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Dubai: Scottish man jailed for public gay sex to be released

A Scottish man jailed for having gay sex in a public place in Dubai is to be released after his sentence was heavily reduced on appeal. Paul Brandt, 29, of Aberdeenshire had originally been sentenced to three years imprisonment. The Dubai Court of Appeal reduced his sentence to four months, meaning he can be released… Read more »

Men from Britain and Seychelles jailed in Dubai for gay sex

British and Sychelles nationals sentenced to three years jail for drunken gay sex in Dubai. And Bangladeshi men get six months for toilet sex Dubai police arrested the men when they had sex at a petrol station. Two men have been sentenced for three years in jail for having drunken gay sex in public in… Read more »

Gay Dubai (United Arab Emirates): Forbidden and Taboo

Posted by:  detainedindubai.org 2010 Photos, News & Reports for Gay UAE Warning! Many LGBT individuals may chose to visit Dubai or the UAE but it is extremely important to be informed of the consequences of being openly gay in this region. Although one should never have to hide who they are, it’s the only way… Read more »

“Modern” Dubai Says Male Victims Of Male Rape Are Homosexuals

The below horrific story of the kidnapping and violent rape of a young French man, a longtime resident of Dubai, is lengthy and concise so I will keep my comments to a minimum. Aside from the crimes committed against this man what screams out from this article is both the refusal of Dubai to recognize… Read more »

Nightmare in Dubai for Toronto gay couple

Detained nearly a month for possession of arthritis medicine A gay Toronto couple was detained for 28 days in Dubai for carrying the prescription arthritis drug Celebrex, which is banned in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Rocky Sharma and Stephen Macleod, who have been together for 10 years, were stopped upon arrival in Dubai on… Read more »

Ahmed’s recent ‘the arab’s dirty secret’ rebuttal series and inanities’ ‘honey, i’m homosexual’

Criticism got me thinking about the oft-sidelined social issue that is the region’s views on homosexuality. Homosexuality in arabia isn’t discussed much apart from a few bits now and then highlighting outdated and seldom enacted sodomy laws. the yaacoubian building brought a spike of egyptian interest to the subject but it is still usually under… Read more »