Liechtenstein, Europe

The Principality of Liechtenstein landlocked alpine microstate in Western Europe, bordered by Switzerland and by Austria. The capital of the country is Vaduz. It is the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire, having been acquired to enable entry to the Imperial Diet. Much of Liechtenstein's terrain is mountainous, making it a winter sports destination, although the country is also known as a tax haven. Many cultivated fields and small farms characterize its landscape both in the north (Unterland) and in the south (Oberland). It is a member of the European Free Trade Agreement and is the smallest German-speaking country in the world. Regarding homosexuality, the culture and the laws are influenced by its two surrounding countries which are liberal regarding gay rights and legislation although there is no identifiable gay scene. Both Vienna and Zurich have lively LGBT communities which tend to attract gay Liechtensteins. Homosexuality was legalized in 1989, though the age of consent was not equalized until 2001. In 2001, the penal code was revised and all discrimination against gays was removed. The Liechtenstein government is expected to introduce a civil union law early 2008. The penal code includes same-sex domestic partners in the definition of 'next of kin'. A gay and lesbian organization, FLay, was founded in 1998 and organizes social activities for GLT people in the triangle Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg (Austria) and the Swiss Rhine Valley.



Liechtenstein prelate cancels parliamentary Mass over gay marriage bill

Audio Rome – The New Year is off to a rocky start for parliamentarians in the tiny European nation of Liechtenstein, who are currently in a standoff with the country’s lone Archbishop, Wolfgang Haas, over the recent passage of a bill legalizing same sex marriage. In December, Haas announced via the official bulletin for the… Read more »

Liechtenstein Beats America To Granting Full Gay Patnership Rights To Lesbian and Gay Couples

No Liechtenstein as in the smallest yet the richest (by measure of GDP per capita) country in the world. As of Saturday Liechtenstein is now one of many countries who has beaten America, the land of liberty, equality and freedom to granting gay and lesbian couples the right to formally register their partnership be put… Read more »

Liechtenstein: Say ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Partnerships

The people of Liechtenstein should not isolate their country from Western Europe or their LGBT citizens from the rest of society. The fundamental right not to be discriminated against should be observed in Liechtenstein, and same-sex partnerships should be recognized by law. The people of Liechtenstein should vote “yes” in the referendum. – Boris Dittrich,… Read more »

Gay Liechtenstein News and Reports U.K. December 13, 2001 1 Liechtenstein To Get Gay Equality The principality of Liechtenstein is drafting legislation which would give same sex couples legal equality. A bill has been drawn up which is waiting approval by the country’s parliament. If it is stamped it will give gay and lesbian couples the same rights… Read more »