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Finland Police is getting a LGBTI network to help fight homophobia

Police officers took it upon themselves to start the group Police in Finland are getting their own LGBTI service, even though many of its officers still remain in the closet. The LGBTQ group comes a year after the Finnish police marched in Helsinki Pride for the first time. Senior police officer, Linnea West, told Yle… Read more »

Finland allows babies to legally have two mothers as soon as they are born

The country’s parliament approved the citizens’ initiative to change the law which means two mothers can be recognised as the mothers of a baby from birth. The change in law will mean a child’s two mothers can be legally recognised as mothers from the moment a baby is born. The initiative was approved on Wednesday.… Read more »

Homophobes forced Finland into new same-sex marriage vote but it didn’t go as planned

Seems like they didn’t see that one coming The Finnish government has stopped an initiative seeking to block marriage equality at the last minute. On 1 March, Finland will become the last Scandinavian country to open marriage to same-sex couples. Parliament had originally voted on marriage equality in November 2014. It was a close vote,… Read more »

Finland finalizes equal marriage laws… but couples still face a long wait

Finland has finally finished making tweaks to its same-sex marriage legislation – but couples still have another year to wait before marrying. Way back in November 2014, the Finnish Parliament passed a citizens’ initiative on same-sex marriage by a tight vote of 105-92. The country’s President Sauli Niinistö signed the initiative into law back in… Read more »

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö Signs Gay Marriage Bill

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on Friday signed a bill into law legalizing marriage equality in Finland when it takes effect on March 1, 2017, according to various reports. The Finnish parliament approved the bill in December, nearly two years after it rejected a similar measure. A public campaign called on lawmakers to reconsider the marriage… Read more »

Finland parliament approves bill to legalise gay marriage

Finland set to become 12th European nation to give same-sex unions the same status as heterosexual marriages The Finnish parliament has narrowly approved a citizen’s initiative to legalise same-sex marriage. Gay couples in Finland have been able to enter into registered partnerships since 2002, but the country is the only one in the Nordic region… Read more »

Finland and Kosovo united against homophobia

Finland is helping Kosovo fight against homophobia and transphobia. How? Through the EU funded project Fight against Homophobia and Transphobia officially launched on 15 May 2014 in Pristina. The project tackles homophobia as one face of discrimination, emanating from biased attitudes in society that lead to exclusion and hostility and create a severe obstacle for… Read more »