Switzerland, Europe

In a national referendum on May 17 1992, 73% of the voters accepted the reform of Swiss Federal legislation on sexual offences, including the elimination of all discrimination against homosexuality from the Penal Code. Homosexuality in the army is no longer illegal, thus a homosexual act between two consenting members of the army can no longer be prosecuted. (Note that every male Swiss between the age of 20 and 50 is a member of the Swiss army.) Registered partnerships have been recognized since January 2007. Fundamentalist attitudes change slowly anywhere, but the general public is mostly tolerant of gays and violent discrimination does not occur. Lively gay scenes exist in Geneva, Zürich, Basel and Lausanne.



Wrestler Curdin Orlik Is First Openly Gay Pro Athlete In Switzerland

A 27-year-old Swiss wrestler has come out gay, making him the first openly gay professional athlete in Switzerland. Curdin Orlik, a “swing” wrestling champion, came out in an interview with The Magazine. “I’d rather be free than fearful,” Orlik told the outlet, according to LGBT sports blog Outsports. “I am like that. I can’t help… Read more »

Switzerland has made homophobia and transphobia illegal, comparing them to racism

People in violation of the new law will face up to three years in jail. Switzerland has changed its penal code meaning that people who are homophobic or transphobic toward someone else face the same punishment as if they were racist toward them. Switzerland’s National Council voted by 118-60 votes to update the penal code,… Read more »

Switzerland lifts lifetime ban on gay men donating blood

But gay men still have to be celibate for a year Switzerland has lifted the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood. Medical watchdog Swissmedic has approved the request lodged by blood donor service Swiss Transfusion SRC. Under the rules, gay and bisexual men will be allowed to donate as long as they have been… Read more »

Swiss voters reject same-sex marriage ban

Voters in Switzerland have rejected a referendum initiative that would have changed the constitution and banned same-sex couples from marriage. The country, which regularly puts key legislation before the electorate, voted by 50.8% to 49.2% on Sunday, to reject the proposal – put forward by the Christian Democratic People’s Party. Although marriage equality has yet… Read more »

That Gay Guy: Salomen talks gay life in Zurich, Switzerland

That Gay Guy is a blog series that looks at the lives of gay men from all over the world. This time, I interview Salomen who lives in Zurich, Switzerland. He tells me all about their lesbian city President and his experience of gay pride parades in Zurich. So, let’s get started… You grew up… Read more »

Zurich unveils sex drive-in

The Swiss city of Zurich on Thursday unveiled a sex drive-in which local authorities say will enable them to keep closer tabs on prostitution, a year after voters backed the plan. Due to be opened officially in a ceremony on Aug 26, the nine so-called “sex boxes” are located in a former industrial zone in… Read more »

Switzerland: Swiss Federal Supreme Court rules that criminal HIV exposure or transmission is no longer necessarily a serious assault

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court has ruled that HIV infection may no longer be automatically considered a serious assault, due to improved outcomes in life-expectancy on antiretroviral therapy. A news article on the ruling, featuring Groupe sida Genève‘s spokesperson, Deborah Glejser, appeared (in French) in yesterday’s Le Temps. Case 6B_337/2012 was heard on 19th March… Read more »

Gay Switzerland News & Reports 2009-10

1 Zurich elects lesbian mayor 3/09 2 Gay pride around the world 6/09 3 HIV cases fall among gay men 2/10 4 1/4 Swiss gay men using serosorting, strategic position or…to reduce HIV 6/10 March 30, 2009 – PinkNews 1 Zurich elects lesbian mayor by Sophie Wilkinson Zurich, Switzerland, has elected its first female and… Read more »

Gay Switzerland News & Reports 2000-08

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