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Gay inmates tie the knot inside Cyprus prison

The two men, one a Cypriot and the other a Brazilian national, are only the second same-sex couple to marry in a prison within the European Union. Nicosia, Cyprus — Kevork Tontian met the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with behind bars. And not even his freedom was enough to… Read more »

Cyprus Approves Civil Unions Bill For Gay Couples

The Cyprus House of Representatives on Thursday approved a much-anticipated civil unions bill. The unicameral Mediterranean island nation is the second most religious state in the European Union behind Malta. Gay or straight couples entering a civil union will receive all the rights and obligations given to a married couple with the exception of joint… Read more »

Six ambassadors + attend Cyprus Pride march

Four ambassadors march in Cyprus Pride together – The British, American, Australian and Austrian ambassadors to Cyprus marched together in the country’s Pride parade this weekend. Hundreds of people yesterday marched through the streets of the country’s capital Nicosia, to mark its second annual Pride celebrations. The event drew huge crowds, with many LGBT people… Read more »