Poland, Europe

There is no law against gays. Homosexual sex was generally legalised in 1932. The age of consent is equal for both homosexual and heterosexual partners. Homosexual prostitution was legalized in 1969. Homosexuals are not banned from military service. Homosexuality was deleted from the list of diseases in 1991. A survey from 2005 found 89% of the population stating that they consider homosexuality an "unnatural" activity. Additionally, only half believe homosexuality should be tolerated. 74% and 89% of Poles respectively are opposed to same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples. Robert Biedroń is the president of the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia society. In 2008 the Rainbow flag flew from the British Embassy in Warsaw during the Warsaw's Pride festival. The march marked the end of 'Equality Days,' a week-long festival with the slogan 'Live, Love, Be'. 2,000 people took part in this year's parade. Warsaw police were out in force to prevent attacks by extreme right sympathizers, although the parade passed off without major incident. Bans on Polish Pride festivals in 2004 and 2005 were found to be unlawful by Polish courts and the European Court of Human Rights.



Poland’s Troubling Anti-LGBTQIA+ Stance Continues As Parliament Considers Further Bans

Poland has been thrust into the spotlight lately because of its continuing stance against LGBTQIA+ people. The latest developments have seen parliament debate the Stop LGBT legislative initiative, reports Pink News. The Stop LGBT initiative has been proposed to the Sejm (lower house) by conservative campaigners. With the majority of voters in Poland being against… Read more »