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Montenegro legalises same-sex civil partnerships

London (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Montenegro voted to legalise same-sex civil partnerships on Wednesday, becoming the first European country outside of Western Europe and the European Union to legally recognise gay and lesbian couples. The law received 42 votes in the 81-seat parliament, Blanka Radosevic Marovic, a director in the Ministry of Human and Minority… Read more »

Montenegro: Parliament legalizes same-sex civil partnerships

Montenegro is the first European country outside of Western Europe and the EU to legally recognize same-sex couples. President Milo Djukanovic said it was a confirmation that Montenegrin society “is maturing.” The Balkan nation of Montenegro legalized same-sex partnerships on Wednesday. President Milo Djukanovic described the moment as “one step closer to joining the most… Read more »

Montenegro: Gay pride event urges less violence, more rights

Podgorica, Montenegro – About 200 people have gathered at an LGBT pride event in Montenegro urging more rights and zero tolerance for violence against gay people in the conservative Balkan country. Participants held banners with sayings such as “Proud my son is gay” and “My daughter is lesbian” as they marched Saturday through the Montenegrin… Read more »

Dozens gather at gay pride in conservative Montenegro

Pogorica, Montenegro – Dozens of people have participated in a gay pride event in highly conservative Montenegro where authorities are promising to boost gay rights as part of efforts to join the European Union. Hundreds of policemen deployed Saturday in downtown Podgorica, the capital, to prevent possible attacks from extremists. Participants in the pride march… Read more »

Montenegro has banned Pride in this city for the THIRD time in a year

The Montenegrin city of Nikšic has had its Pride march banned for the third time this year. The Pride event was cancelled, and authorities cited security threats. Football hooligans and nationalists had threatened to disrupt the event, and the Orthodox Church had mobilised against it. Despite the security threats excuse for banning pride, others have… Read more »

Montenegro Gay Pride Parade Avoids Violence Of Last Year’s Event

Montenegro on Sunday held its first Gay Pride Parade without violence. According to Radio Free Europe, about 200 demonstrators marched the streets of Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica, waving banners which read “Let’s Love Each Other” and “This is Just Beginning.” Two previous events, held last year in Podgorica and Budva, were marred by violence. In Podgorica,… Read more »

Montenegro’s second ever Pride to be held in secret

60 people were injured at last year’s event, the first ever LGBTI celebration in the country Montenegro’s second ever Pride will be held in secret over fears of attack. The location will be kept private until the day itself in an attempt to protect the marchers. It will be held somewhere in the capital on… Read more »