Slovenia, Europe

A new penal code that decriminalised homosexual sex was passed in 1976 and came into force in 1977. All discriminatory provisions were removed. There were no references to lesbian relationships in the old legislation. Homosexuals are not prevented from serving in the army. "In some cases when individuals stated they're gay and that they don't want to serve they have been either excused or were suggested civil service." In Slovenia there are many clubs and bars that are gay friendly. Few years ago there were only few but the number increases every year. At klub K4 in Ljubljana thera are gay and lesbian parties (K4 ROZA) every Sunday and one Saturday a month. At club Factory and Bolivar there are gay and lesbian parties organized by a group called Jing Jang. Parties take place there usually once a month. Other gay friendly bars and clubs in Ljubljana are Lan, Tiffany and Galerija. There are gay bars also in other cities. Homosexuality is quite accepted in Slovenia also thanks to some, who were prepared to show and speak to the nation over TV.



Slovenia officially becomes first eastern European country to recognise same-sex marriage

The legalisation of same-sex marriage has officially come into effect in Slovenia, in a huge win for LGBTQ+ rights in eastern Europe. The bill, which saw Slovenia’s Family Code updated, officially took its place amongst the country’s other laws on Tuesday (1 February). In October 2022, Slovenia’s parliament passed an amendment making it the very… Read more »

Same-sex marriage is legal in Slovenia from Today!

Same-sex marriage has become legal for the first time in Slovenia today. Although the law will give couples largely the same rights as heterosexual ones, it still bans them from jointly adopting children. The law was passed around ten months ago, after a referendum rejected a draft that would have also granted adoption rights. Ksenija… Read more »

Slovenia says No to gay marriage

More than 60 percent of those who voted were against same-sex marriage. Slovenians on Sunday voted against legalizing gay marriage, with more than 60 percent of those who cast their vote in a referendum saying No. According to Slovenian news agency STA, with 90 percent of the votes counted, 63 percent had voted against and… Read more »

Slovenia launches vote on gay marriage

The country’s EU commissioner and MEPs weigh in on the referendum. EU politicians, including European commissioner Violeta Bulc, are urging Slovenia to back same-sex marriage as early voting begins Tuesday on a referendum that could overturn a controversial marriage equality law. If the country supports gay marriage — as Irish voters did in May 2015… Read more »

Slovenia To Hold Gay Marriage Referendum

Lawmakers in Slovenia on Wednesday approved a plan to hold a vote on whether to implement legislation which would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. Voters will weigh in on the issue on December 20, the AFP reported. The referendum is a response to a parliamentary bill adopted in March which allows gay couples… Read more »

Slovenia approves same-sex marriage

The Slovenian Parliament has voted with a large majority to approve same-sex marriage and adoption. Deputies in the parliament voted 51 to 28 to approve the law which allows gay and lesbian couples to marry. Five members abstained. The parliament also approved adoption by same-sex couples. Despite a small protest outside the parliament while the… Read more »

Slovenia gay marriage bill passes first hurdle

Government says treating same-sex unions differently is unconstitutional A bill to allow gay marriage and adoption in Slovenia passed its first hurdle Tuesday (10 February) as a parliamentary committee backed the measure after several hours of debate. The committee on labor, family, social affairs and the disabled voted in favor of making marriage law gender… Read more »

Outdoor lovers will fall for the deep caves, enchanting lakes, white peaks and white horses of Slovenia

From Lake Bled to Lipica, from the Skocjan caves to Medieval castles, Gay Star Travel explores the world away from the capital’s buzzing life The countryside of Slovenia, a small state nested between Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia, stuns with its beauty and diverse attractions: Exploring a cave, swimming in an Alpine lake, eating some… Read more »

Slovenia’s judges demand new laws for gay couples

Constitutional Court in Ljubjana rules that the old Family Code discriminates same-sex couples and asks the parliament to intervene Slovenia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the country’s law on inheritance and succession discriminates same-sex couples. Speaking this morning (10 April) in the eastern European country’s capital, the court’s spokesman said ‘the Ljubljana’s parliament should fix… Read more »

Slovenians reject gay adoption law in referendum

Ljubljana, Slovenia (AP) — Slovenians rejected in a national referendum on Sunday a new family law that included a highly contested clause that would allow same-sex couples to adopt children in some cases. The law drafted by Slovenia’s former center-left government — and opposed by conservatives close to the Catholic Church — would have allowed… Read more »

Gay Slovenia News & Reports 2006-10

1 COC Nederland: Call for Papers 4/06 2 Slovenia has granted legal recognition to registered same gender partners 7/06 3 Same-sex unions become law in Slovenia 7/06 4 Slovenians register first same-sex union 10/06 5 Slovenia to host conference on gay families 2/08 6 Slovenia marriage bill passes first reading 3/10 7 Supreme Court Upholds Gay Adoption 3/10… Read more »

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