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Uruguay President Jose Mujica: Gay Marriage Is Ancient, Not Modern

In a wide-ranging interview published Sunday, Uruguay President Jose Mujica said allowing gay couples to marry is simply recognizing reality. Lawmakers last year approved a number of liberal policies, including legalizing gay marriage, abortion and marijuana. Uruguay’s marijuana law takes effect next month. “We apply a simple principle: To recognize the facts. Abortion is as… Read more »

First Gay Couple Registers To Marry In Uruguay

A gay couple together 14 years was the first to register to get married as a new marriage law in Uruguay took effect on Monday. Sergio Miranda and Rodrigo Borda completed the registration process in Montevideo at 7:32 AM local time. “We’re celebrating and sharing because this law marks that we all have rights, no… Read more »

Uruguay Gay Marriage Law Takes Effect Monday

A gay marriage law in Uruguay takes effect on Monday, though it might be several days before the first wedding takes place. Among the first expected to marry are two men together 14 years. Sergio Miranda and Rodrigo Borda expect to be the first couple to receive a wedding date from the Registry Office as… Read more »

Uruguay Congress approves gay marriage bill

Congress in Uruguay has voted overwhelmingly to legalise gay marriage, becoming the second country in Latin America to do so, after Argentina. The bill was approved by more than two-thirds of the lower chamber, despite opposition from the Catholic Church. The proposal has already been backed by the upper house. It is expected to be… Read more »

Uruguay: Equal marriage bill passes Senate and is ‘nearly certain’ to become law

The Uruguayan Senate today passed a bill which would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, and which is expected to be approved and signed into law. The bill to legalise same-sex marriage passed the Senate 23 votes to 8, and equal rights groups have said that it is “nearly certain” that Uruguay will become… Read more »

Gay Uruguay: Congress Starts Voting on Equal Marriage Law

The country’s parliament began voting this week on 29 articles that will amend the century-old civil code to legalize same-sex marriage. After postponing vote hearings twice in the past year, Uruguay’s congress will decide on a same-sex marriage bill introduced by one of the country’s LGBT rights group, Colectivo Ovejas Negras, or Black Sheep Collective.… Read more »