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There is no law against gays. Homosexual sex was generally legalised in 1932. The age of consent is equal for both homosexual and heterosexual partners. Homosexual prostitution was legalized in 1969. Homosexuals are not banned from military service. Homosexuality was deleted from the list of diseases in 1991. A survey from 2005 found 89% of the population stating that they consider homosexuality an "unnatural" activity. Additionally, only half believe homosexuality should be tolerated. 74% and 89% of Poles respectively are opposed to same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples. Robert Biedroń is the president of the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia society. In 2008 the Rainbow flag flew from the British Embassy in Warsaw during the Warsaw's Pride festival. The march marked the end of 'Equality Days,' a week-long festival with the slogan 'Live, Love, Be'. 2,000 people took part in this year's parade. Warsaw police were out in force to prevent attacks by extreme right sympathizers, although the parade passed off without major incident. Bans on Polish Pride festivals in 2004 and 2005 were found to be unlawful by Polish courts and the European Court of Human Rights.


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Unrest feared as Poland Catholic church doubles down on anti-gay rhetoric

In a sermon marking the 75th anniversary of Warsaw’s uprising against Nazis, the archbishop of Krakow said Poland is under siege from a “rainbow plague.” Warsaw — Poland’s Catholic Church has doubled down on the anti-gay rhetoric that has become the nationalist ruling party’s dominant theme in recent weeks, drawing a rebuke from liberal politicians… Read more »

Polish Gay-Rights Demonstrators March Under Police Protection

Event in Bialystok follows attacks against pride marchers there a week earlier Bialystok, Poland—About 1,000 gay-rights demonstrators marched inside the protection of a police cordon on Sunday, the second-ever pride parade for this city in Poland’s east, a week after the first was shut down when some counterdemonstrators attacked marchers. The march, largely by gay-rights… Read more »

The Gay Enemy in Poland’s Culture War

The governing nationalist party says LGBT groups are a dangerous threat and it’s turning them into an election issue. When you’re the self-proclaimed defender of a nation’s Christian values in a morally bankrupt Europe, you see enemies everywhere. Poland’s populist government has vilified European Union elites, Muslim refugees, the Germans and anyone questioning Poland’s role… Read more »

Poland’s ruling party launches anti-LGBTI attack at party convention

PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski warned voters that supporting LGBTI rights would ‘attack families’ Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) launched an attack on gay rights as part of its election strategy last weekend (9 March). This was ahead of European elections in May and national elections later in the year, reported Emerging Europe. At… Read more »

‘Keep Warsaw free from fa****s’: Homophobes unfurl anti-gay banner at soccer

It happened less than two weeks after Warsaw signed the country’s first LGBTI rights declaration Less than two weeks after its mayor signed a historic accord recognizing the rights of LGBTI people, homophobes unfurled an anti-gay banner at a soccer match in Warsaw. Fans of the team Legia Warsaw unfurled the massive banner which read,… Read more »

Mayor of Warsaw becomes first to protect rights of LGBTI people in Poland

It was the first document recognizing LGBTI rights in Poland The mayor of Poland’s capital Warsaw and LGBTI groups have responded to homophobic backlash after he signed a declaration affirming LGBTI rights in the city. Rafal Trzaskowski signed the first ever LGBT+ Declaration in central-eastern Europe last week. It was also the first document recognizing… Read more »

Mayor of Warsaw becomes first to protect rights of LGBTI people in Poland

It was the first document recognizing LGBTI rights in Poland The mayor of Poland’s capital Warsaw and LGBTI groups have responded to homophobic backlash after he signed a declaration affirming LGBTI rights in the city. Rafal Trzaskowski signed the first ever LGBT+ Declaration in central-eastern Europe last week. It was also the first document recognizing… Read more »

Poland makes moves to ban gay conversion therapy

Poland is in ‘dire need’ of addressing its policies on LGBTI people National lawmakers in Poland have created a draft bill to parliament ban gay conversion therapy. Politicians from the Nowoczesna party drafted the bill alongside Campaign Against Homophobia. Gay conversion or ‘ex-gay conversion’ therapy is a widely condemned process. It involves forcing LGBTI to… Read more »

In conservative Catholic Poland, a gay and atheist politician is seizing the moment

Szczecin, Poland — When left-wing Polish politician Robert Biedron celebrated late last year that his party was polling at almost 10 percent, it was surprising in more than just one way. For one, Biedron’s party did not yet exist. With no party name or agenda and almost two years to go until presidential elections, he… Read more »

Polish court rules against granting spousal rights to these Youtuber husbands

The pair got married in Portugal in 2017 and have been fighting to see their union recognized in their own country Popular Polish Youtuber couple Dawid and Jakub have announced they lost their court case to have Polish authorities recognize their marriage. They got married in Portugal in 2017 and have been trying to get… Read more »

Poland and Hungary veto inclusion of LGBTI rights in EU statement

In response, 19 other European Union members states sign pledge calling on the European Commission to enshrine protection of LGBTI rights Poland and Hungary have infuriated LGBTI rights supporters across Europe. Officials from the two countries insisted on the removal of ‘LGBTIQ’ from a common European Statement. It is not the first time the two… Read more »

Polish gay couple propose in public more than 100 times to fight homophobia

Dawid and Jakub challenged the attitude of their fellow Poles when it comes to marriage equality A Polish gay couple has proposed to each other in public more than 100 times and recorded everything on camera. Jakub and Dawid tied the know last year in Portugal. In Poland, same-sex marriage is still not legal, therefore… Read more »

Polish president considering a ban on ‘homosexual propaganda’

Many fear Poland may be going the way of Putin’s Russia, which banned ‘homosexual propaganda’ in 2013 Polish President Andrzej Duda has said he would support a ban of ‘homosexual propaganda.’ What happened? In a 10 November interview with journalist Nasz Dziennik, Duda said, ‘I think that this kind of propaganda should not take place… Read more »

Polish city of Lublin hosts first Pride march amid violent counter-protests

Counter protestors clash with police after ban on Equality March is lifted The city of Lublin in Poland hosted its first ever Pride event this weekend. However, the parade was marred by violent clashes between police and groups attempting to disrupt the Pride event. Around 1,500 people took part in the Equality March on Saturday… Read more »

Lesbian couple in Poland can finally get a birth certificate for their child

The court decision is a rare win for conservative and religious Poland, one of the worst places to be LGBTI in Europe Lesbian parents in Poland can register their child, the country’s highest court ruled on Thursday (11 October). Importantly, the ruling was celebrated as the first of its kind in conservative and deeply religious… Read more »

Gay mayor gets Poland’s left dreaming of change

Robert Biedron is a politician for openness and a hero to Poland’s left. The challenge the current mayor of Slupsk poses to the country’s establishment has drawn comparisons to French President Emmanuel Macron. When meeting with supporters, Robert Biedron appears beaming, vibrant and confident. For months, Poland’s first openly gay mayor has been beating the… Read more »

Openly gay Robert Biedron starts social movement against Polish conservatives

The 42-year-old politician could become Poland’s first gay president in 2020 Robert Biedron, the openly gay mayor of the Polish city of Slupsk, has founded a social movement to counter the conservative parties, his opponents in the run for presidency. Biedron has been for many years the only openly gay politician in Poland. Risen to… Read more »

Mr Gay Europe 2018 crowned in Poland amidst fierce protest

Poznan, Poland: The final of this year’s edition of Mr Gay Europe took place on Saturday in the western city of Poznan in Poland, a conservative and devout Catholic country where many do not accept homosexuality. “I hope this will help us in our fight for the same rights as those enjoyed in the rest… Read more »

Thousands march in Warsaw gay pride parade

Thousands marched in the Polish capital on Saturday in an Equality Parade which aimed to raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights. The parade’s organisers said some 45,000 people took part in the event. But police said that figure was exaggerated. The annual parade, held for the 18th time, also aimed to… Read more »

Antarctica To Celebrate First Pride

The residents at the United States Antarctic research centre McMurdo Station will be celebrating Antarctica’s first ever official pride month. The research centre can hold over 1,000 people, however in the off season 133 people live at the research centre as part maintenance team, 15 in that team identify as LGBT. Imagine trying to be… Read more »

Poland could vote in its first openly gay president during next election

Poland‘s existence under an anti-LGBT+ administration could be drawing to a close as an openly gay presidential candidate offers up a fervent fight for leadership. Current polls indicate that one in four Poles intend to vote for the left-wing candidate Robert Biedron, who entered his political career as an LGBT+ activist. ? Biedron, who is… Read more »

How Queer Poles Find Any Degree of Self-Embrace They Can

‘OUT: LGBTQ Poland’ features portraits and stories from queer Polish people that are as uplifting as they are chilling. To be out and LGBTQ in a staunchly Catholic, politically conservative country like Poland is to summon an unlikely well of resilience while waiting for social tides to change. As journalist Robert Rient writes in the… Read more »

Haters helped this gay Polish couple gain permission to marry in Portugal

A Polish couple who received death threats on their coming out video are getting a sweet taste of revenge, as their haters have made their dreams of marriage a reality. Polish TV presenter and journalist Jakub Kwiecinski and his partner David have been granted special permission to get married in Madeira, Portugal. The couple had… Read more »

Gay Polish mayor becomes opposition icon

Robert Biedron is a progressive and openly gay mayor in one of Europe’s most conservative countries. Slupsky, Poland — Poland’s right-wing government has put it on the fringes of Europe on issues that include abortion, migration and democracy. But a charismatic 40-year-old mayor is leading a counter-cultural charge from the Baltic coast city of Slupsk.… Read more »

Gay Polish mayor becomes opposition icon

Robert Biedron is a progressive and openly gay mayor in one of Europe’s most conservative countries. Slupsk, Poland — Poland’s right-wing government has put it on the fringes of Europe on issues that include abortion, migration and democracy. But a charismatic 40-year-old mayor is leading a counter-cultural charge from the Baltic coast city of Slupsk.… Read more »

Thousands march for gay rights in Poland, Croatia, Italy

Warsaw, Poland — Several thousand people marched Saturday in colorful gay pride events in Italy, Poland and Croatia urging support for minority rights in the mostly Catholic nations. The parades in Poland and Croatia come amid mounting right-wing sentiments that pose new challenges to gay rights activists. In Italy, however, the gay pride celebration comes… Read more »

Poland passes first gender recognition bill

Polish parliament has passed the country’s first ever transgender recognition legislation. Anna Grodzka – Poland’s first openly transgender politician – introduced the Gender Accordance Act in May 2012, and it was finally passed on Thursday (23 July) by 252 votes to 158, with 11 absentations. Although the country has legally recognised transgender citizens since the… Read more »

Poland blocks debate on gay civil partnerships

The Polish Parliament has voted against having a debate on the regulation of gay and straight civil partnerships. The Polish Sejm rejected the proposal, put forward by the Democratic Left Alliance, meant that same-sex couples in civil partnerships would be able to pay income tax jointly, the right to inheritance, and social security benefits as… Read more »

Robert Biedron Becomes Poland’s First Openly Gay Mayor

Warsaw, Poland (AP) — Robert Biedron already made history once in Poland by becoming the first openly gay lawmaker in parliament in 2011. On Monday, he became the country’s first openly gay mayor. The 38-year-old’s political successes are a marker of how quickly this deeply conservative and Catholic country has changed in the decade since… Read more »

Poland: Prime Minister backs down and admits opposition to civil unions is too strong

The Polish Prime Minister admitted that civil unions would not happen soon The Prime Minister of Poland has backed down in the face of strong cross-party opposition to civil unions for gay couples, and admitted that the country will not adopt measures to allow it in the near future. Back in March, Deputies in Warsaw… Read more »

Poland’s only gay MP attacked after Equality Parade

Poland’s first openly gay MP has revealed that a man launched a homophobic attack on the group he was with after Warsaw’s Equality parade, before turning on the MP himself. Robert Biedron, who was elected to parliament in 2011, said the incident occurred after he had attended the Warsaw Equality Parade on Saturday. Several thousand… Read more »

Interview: Anna Grodzka on life as Poland’s only openly trans MP

In an exclusive interview with PinkNews.co.uk, Anna Grodzka, currently the only serving openly transgender MP in Poland, and the world, talks of the struggles that the trans community face in her native country. Anna is currently in London because on Friday evening she will be giving the annual Kaleidoscope Trust lecture to mark International Day… Read more »

World’s only transgendered MP to become Polish deputy parliament speaker?

Anna Grodzka, Poland and the world’s only transgendered MP, says she is willing to stand for the post of deputy speaker of parliament “if my party supports me”. The MP for the liberal Palikot Movement – Poland’s third largest party in the lower house of parliament (Sejm) – has been put forward for the post… Read more »

Poll: Support for marriage equality in Poland doubled over nine years, but remains low

According to a new poll, support for equal marriage in Poland has doubled since 2003, but still remains low. The poll by TNS Polska indicated that in 2003, 8% of Polish people supported marriage equality, which had risen to 16% in 2012, reports Polskie Radio. The study was conducted between 6 and 10 December 2012… Read more »

Poland: HIV infections on the rise for gay men due to ‘risky’ sexual behavior

A study in Poland shows there were 992 new HIV infections reported in the country last year, and that two thirds of those who tested positive for the virus were in the gay community. Poland’s National AIDS Centre said that some of the rise was down to improved HIV testing. However, the report also said… Read more »

Poland moves towards introducing civil partnerships

Poland’s ruling centre-right party, Platforma Obywatelska (PO), has announced that it will introduce legislation allowing gay couples to have civil unions. It’s being seen as a step forward for gay rights in the Eastern European country – although it falls far short of marriage equality, and the measure is facing stiff opposition from social conservatives.… Read more »

East Europe Gays,Lesbians March in Show of Pride

Warsaw, Poland (AP) – Hundreds of gays, lesbians and their supporters marched Saturday through the capitals of Poland and Latvia, demanding more rights in Eastern European societies where they still face high levels of intolerance. The parades were supported by the governments of the United States and other Western countries who are pushing for an… Read more »

Polish Court Considers it Legitimate to Compare Homosexuality to Beastiality

Warsaw – Controversy in Poland following the judgment of a Warsaw court has dismissed the lawsuit brought by LGBT activists against one of the largest dailies in the country porcomparar homosexuality to bestiality. The ruling comes just months after another Polish court unleashed a wave of indignaciónal authorize a far-right party to use a symbol… Read more »

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