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European Parliament overwhelmingly adopts reports condemning LGBT situation in Serbia and Kosovo

The European Parliament today overwhelmingly adopted two progress reports which condemned the treatment of LGBT people in Serbia and Kosovo and recommended the two countries improve the situation. A report on each of the two countries was adopted by the parliament today. On Serbia, the report “strongly condemns the authorities’ decision to ban the planned… Read more »

Thugs attack launch of Kosovo magazine’s gay sex issue

Guests at Kosovo 2.0 magazine’s Night of Sex event in Pristina allegedly beaten and sprayed with teargas by anti-gay hooligans Thugs attacked the launch of a magazine’s gay issue in the Balkan city of Pristina, allegedly beating guests and throwing teargas. The event on Friday (14 December) to celebrate Kosovo 2.0 magazine’s latest issue exploring… Read more »

Lone Gay Bar’s Closure Leaves Kosovo Gays Bereft

This abrupt opening and closure of a pioneering gay-friendly venue in Pristina has highlighted the embattled status of this maringalised community. The media furor surrounding the rapid opening and closure of Kosovo’s first gay bar has exposed the precarious position of the gay community in this deeply conservative, mainly Albanian land. The Pure Pure Club… Read more »

Kosovo: Treatment of sexual minorities, including legislation, state protection, and support services

Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Ottawa Treatment of sexual minorities Sources indicate that Kosovar society is “homophobic” (YIHR 18 Nov. 2011; ILGA Europe 29 April 2011; PH n.d.) and that homosexuality is a “taboo” topic (Front Line Defenders 29 May 2007; BIRN 23 Sept. 2009). According to a 2010 poll conducted in… Read more »

Kosovo: Serious death threats to leader of QESh

LGBT youth leaders under serious death threats Center for Social Emancipation (QESh) and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights demand from the Kosovo Police Service to conduct a thorough investigation of the case of serious threats to leader of QESh and bring the perpetrators in front of the justice. The threat letter was sent to… Read more »