Queer legend Oscar Wilde honored with portrait on wing of Boeing aircraft

A tribute Wilde would both love and mock

Irish poet, playwright, and queer icon Oscar Wilde is being honored with a portrait on two Boeing aircraft.

Norwegian airlines have launched two aircraft – a Boeing 737 MAX and a Boeing 787 Dreamliner – ahead of the legendary poet’s birthday on 16 October.

The airliner often honors famous Norwegian people on the tail fin of their planes, dubbing them ‘tail fin heroes’. However, recently they’ve expanded into other territories, allowing queer stars to share a spot in the limelight.

Last year, bisexual star Freddie Mercury sat on the fin.

Oscar Wilde was known as one of Britain’s first ever modern celebrities. He became famous for his razor-sharp witticisms and extraordinary pieces of art throughout the 1880s. His works include the iconic book Picture of Dorian Grey, as well as plays like the Importance of Being Ernest.

The sassiest plane in Europe
However, he was eventually shunned from society after sleeping with a series of men. They ranged from sex workers, to people in the upper echelons of society. You can read more about his life and history here.

Matthew Wood, Senior Vice President for Commercial Long haul and New Markets at Norwegian, said: ‘Our “tail fin heroes” offer us a perfect chance to pay tribute to some of the greatest Irish men and women of all time.

‘Oscar Wilde has inspired generations and we are very happy to have one of the greatest poets of all time adorn our aircraft.’

Recently, they announced their first Irish ‘tail fin hero’, Tom Crean, found on both the 737 MAX and 787 Dreamliner. He was an explorer.

Norwegian carries over 33 million passengers a year to 150 destinations.

by Tom Capon
Source – Gay Star News