Slovenia approves same-sex marriage

The Slovenian Parliament has voted with a large majority to approve same-sex marriage and adoption.

Deputies in the parliament voted 51 to 28 to approve the law which allows gay and lesbian couples to marry. Five members abstained.

The parliament also approved adoption by same-sex couples.

Despite a small protest outside the parliament while the vote took place, recent polling has showed that a majority of Slovenian citizens approve of same-sex marriage.

Those protesting have said they will attempt to block the bill by introducing a petition calling for a referendum on the issue.

Now that it has been passed, the bill will go to the desk of the country’s president to be signed.
Slovenia was hailed by the ILGA Europe LGBT network for a debate around same-sex marriage which took place last month.

The vote on same-sex marriage this week was hailed by human rights groups around the world.

by Joseph Patrick McCormick
Source – PinkNews