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Norway bans hate speech against bisexual and transgender people

Norway has banned hate speech against bisexual and trans people in a landmark change to its penal code. Gay men and lesbians have been protected from hate speech under Norway’s laws since 1981, with those found guilty facing up to one year in prison or a fine for private comments or up to three years… Read more »

Svalbard had his first Pride this weekend – super cool pictures!

Svalbard has had its first Pride ever this weekend! Organizer Lene Jeanette Dyngeland was nervous but was pleased with how many people joined. Behind the Longyearbyen initiative in Svalbard is Lene Jeanette Dyngeland . She started the whole project without any idea how it would end and she was excited to change until Saturday, when… Read more »

Queer legend Oscar Wilde honored with portrait on wing of Boeing aircraft

A tribute Wilde would both love and mock Irish poet, playwright, and queer icon Oscar Wilde is being honored with a portrait on two Boeing aircraft. Norwegian airlines have launched two aircraft – a Boeing 737 MAX and a Boeing 787 Dreamliner – ahead of the legendary poet’s birthday on 16 October. The airliner often… Read more »

Watch Norway’s first gay couple to get married in a church

You may kiss the groom! The Church of Norway has finally allowed same-sex couples to have religious weddings, and we have the pictures of the very first gay couple to tie the knot. Kjell Frølich Benjaminsen, 63, and his partner Erik Skjelnæs, 70, spent decades waiting to get married in the church of their choice.… Read more »

The King Of Norway Delivered An Epic Speech Backing LGBT People

Well, you don’t see a royal do this every day. The king of Norway is receiving global praise after delivering a heartfelt speech in support of the LGBT community and other minority groups. On Sept. 1, King Harald V urged Norway to embrace “trust, solidarity and generosity” while speaking to more than 1,000 guests in… Read more »

Norway to allow same-sex church weddings

The Church of Norway is expected to approve a motion that would allow same-sex couples to marry in the country’s churches. It is believed that the Bishops Conference, which meets today (Monday, April 11), is to adopt new marriage rituals that will provide gender-neutral ceremonies. The draft resolution which is expected to be approved (after… Read more »

Norway’s PM offers support for same-sex church weddings

The Prime Minster of Norway has offered her support to allowing same-sex couples to marry in churches. Proposals to introduce a marriage liturgy for gay couples were voted down at the start of the Church of Norway’s national synod last week, with 64 of 115 votes against and 51 in favour. Erna Solberg said she… Read more »

Church of Norway votes against allowing priests to marry gay couples

The Church of Norway has voted not to allow same-sex couples to be married by its priests in a close run vote. Proposals to introduce a marriage liturgy for gay couples were voted down at the start of the Church’s national synod on Tuesday morning, with 64 of 115 votes against and 51 in favour.… Read more »