Montenegro’s second ever Pride to be held in secret

60 people were injured at last year’s event, the first ever LGBTI celebration in the country

Montenegro’s second ever Pride will be held in secret over fears of attack.

The location will be kept private until the day itself in an attempt to protect the marchers. It will be held somewhere in the capital on 2 November.

Last year, around 100 people marched in the capital Podgorica in the southeastern European country’s first ever celebration of the LGBTI community.

But hundreds of hooligans started throwing stones and bottles, leading to the police using tear gas against them. Around 60 people were injured.

Queer Montenegro, the group behind Montenegro Pride 2014, said they hoped by doing this the marchers will be protected from danger.

‘The clear message of this year’s Pride implies that the perpetrators of such acts must be appropriately sanctioned and that the responsible institutions need to do their job more conscientiously,’ the organizers said in a statement.

Originally planned for late June, the country’s second Gay Pride was postponed following consultations with the police.

While homosexuality is legal in Montenegro, it is considered a ‘perversion’ by the majority of the public. 70% consider it to be an illness.

by Joe Morgan
Source – Gay Star News