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The first openly transgender mayor has been elected in Canada

An openly transgender woman has just become the first mayor to be elected in Canada. Julie Lemieux is also the first female mayor in Montreal town Très-Saint-Rédempteur’s 136-year history. ? Many supporters of the new mayor have said they did not think about the fact that Lemieux was transgender when voting for her. According to… Read more »

This Gay Couple Left Iran For A Better Life.

Washington – In the best-case scenario if Ramin Haghjoo and Nima Nia still lived in Iran, they would be married. Just not to each other to women, probably through arranged marriages. Perhaps they could have found women also attracted to their own gender and looking to hide the fact, like one of Haghjoo’s friends did.… Read more »

Canada Can Push LGBTQ Agenda In Asia

LGBTQ movements are gaining strength and prominence across Asia providing Canada with significant opportunities to be a leader for change, says a new report on Canada’s support of gay community activism in the region. The Canadian government has already taken steps on this front, announcing in June 2017 that Canada would co-chair the Equal Rights… Read more »

Court blocks Donald Trump’s transgender military ban

Parts of President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military has been blocked. A federal judge in Washington, DC filed an injunction blocking the order today, ruling that a lawsuit brought by five active soldiers with more than 60 combined years of service was likely to win. U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly… Read more »

With $16 million gift, gay causes get a big boost

When he was in his mid-20s, Mel Heifetz made a pledge to himself that if he ever became successful, he would give back, and that the object of his generosity would be the gay community. Successful he was, and now, about to turn 82, the Center City real estate investor is converting 26 of his… Read more »

North Carolina may be about to finally allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they want

Transgender people may soon finally be allowed to use their bathroom of choice in North Carolina. A settlement agreement put forward by Democratic Governor Roy Cooper would signal an end to a hate-filled year and a half sparked by Republican politicians passing HB2. Passed in March last year, the law forced people to use the… Read more »

Why did the US vote against banning the death penalty for gay people?

The United Nations Human Rights Council has voted to condemn the imposition of the death penalty for homosexuality – but the US voted against. On Friday the United Nations body approved a motion opposing the use of the death penalty in an “arbitrarily or in a discriminatory manner”, including for homosexuality. It called for the… Read more »

Canada quietly accepts gay refugees escaping violent crackdown in Chechnya

Canada has quietly accepted 22 gay men and women from Chechnya since the end of June, amid a crackdown on the LGBT community in the conservative Muslim region. Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto-based non-profit organization that helps gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people escape from state-sponsored violence, revealed the clandestine initiative, which involved the Canadian government,… Read more »

Schools to begin rolling out ‘transgender toolkit’ guide to support students

Minnesota will begin rolling out a ‘transgender toolkit’ to schools across the state to support teachers and parents in creating a gender-inclusive environment. The guide tells schools to “not assume a student’s name or pronoun,” and to make sure to always ask. “When students are referred to by the wrong pronoun by peers or school… Read more »

US Congress passes resolution condemning anti-gay purge in Chechnya

US Congress has passed a resolution which condemns an anti-gay purge in Chechnya. Months of reports have claimed that as many as 100 gay men have been rounded up and put in prisons in the nation. The bipartisan motion, House Resolution 351, was introduced on 23 May by Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. The Republican is also… Read more »

A Winning Design for a New York Monument to Gay and Transgender People

Just as NYC Pride festivities got underway, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo had some timely news on Sunday: The artist Anthony Goicolea had been chosen to design the first official monument to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people commissioned by the State of New York. On June 26, 2016, after the attack at the Pulse nightclub… Read more »

First Openly Gay Judge Confirmed for New York’s Highest Court

Justice Paul G. Feinman, of the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, will take the seat left open by the death of Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam. When Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo named the first openly gay judge to the New York Court of Appeals last week, the news thrilled gay rights advocates, many… Read more »

Heroic lesbian cop saved anti-LGBT Republican lawmakers during baseball shooting

A lesbian cop has been hailed as a hero, after saving the lives of Republican lawmakers who fought to deny her the right to marry. Six people were wounded on Wednesday in Virginia, when 66-year-old James T Hodgkinson opened fire on several Republican members of Congress practising for a charity baseball game. Poignantly, the officer… Read more »

What it’s like to be an immigrant, Muslim and queer

Moon Charania met her lover and co-parent of her 14-year-old daughter at Pride 2010, in a “dinky lesbian bar” she says will always represent to her “the power of queer spaces, the power of women’s spaces.” She cherishes those spaces, while also worrying how she’s witnessed them change to exclude the queer people who need… Read more »

Los Angeles Rams become first NFL team to sponsor an LGBT Pride event

Progress is slowly coming to the NFL, as the Los Angeles Rams become the first team to sponsor an LGBT Pride event. The LA-based team was announced today as a sponsor of the Venice Pride event in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. As part of the event, the historic Venice sign that hangs over the area will light up the… Read more »

After Fleeing Bias at Home, Gay Russians Say It Persists in Brooklyn

For many years, Denis Kruglenko treated life as if it were a delicately calibrated performance. A gay man living in Belgorod, Russia, he knew that even appearing to be homosexual could be perilous. He did what he could to conceal his sexual orientation but it never seemed to be enough. Once, he was beaten up… Read more »

McGreevey: First outed as gay during Scout camping trip

Asbury Park – Former Gov. Jim McGreevey, who notoriously resigned as New Jersey’s chief executive in 2004 after admitting to a gay affair, took to the stage at the TEDxAsburyPark conference on Saturday to talk about his sexuality and his own prejudices. McGreevey, 59, of Jersey City, said he first felt shame over his homosexuality while on an… Read more »

Russian Activists Say They’ve Been Told US Visas Are Out Of Reach For Gay Chechens

Around 40 survivors of the crackdown in Chechnya are in hiding in other parts of Russia, but can’t find a safe country to take them in. A Russian LGBT advocacy group says conversations with the US embassy have led it to believe that visas to the United States are out of reach for gay Chechens… Read more »

Picturing Queer Africans In The Diaspora

In 1624, as Portuguese colonists were making their way through the east coast of Africa, a woman named Nzinga ascended to the throne of Ndongo (now Angola). She spent decades fighting off invaders, both from Portugal and neighboring African kingdoms, and became a legend among her people and around the world. Nzinga is one of… Read more »

World pole vaulting champion comes out as gay

The world pole vault champion has come out as gay. Shawn Barber, 22, is a Canadian track and field athlete and currently reigning world champion in pole vault. The athlete opened up in a post on Facebook, with little fanfare around the news. He wrote: “Gay and proud! Thank you to my parents for being… Read more »

Two men jailed for 30 years for trafficking gay sex-slaves

A Miami court sentenced two Hungarian men to 30 years in prison for forcing young gay men into sexual slavery The two men, Gabor Acs and Viktor Berki, were given their sentence on Friday after being convicted of human trafficking, conspiracy and racketeering in February. They kept up to eight Hungarian men in their 20s… Read more »

Utah just repealed one of its anti-gay laws

Utah has repealed an anti-gay law which bans the “advocacy of homosexuality” in schools. The bill to repeal the law, SB 196 was signed by Republican Governor Gary Herbert on Monday. The law, which effectively bans positive discussion of LGBT+ issues, is the subject of a lawsuit by several students, Equality Utah and the National… Read more »

Another part of the Trump administration just got caught dismantling work on LGBT issues

The Trump administration has acted to ditch data collection on sexuality from a national survey. Since Trump took power in January, there has been a rapid shift in policy on LGBT issues. The Department of Education has reversed civil rights protections for transgender people, the Attorney General has shelved government opposition to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT… Read more »

Kentucky Governor signs law to permit anti-LGBT discrimination in schools

The Governor of Kentucky has signed a law to permit anti-LGBT discrimination in education. Governor Matt Bevin today confirmed he had signed into law SB 17 – a measure that allows student groups at colleges, universities, and high schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students. According to the Human Rights Campaign, SB 17 undermines inclusive “all… Read more »

New Mexico votes to ban gay conversion therapy thanks to gay activist’s campaign

A gay activist and politician just convinced a state senate to outlaw gay conversion therapy. The senate voted to ban the process by a huge margin of 32-6. LGBT rights campaigner and senator, Jacob Candelaria, put the measure forward to the New Mexico state senate. The Democrat, who represents Albuquerque, convinced politicians to pass the… Read more »

North Dakota fails to introduce anti-LGBTI discrimination bill

For the fourth time in eight years, the Bill has been defeated The North Dakota House rejected a bill that would protect LGBTI from discrimination. House Bill 1386 hoped to add legal protections for LGBTI people against workplace and housing discrimination. The bill was introduced into the House for the fourth time since 2009, but… Read more »

Surfing helped gay athlete come to terms with his sexuality

Nick Vallejo is a swimmer, surfer and lifeguard who struggled reconciling his religion with being gay. North shore of Oahu in Hawaii is where I seek solace. Before any surf session, I take a moment to harmonize with my life. Dipping my toes into the white sand laced with seashells and sea glass, while gazing… Read more »

Cherokees’ Gay-Marriage Law Is Traditional

The Cherokee Nation, one of the largest registered Native American tribes in the U.S., has officially decided to recognize same-sex marriage. The tribe, as a separate sovereign, isn’t bound by the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 2015 gay-marriage decision, Obergefell v. Hodges. But its judgment relies in part on evidence of historical recognition of same-sex relationships… Read more »

The UN’s LGBT expert has advocated for a global partnership to end violence

He advocated for unity in his keynote speech at the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) in Bangkok. Vitit Muntarbhorn said: “resolute action is required to stop the violence and discrimination affecting not only LGBT communities but also the human rights defenders working with them… “this goes hand in hand with the… Read more »

Son Of Immigrants Is First Openly Gay Man Elected To Georgia Legislature

A huge step toward equality. Samuel Park (D), the son of Korean immigrants, made history on Tuesday after he was elected the first openly gay man to the Georgia legislature. The Georgia native defeated three-term incumbent Rep. Valerie Clark (R), with 51percent of the vote, becoming state representative for House District 101 in Gwinnett County.… Read more »

Hillary Clinton unveils plan to stamp out homophobic bullying in schools

Hillary Clinton has unveiled a plan to stamp out bullying and discrimination in schools. Campaigning in North Carolina ahead of next week’s Presidential election, the former Secretary of State unveiled a major plan to tackle bullying and discrimination in schools. The ‘Better than Bullying’ plan involves more than $500 million in new funding to help… Read more »

White House Staff ‘Goes Purple’ To Support LGBT Youth

White House staffers on Thursday were among the elected and public officials who went purple for Spirit Day. Spirit Day supports efforts to combat the bullying of LGBT teens. Supporters were encouraged to wear purple on Thursday. Since its inception in 2010, GLAAD has played a prominent role in promoting Spirit Day. The White House’s… Read more »

Hundreds find comfort, community at Dallas’ other gay pride festival, for Latinos

For the hundreds of residents who turned out for Dallas’ Texas Latino Gay Pride event, Saturday brought a sense of comfort — and plenty of cumbia. Music was ever-present at the third-annual festival, held from 2 to 10 p.m. at Reverchon Park in Oak Lawn. The crowd sang and danced along with cumbia, merengue and… Read more »

Quakers believe that all are born equal and our love is equal too

For Quaker Week, the Religious Society of Friends is advertising on PinkNews in a bid to reach out and welcome LGBT people. They explain their stance below: Quakers welcome lesbian, gay and bisexual, non-binary and transgender people. We affirm the love of God for all people, whatever their sexuality or gender identity. In 2009 we… Read more »

Pro skateboarder comes out as gay

Professional skateboarder Brian Anderson has come out as gay. Anderson, who took the skating community by storm in the late 90s with his daredevil moves, revealed his sexuality on Vice Sports’ ‘Reda for the World’. He believes that he was able to avoid speculation because he doesn’t fit the stereotype of what a gay man… Read more »

Gay dad elected as a bishop in Canadian church

The Anglican Church of Canada has elected a gay father-of-two as a bishop. The third largest Canadian church after the Roman Catholic Church and the United Church of Canada, the Anglican Church is already accepting of same-sex unions and gay clergy. But another barrier was broken this week, when the Diocese of Toronto green lit… Read more »

Billboards claim being gay is a choice; Texas LGBT community protests

Waco, Texas (KCEN) – A pair of billboards are causing controversy in Waco, Texas’ LGBT community. They read “Ex-Gays prove change is possible.” The billboards are sponsored by PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays), a Virginia-based volunteer group. The group has a handful of billboards in Texas The group believes people are not born gay… Read more »

Orlando Mayor Wants City To Create Permanent Memorial At Pulse Nightclub

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said Wednesday that he wants the city to create a permanent memorial at the Pulse nightclub to honor the victims of a mass shooting that took place there. Dyer told WMFE that the city should purchase the gay nightclub, “then make some determination, with a lot of input, on what a… Read more »

This Syrian refugee marched next to Canada’s Prime Minister at Pride

A Syrian refugee marched next to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Toronto Pride. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau made history on Sunday by becoming the first Prime Minister to march in Toronto’s Pride parade, with thousands taking to the streets for the celebrations. However, while lots of people were focused on Mr Trudeau, another man… Read more »

Obama in Orlando: We must challenge violence against LGBT people across the entire world

President Obama has delivered a speech after visiting victims of the mass shooting in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. 49 people were killed and 53 injured in the shocking terrorist hate crime attack over the weekend,which saw a gunman open fire inside The Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida. With over 100 people dead or injured, it… Read more »