“Modern” Dubai Says Male Victims Of Male Rape Are Homosexuals

The below horrific story of the kidnapping and violent rape of a young French man, a longtime resident of Dubai, is lengthy and concise so I will keep my comments to a minimum.

Aside from the crimes committed against this man what screams out from this article is both the refusal of Dubai to recognize homosexuality and to demonize it not only allows them to use it against a victim as in :

“They immediately reported the crime, going in person to the local police station. But Alex says the police doctor who examined him that night seemed intent on proving there was no rape, just a consensual sexual act between three men and a 15 year-old gay boy. ”

But also as an Islamic means to inflict greater punishment on an innocent victim:

“Homosexuality is against the law in the UAE, where anyone found guilty of sodomy faces years in jail…. the French consul, was so worried a case was being built against Alex as an illegal homosexual he advised the boy and his mother to flee Dubai before he was arrested. ”

Thus a male victim of male rape is deemed a homosexual and punished as such.

What perhaps is even more telling is the rationalizations and excuses, made by so called “moderate muslim” leaders living in Western societies, of this heinous crime and its Islamic punishment.

“Arab-American psychiatrist Dr. Raymond Hamden works in the Dubai courts and says it’s important for foreigners to remember that while everything looks modern there, it is a young, developing city.

“It’s no different than were we in America were a hundred years ago, right after or during the end of the Victorian era,” said Hamden. “Even though we are seeing globalization, in the city that has defined globalization, were still seeing a value system that still looks like new Victorians.”

Equating this travesty of justice to the Victorian period of Britain and early 20th century United States is so ludicrous no comments are needed. Such blatant lies are nothing more than fabrications used to mitigate the barbaric Islamic ideology.

To see Dubai as a thriving globalized skyscraper city is seeing nothing more than a facade that hides the culture and mores of a punitive pre-medieval religion and political ideology that seeks to demonize all non muslims and whose goal is to create a Global Caliphate.  Dubai may want to portray itself as a “modern country” but freedoms in Dubai, like most Islamic countries, are strangled by the Religion of Peace.

Source – The Opinionator