Svalbard had his first Pride this weekend – super cool pictures!

Svalbard has had its first Pride ever this weekend! Organizer Lene Jeanette Dyngeland was nervous but was pleased with how many people joined.

Behind the Longyearbyen initiative in Svalbard is Lene Jeanette Dyngeland . She started the whole project without any idea how it would end and she was excited to change until Saturday, when the parade would go off.

– I have no idea how many, or which ones are coming, she says to Svalbardposten .

But when it became time for the parade, more and more people joined. Many had flags, maybe even everyone who was there. All of Lene’s stock of rainbow flags ended, and she says she sold close to 300 pieces. The participants came face to face and some had wreaths on their heads. The firefighters in the village took the fire truck with them and also went to the front of the train.

Gyda Nordhagen , 22, and Anja NordvÄlen , 25, participated in the parade to show that they feel that everyone has the right to love the one they want.

– We want to show that we respect the choices of others to love the one they want. Then Pride is very fun too, says Gyda to Svalbardposten.

The parade went from the school in the village and down to the Polar Hotel where Lene gave a speech to everyone who was there. Among other things, she said that she really appreciated everyone who participated and agreed to her “crazy idea”. After the parade there was a party at the Polar Hotel which lasted until the small hours on Sunday.


Source – QX