Nicaragua, Central America

Since 1 March 2008, Homosexuality has been legal by a new Penal Code. The age of consent is equal at 18, regardless of sexual orientation, gender and all sexual offenses are gender-neutral. There is a modest gay social scene in Managua; however, the situation for lesbians is progressing more slowly. Lesbians are generally less visible in public spaces than gay men. Their socializing often occurs in private venues.



Nicaragua enthrones Miss Gay 2012

A beauty contest in Nicaragua has crowned a 22-year-old designer as Miss Gay 2012, a competition to choose “the queen of the transvestites.” The event was held at the Ruben Dario National Theater, the first time the space opened to an LGBT event, according to Luis Morales, the director of Institute of Nicaraguan Culture. It… Read more »

Julio Cesar Largaespada, grieved by the death of Eddy Ramirez

Outside his home was killed by several blows the young Napoleon Eddy Ramirez Novoa, 27. The suspects in the crime are the brothers Milton Rafael (36), alias “Payo” Jose Ramon (32) and Oscar Garcia Lopez (25). Similarly Largaespada Julius Caesar, who was a partner of the victim, was beaten and was taken to Hospital Escuela… Read more »

Gay Nicaragua News & Reports

1 Festival of Sexual Diversity and Human Rights 6/06 2 "Nadie  es Libre hasta  que  tods  seamos Libres"  9/06 3 Tutu tells Church to stop obsessing about gays 5/07 4 Gay rights activists stage rally in front of Nicaraguan embassy 9/07 5 Global protests against Nicaragua’s gay ban 9/07 6 Nicaragua to decriminalise gay sex… Read more »