Burundi, Africa

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Germany and Belgium occupied the region, and Burundi and Rwanda became a European colony known as Ruanda-Urundi. Political unrest occurred throughout the region because of social differences between the Tutsi and Hutu, provoking civil war in Burundi throughout the middle twentieth century. Presently, Burundi is governed as a presidential representative democratic republic. Burundi is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. Civilians are victims of repeated acts of violence done by the rebel FLN militia. The latter also recruits child soldiers. The rate of violence against women is high. Perpetrators regularly escape prosecution and punishment by the state. There is an urgent need for reform of the judicial system. Efforts to mediate a political settlement are under way but are shaky. In Burundi, homosexual actions between men or women are illegal and there are proposals (2008) to increase these sanctions.



Burundi’s president says gay people should be stoned

Bujumbura – Burundi’s President Evariste Ndayishimiye has called on citizens to stone gay people, escalating a crackdown on sexual minorities in a country where LGBT people already face social ostracism and jail terms of up to two years if convicted of same-sex offences. “If you want to attract a curse to the country, accept homosexuality,”… Read more »

Burundi: repressive constitutional reform to give the president full powers

Paris – 15 May 2018. At the end of a one-sided campaign, where voters were registered by force and where promoting a “no” or abstention was brutally repressed, on 17 May the Burundians will be invited to give their opinion on a proposed change to the Constitution. The paper published today by FIDH and the… Read more »

Vietnamese man in Burundi escapes jail sentence for gay sex

International: A Vietnamese telecommunications worker in Burundi was arrested and released after paying only a fine for same sex relations in the southeast African nation that has strict anti-gay laws and jail time punishments. The Burundian human rights organization MOLI (Movement for Individual Liberties) said the Vietnamese man was let of lightly due to several… Read more »

The LGBT Refugees Who Are Seeking Asylum In the World’s Most Notoriously Anti-Gay Country

If they’re seeking sanctuary in Uganda, just imagine what they must be running from. Kampala, Uganda — With one of the world’s most infamous anti-gay laws, Uganda seems like the last place on Earth an LGBTI person would go seeking safety. But almost 100 LGBTI refugees have sought help from an NGO in Uganda’s capital… Read more »

Gay Burundi News & Reports 2010

Useful website for LGBT Africa: Behind the Mask 1 In memoriam: Georges Kanuma, friend and LGBT activist 4/10 2 The Human Rights Status of LGB in East Africa 2009-2010 7/11 3 Trying not to be afraid in Burundi 11/11 2010 April 28 – Windy City Media Group 1 In memoriam: Georges Kanuma, friend and LGBT… Read more »

Gay Burundi News & Reports 2004-09

Useful website for LGBT Africa: Behind the Mask 1 Two men flee muslim law enforcers 10/04 2 Burundi Refugees Suffer As AIDS Takes Toll in Botswana 8/07 3 Burundi’s last rebel group signs peace deal 9/07 4 Activists seek internal solution to new law on homosexual acts 11/08 5 Burundi: A belated start to HIV… Read more »