Rome’s Ignazio Marino Registers Marriages Of 16 Gay Couples

Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino on Saturday registered the foreign marriages of 16 gay and lesbian couples.

Italy does not recognize the unions of gay couples, though Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has pledged to introduce a civil unions bill.

Moments before the start of Rome’s 20th annual Gay Pride Parade in June, Marino announced his administration would register the foreign marriages of gay couples.

According to the AP, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has warned that such registrations would be voided.

Marino transcribed the date and locations of each couple’s wedding in Rome’s city ledger during a reception held at city hall, located within walking distance of the Vatican.

“[T]he most important right is to say to your companion ‘I love you’ and to have that be recognized,” Marino said.

Roughly 70 activists protested outside, the AP reported.

Marino, a prominent transplant surgeon who was elected mayor of Rome last year, discussed his support for marriage equality during a HuffPost Live interview.

“By training I am a surgeon. I see either black or white,” Marino said. “A few weeks ago a lot of people were surprised, because they asked me the same question. And what I answer is, ‘Look I believe that if a couple loves each other, they should get married.’ I don’t see where the problem is.”

By On Top Magazine Staff
Source – On Top Magazine