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Ugandan Gay-Rights Group Sues U.S. Pastor

A gay-rights group from the African country alleges an American church leader set the stage for their persecution at home. Nina Strochlic talks to the pastor and Ugandan activists about the landmark case. Last week, at the premiere of the documentary God Loves Uganda, attendees at the Sundance Film Festival glimpsed the impact American evangelicals… Read more »

Anti –gay bill hurting economy – Muhakanizi

A senior government official has offered the clearest hint yet that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which has stirred an unprecedented international uproar, is seriously hurting the country’s economy. Keith Muhakanizi, the deputy secretary to the Treasury, told MPs at Parliament: “I have never seen a country like this where politicians hurt the economy instead of building… Read more »

With Uganda arrests, at least 13 in jail for being gay

In Cameroon, Jonas Singa Kumie and Franky Djome are appealing their five-year sentence for homosexual activity. Here they pose with their attorney, Alice Nkom. (Photo by Eric O. Lembembe) Arrests of two gay-rights workers this week in Uganda bring to at least 13 the number of people worldwide who are currently imprisoned on charges of… Read more »

We Are Here: LGBTI in Uganda

American-born gay photographer D. David Robinson collected portraits and first-person accounts from lesbian, gay, transgender, and intersex Ugandans, then turned to The Advocate to offer these brave activists a forum to tell their stories in their own words. Kaliisa Elijah, 34-year-old gay man As a kid, I thought I had been bewitched by one of… Read more »

Uganda gay youth worker arrested for ‘recruiting’ teens into homosexuality

An LGBT advocate and youth worker was arrested by Ugandan police for law on homosexuality that doesn’t exist on New Year’s Eve On New Year’s Eve, Joseph Kaweesi, LGBT youth worker and advocate, was arrested by Ugadan police and charged with crimes relating to homosexuality. According to reports from Uganda, Kaweesi, one of the founder… Read more »

Gay Uganda group office vandalized and robbed

The office of the Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) has been vandalized and robbed potentially putting gay Ugandans at risk The office of the Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG), an LGBT advocacy group, was broken into and vandalized, with much its equipment having being stolen. Activists say that the information stored on some of the… Read more »

Gays should have their relationships in private – Museveni

Sex rights campaigners have accused Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni of being duplicitous, after he said homosexuals will not be killed nor persecuted. They accused Museveni of sending mixed signals on homosexuality in the East African country, saying this was dangerous to sex minorities. The Ugandan president recently said homosexuals will not be discriminated nor persecuted… Read more »

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill Is a Smoke Screen Obscuring Deeper Problems

An evergreen bill imposing life imprisonment on gays is arguably nothing more than an ugly diversion in the hands of politicians eager to avoid real problems, writes Jocelyn Edwards. Rebecca Kadaga, Uganda’s speaker of parliament, broke her pledge to pass the country’s infamous anti-gay bill before the year’s end on Friday, as the lawmakers in… Read more »

Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill Spreads Fear

Gay activist Gerald Ssentongo of Uganda is afraid to talk openly about his cause. Not only that, but he is terrified of being “caught” socialising with gay people and only meets his friends at night in out-of-reach places. “The fear for our lives is everywhere, but it has increased of late. I am now verbally… Read more »

Lawmakers in Uganda have voted on and passed the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill

Imagine the possibility of being jailed for being who you were born to be. Imagine being sentenced to life in prison for following your heart and demonstrating the feelings of affection towards another just because that person is of the same sex. Many LGBT people in the Uganda will now live in such a world… Read more »

Africa reacts to Obama’s pro-gay rights foreign policy

Most of Africa’s 54 nations ban homosexuality, so President Obama’s promotion of gay rights as a human right draws quick ire from African governments.

The Gray Area of Gay Refugees

A gay Ugandan couple fled to a Kenyan refugee camp after being disowned by their families and threatened by their community Nairobi, Kenya — The two tender, soft-spoken Ugandans shared a circle of good friends back in their hometown of Kampala. They were close with their families and they started a restaurant together. Life was… Read more »

Kenya: The Gray Area of Gay Refugees

A gay Ugandan couple fled to Uganda, thousands of kilometers from home with little more than the clothes on their backs. They came as brothers to live in a scorching refugee camp in northern Kenya. Surrounded by thousands of others who have fled wars and drought in neighboring countries, they came here to save their… Read more »

Irresponsible Recommendation for Uganda from Lonely Planet

Well, this is pretty revolting! Lonely Planet, the widely-respected travel information and guidebook company has chosen one of the world’s most homophobic and gay-violent countries as their number one pick for “Best in Travel” listings for 2012 –Uganda, Africa. A country where human rights should more correctly be called religious fundamentalist rights or in-power political… Read more »

U.S. Pastors Export Bigotry to Uganda

U.S. pastors are exporting bigotry to Uganda, with brutal results. This is an issue close to my heart, because I’ve spent over a decade working for equality as a lay leader in my own church, and now, as acting director of HRC’s Religion and Faith program – which helps religious leaders of all stripes speak… Read more »

One of Uganda’s Finest Gay Rights Advocates is Murderer

In Memorium: On February 26, 2011 one of Uganda’s finest and most outspoken LGBT rights activist, David Kato, was murdered in cold blood in his home. Friends and activists called him the “grandfather of the kuchus”, a self-applied label by Ugandan LGBTs. GlobalGayz was privileged to interview him for our –‘Gay Uganda’ story in 2008.… Read more »

Stop Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” Bill Author From Entering The U.S.

Richard Ammon, GlobalGayz.com I’m posting this message sent from an activist friend in Uganda.It is incredibly beyond words that this vile man should weasel his way to Washington for a ‘prayer breakfast’ with the President. I am amazed at the gall this bizarre bigot to think he can sit at the same table as Barack… Read more »

Uganda: Stealing the Spotlight From President Museveni

Neophyte Legislator Proposes Deadly Laws Against Gays: Unleashes International Protest Yoweri Museveni has been president of Uganda for 24 years in a country that had suffered decades of government corruption, mismanagement, bloody guerilla activity and civil war, all preceded by the the horrors of the Idi Amin tyranny in the seventies. His rise to power… Read more »

How Did These Homophobes Lose Their Humaneness?

(Humaneness: marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals) Well, isn’t this a sweet headline from a government official: Ugandan Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo spoke with journalists today. While acknowledging the great numbers of “foreigners” who express grave concern over the possibility of such a [proposed anti-gay] bill becoming law, he made… Read more »

Proposed Anti Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) Condemn the Proposed Anti-homosexuality Bill Last year GlobalGayz visited Uganda and met several of the LGBT activists involved in SMUG and other rights organizations. Their story is one of persecution, clandestine living, arrests and police abuse. Just before and after my visit members were harassed by authorities and roughed up… Read more »