Uruguay President Jose Mujica: Gay Marriage Is Ancient, Not Modern

In a wide-ranging interview published Sunday, Uruguay President Jose Mujica said allowing gay couples to marry is simply recognizing reality.

Lawmakers last year approved a number of liberal policies, including legalizing gay marriage, abortion and marijuana. Uruguay’s marijuana law takes effect next month.

“We apply a simple principle: To recognize the facts. Abortion is as old as the world … Gay marriage, please, its older than the world,” Mujica told O Globo.

“Gay marriage … please. We had Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great. They say it is modern and it’s older than all of us. It is an objective reality. It exists. Not to legalize it would be unnecessary torture for some people,” he added.

Sergio Miranda and Rodigo Borda were the first gay couple to marry under Uruguay’s law, which took effect on August 5, 2013.

by On Top Magazine Staff
Source – On Top Magazine