Turin mayor in Italy unveils banner to counter World Congress of Families

The banner was hung from the City Hall and carries a message of inclusivity for all kinds of families

As the anti-gay, pro-life World Congress of Families takes over the city of Verona, Italy, many public figures are showing their support the the LGBTI community.

Turin mayor Chiara Appendino unveiled a banner on 29 March, featuring a message of inclusivity and acceptance for all couples.

The city in Northern Italy, 300km from Verona, was the first in the country to recognize a same-sex couple as parents of their child on the baby’s birth certificate in April 2018.

Torino loves all families
The banner was hung from the City Hall and carries a message in English to make it accessible to as many as possible.

It also portrays several kinds of families to dismiss the outdated concept of traditional family.

Two same-sex couples with children feature on the banner, alongside a heterosexual couple with three children and a single parent. Moreover, the banner includes diversity, featuring two interracial couples, and different ability levels, featuring a child in a wheelchair.

‘Torino loves and welcomes all kinds of families,’ the banner reads.

‘It’s a beautiful message of inclusivity, which I believe is one of the themes that characterize Turin and the history of this city,’ Appendino said in a video posted on social media before unveiling the banner.

City councillor Marco Giusta, responsible for politics for families and youth, also appeared in the video.

‘As Italy and the world looks with concern to the congress in Verona, we in Turin have decided to launch a message of inclusivity to all families of all kinds and all genders,’ he explained.

‘We’re convinced and proud of the choice we’ve made,’ he also said.

The World Congress of Families
Anti-LGBTI and pro-life demonstrators are flocking to Verona.

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and Minister for Families Lorenzo Fontana are among this year’s panellists.

The European Parliament’s President Antonio Tajani was due to speak at the event. However, his name no longer appears on the list.

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by Stefania Sarrubba
Source – Gay Star News