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Tanzania Foreign Minister advises Commonwealth to move slow on gay rights in Africa

Tanzania’s Foreign Minister has warned that efforts to impose equal rights for LGBTI people in Africa may fail if imposed from outside Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Mbembe has advised that the Commonwealth should only try to make progress on LGBTI rights in member countries slowly as trying to impose them from outside may fail. Mbembe… Read more »

HRW: Tanzanian Police Abuses Block HIV Progress

Efforts to fight the spread of HIV in Tanzania have been stymied by discrimination against high-risk groups, according to a report published Tuesday by Human Rights Watch. According to the new findings, widespread police abuse against sex workers, drug users, and men who have sex with men is a major hindrance in tackling the spread… Read more »

Tanzania: Campaign Against HIV/Aids – Zanzibar Turns On Lesbians and Gays

Although there is no open lesbians and gay community in Zanzibar, authorities and health officials are worried that homosexual acts are promoting the spread of HIV in the islands. Zanzibar outlawed homosexuality in 2004, and the law provides for jail terms of up to 25 years for men engaged in homosexual relationships and up to… Read more »