Parents locked up Lesbian daughter

17-year-old freed after calling gay helpline says LGBT Center

Rome’s Gay Center facility said Tuesday that, with the support of State and Carabinieri police, last week it managed to free a 17-year-old girl who was being locked up at home by her parents because she is a lesbian.

“The girl said she had a very bad family situation since her parents found out she was gay a year ago,” said Gay Center’s Fabrizio Marrazzo.

“She lived in a climate of continuous violence and she was locked in the house, which he relatives did not let her leave.

“When she was at home alone, the parents locked the door with her inside”.

Marrazzo said that on one occasion the girl managed to get out and call the police, but, as she is a minor, she was taken back to the family.

He said that she phoned the Gay Help Line, 800 713 713, the second time she managed to get away and this led to her being taken into a protected facility for minors.

Source – ANSA