Rwanda, Africa

Rwanda is home to approximately 10.1 million people, one of the densest population in continental Africa. Most people engage in subsistence agriculture. It's a verdant country of fertile and hilly terrain. The country has received considerable international attention due to its 1994 genocide, in which over one million people were killed. In 2008, Rwanda became the first country in history to elect a national legislature in which a majority of members are women. There is no mention of homosexuality in the statutes of Rwanda since homosexuals ‘don’t exist’ and have no legal standing. But laws are loosely interpreted by those in power, and anyone can be detained for an indefinite time without specific charges and LGBT people are harassed and persecuted. Some gay activists have to live outside the country.



Gay man in Rwanda notes ‘intense pressure’ after coming out

Kigali, Rwanda — A Rwandan gospel singer who recently came out as gay says he has quit his day job as an accountant after “intense pressure” from colleagues. Albert Nabonibo says he felt alienated and no longer a part of the beverages company that employed him in the capital, Kigali. He says that after he… Read more »

Rwandan gospel singer comes out as gay, to country’s shock

Kigali, Rwanda — Friends of Albert Nabonibo, a well-known gospel singer in Rwanda who recently came out as a gay man, do not want their names revealed. It is too shameful, one says. Another says he is anguished because his family knows he often used to socialize with Nabonibo. Nabonibo shocked many Rwandans in August… Read more »

Kagame: Rwanda has no problems with gays

Rwanda President Paul Kagame doesn’t want to have the same trouble as his neighbors Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda when it comes to the LGBT community. Some of Rwanda’s neighboring countries have passed anti-gay laws and harassed their queer communities, resulting in criticism from around the world. “It hasn’t been our problem,” Kagame said before an… Read more »

The LGBT Refugees Who Are Seeking Asylum In the World’s Most Notoriously Anti-Gay Country

If they’re seeking sanctuary in Uganda, just imagine what they must be running from. Kampala, Uganda — With one of the world’s most infamous anti-gay laws, Uganda seems like the last place on Earth an LGBTI person would go seeking safety. But almost 100 LGBTI refugees have sought help from an NGO in Uganda’s capital… Read more »

Anglican leader James Tengatenga, free to speak, opens up on homophobia

Palm Springs, Calif. – “Hi, my name is James.” He looks like your typical tourist in the desert oasis that is Palm Springs, Calif., wearing white walking shorts and a casual shirt in a green-and-white plaid. No socks, no belt. No pretense. He flashes a friendly smile and extends his right hand, giving a warm… Read more »

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