the issue of so-called… Read more »

Thousands march for gay rights in Poland, Croatia, Italy

Warsaw, Poland — Several thousand people marched Saturday in colorful gay pride events in Italy, Poland and Croatia urging support for minority rights in the mostly Catholic nations. The parades in Poland and Croatia come amid mounting right-wing sentiments that pose new challenges to gay rights activists. In Italy, however, the gay pride celebration comes… Read more »

Italian Lawmakers Approve Civil Unions Bill

Italian lawmakers on Wednesday paved the way for Italy to recognize gay and lesbian couples with civil unions. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi forced the issue by calling for a confidence vote in Italy’s Chamber of Deputies. The Italian Senate gave its approval in February. With a 369-193 vote, Renzi’s cabinet survived. According to Reuters, such… Read more »

Andrew Haigh’s gay romance Weekend triumphs in Italy despite Vatican ban

Nottingham-based drama about love affair between lifeguard and conceptual artist scores country’s highest per-screen average this weekend A British independent film about a burgeoning gay relationship has proven a surprise box office smash in Italy, despite an alleged attempt by the Catholic church to “paralyse” its release. Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, which was released in the… Read more »

Italy’s biggest fashion designer to extend benefits to same-sex couples

Italian fashion house, Gucci, is to become one of first major designers in the country to give same-sex newlyweds the same treatment as heterosexual couples. Despite civil unions being passed by the Italian Senate last month, the Florence-based company is taking action before it is legally required to and offering same-sex couples the same 14… Read more »

Italian court recognises same sex adoption

A court in Italy has become the first in the country to allow a lesbian couple’s right to adopt each other’s biological daughters. The tribunal in Rome upheld two appeals from gay rights groups on behalf of the women that means they will both be regarded as parents of the children. The court said it… Read more »

Italian Senate Approves Civil Unions for Gay Couples, but Not Adoptions

Rome — After months of political infighting and decades of battles by gay people for civil rights, Italy’s Senate on Thursday approved the country’s first law granting legal recognition to civil unions, but stopped short of giving same-sex couples the right to stepchild adoption. The paring of the adoption provision was crucial to passage in… Read more »

Rome’s Gay Pride Marchers Call On Government To Recognize Same-Sex Civil Unions

(AFP) Tens of thousands took to the streets of Rome on Saturday for the city’s annual Gay Pride parade and to call on the Italian government to recognise civil unions for same-sex couples. The march was held in a party atmosphere, with bright lights and rainbow flags adorning the Via del Corso in the centre… Read more »

Thousands protest Italy’s plan to permit gay unions, adoptions

Rome (AP) — Thousands of people opposed to gay rights are gathering in Rome’s Circus Maximus to protest against legislation that would permit marriage-style unions for same-sex couples and grant them legal recognition as families. Massimo Gandolfini, organizer of Saturday’s “Family Day” protest, told Sky Tg24: “Italy is one of the few western countries that… Read more »

Pope Francis meets with openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook has had a sit down meeting with the head of the Catholic church. The two men – along with their personal teams – met at the Vatican yesterday. This is the pontiff’s second meeting with technology world leader in a week, after he met with Eric Schmidt – the executive chairman… Read more »

Italy same-sex marriage: Rallies held across country

Tens of thousands of people have marched in cities across Italy, demanding legal recognition for same-sex couples. The rallies were held as lawmakers are due to debate the deeply divisive issue next week. Opponents of the bill in the mainly Catholic nation are planning to hold their own demonstration next Saturday. Italy is the only… Read more »

Tens of thousands protest in the streets of Italy for gay civil unions

Rome — Tens of thousands of people demonstrated Saturday in nearly 100 cities across Italy to urge the government to permit gay and lesbian couples to have civil unions and legally recognized families. Mirco Pierro, 39, rallied in front of the Pantheon in Rome with his partner and twin infants, saying he wanted “to defend… Read more »

Gay priest tells Pope: Your church is making life hell for gay people

A Vatican priest who was sacked after coming out for gay has shared the message he sent challenging the Pope on LGBT rights. At the start of the month, the Church’s three-week long annual Synod was disrupted when an official in the Vatican’s doctrine office came out as gay – and was promptly dismissed from… Read more »

Italy: Cities Cannot Register The Foreign Marriages Of Gay Couples

Italy’s highest administrative court has overturned a lower court’s ruling that allowed cities to register the foreign marriages of gay and lesbian couples. According to the AFP, cities from Rome to Naples and Milan had defied the government’s ban on such unions by registering the legal marriages of gay couples which had taken place outside… Read more »

Italy breaches rights over gay marriage – European court

Italy violates human rights by failing to offer enough legal protection for same-sex couples, a European court has ruled. Judges said the government had breached the rights of three gay couples by refusing them marriage or any other recognised form of union. Italy is the only major Western European country with no civil partnerships or… Read more »

Italy: Sports magazine causes outrage over gay kiss on cover

A popular Italian sports magazine has faced a backlash from readers after featuring a gay rugby couple on its most recent cover. The 11 July edition of SportWeek features Giacomo and Stefano – a gay couple who also play together on gay-friendly amateur Rome squad Libera Rugby. The cover features the provocative headline, ‘Who’s afraid… Read more »

100,000 attend Milan Pride in support of marriage equality in Italy

The Mayor: ‘There is one inviolable right: to be happy with oneself.’ On Saturday 100,000 people took part in Milan Pride: walking through the city in support of gay rights in Italy. Dario Davanzo, who manages the event, told La Repubblica: ‘This is the first Milan Pride where we can see such a powerful synergy… Read more »

Over 300,000 Rally In Rome Against Gay Marriage

Hundreds of thousands of people travelled from all over Italy and Europe yesterday to protest against the proposed legalisation of gay marriage, and the teaching of ‘gender theories’ in schools. Gathering in the San Giovanni Square in Rome, with estimates of participants running from 300,000 to a million people, the protest put the ‘anti-Austerity’ protests… Read more »

After Ireland, The Pressure Is On Italy To Legalize Same-Sex Unions

After Ireland legalized same-sex marriage in a historic referendum this past Saturday, Italy is now the only nation in Western Europe that doesn’t recognize either same-sex marriages or civil unions. Following the Irish vote, some in the socially conservative, largely Catholic country are reviving their calls for change. Members of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s ruling… Read more »

Rome city council approves register of same-sex civil unions

Italy took another small step forward in the fight for same-sex marriage this week, as Rome city council’s assembly gave approval to a register for civil unions. The move, which proves controversial in the conservative country, was hailed as historic by some, as it means despite having no legal status in Italy, civil unions will… Read more »