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European Parliament overwhelmingly adopts reports condemning LGBT situation in Serbia and Kosovo

The European Parliament today overwhelmingly adopted two progress reports which condemned the treatment of LGBT people in Serbia and Kosovo and recommended the two countries improve the situation. A report on each of the two countries was adopted by the parliament today. On Serbia, the report “strongly condemns the authorities’ decision to ban the planned… Read more »

EC report criticises EU applicants Turkey, Kosovo and Serbia on LGBT rights

A European Commission report detailing the nature of LGBT rights in several countries looking to join the European Union has criticised Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey. The reports show that LGBT people continue to face discrimination, threats and violence throughout south-eastern European and Turkey. Widespread hate crime against LGBT people were noted in Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia,… Read more »

Serbian President says start planning 2014 Belgrade Pride now

Serbia’s President Tomislav Nikolic has said preparations for Belgrade Pride in 2014 should begin immediately after his country’s national security Bureau banned the event for the third year in a row Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has warned that banning LGBT pride events may damage his country’s efforts to join the European Union after authorities banned… Read more »

Gay Pride Ban In Serbia Sparks Spontaneous March

A spontaneous march took place in Belgrade, Serbia after the government announced its decision to ban a gay pride march for the third consecutive year. According to several reports, dozens of LGBT rights activists gathered in front of the prime minister’s office after learning that the parade, originally scheduled for Saturday, had been called off.… Read more »

Serbian gay rights activists say to march despite threats

Belgrade (Reuters) – Gay rights activists in Serbia said they expected to hold their first Pride march in three years on Saturday, undeterred by the risk of violence from right-wing nationalists who rioted during the last such event in 2010. Authorities in the former Yugoslav republic banned the march for the past two years after… Read more »

Serbian Rightists Threaten Gay Parade Carnage

Right-wing nationalists warn of a repeat of the street bloodshed seen in 2010 if the government allows a Gay Pride Parade to take place in Belgrade on September 28. “If we let this [parade] happen, they will as soon as tomorrow ask for legalization of their marriages, and then ask for the right to adopt… Read more »

Serbia: Right-wing group promises to spy on new LGBT centre

The first LGBT community centre to open in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, has become the target of surveillance by nationalists who claim they are out to protect the neighbourhood from “prostitution”. Balkan Insight reports that right-wing group SNP NASI has pledged to obtain evidence of criminal activity taking place at Belgrade. The group specifically claims… Read more »

Serbia to consider giving gay couples legal rights

Right to inherit pensions from long term partners is among the rights proposed by new law Serbia’s parliament will be presenting a draft law on giving same-sex legal rights at a public hearing on 4 June. It will introduce the right of inheritance for gay couples who have lived together for a long time. Balkan… Read more »