Being gay is a state of limbo

In 2002 the Indonesian Government granted legal autonomy to Aceh, allowing the province to institute Islamic Sharia law, a framework that explicitly punishes homosexual acts. It was subsequently reported that 52 regions across the islands of Sumatra and Java adopted laws prohibiting homosexuality, including the city of Palembang in South Sumatra where punishment includes jail… Read more »

The Gay Scene in Russia and Kazakhstan

Having served in Peace Corps in both western Russia and Kazakhstan, I feel that I can make a few general statements about the gay scene and community in these two countries and give advice for success as a gay Peace Corps Volunteer in this part of the world. Our Pre-Service Training (PST) in Russia was… Read more »

Leading Spiritual Teacher in India Discusses Being Gay as it Applies to Spirituality

Copenhagen, Denmark – Many years ago, I attended a couple of seminars offered by this “guru” when he was little known. Today he is one of India’s most respected spiritual teachers, and I came across an article about what he recently said about being gay. So much has been written about homosexuality since the Delhi… Read more »

Homosexuality, Marriage, and Religion in Tibet: An Endlessly Complicated Situation

A post which Tricycle editor James Shaheen recently wrote at the Huffington Post blog has picked up a good bit of attention around the internet. James’s subject was the Dalai Lama’s views on gay marriage, which, as he rightly discussed, are quite a complicated matter. In part this stems from the utterly different cultural and… Read more »

Homosexuality not a Taboo in Jharkhand Tribe (India)

Well, here is some fine news, for a change, from the July 6, 2009 Hindustan Times, that is not full of oppression, homophobia, anti-gay sermons or discriminatory political statutes. Turns out that “among the Ho tribe of Jharkhand (a state in Eastern India ) homosexuality has always been socially accepted. Homosexual men are called Kothi… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports Jun-Aug 2009

Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Young, Royal & Gay: the Life of an Indian Prince 6/09 2 How Bill Gates Blew $258 million in India’s HIV Corridor 6/09 3 Anti-gay protesters pitch to Pope, Imam and Shankaracharya 6/09 4 City prepares for gay pride march 6/09 5 Moily signals rethink on anti-gay law 6/09… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports Jan-May 2009

Also See: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Victorian Morals Still Criminalising Gay People 1/09 2 Eunuchs move SC seeking quota in jobs 1/09 3 Openly happy and gay in Orissa 1/09 4 Male professionals double as sex workers for extra income 2/09 5 Indian city to build trans toilets 3/09 6… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2008 Nov-Dec

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Gay photographer captures life in new book 11/08 2 In their scarred world… 11/08 3 U.N. Calls on India To Decriminalize Homosexuality 11/08 4 For Gays in India, Fear Rules 11/08 5 A Jihad of the Heart a study with practicing Muslim 11/08 6… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2008 July-Oct

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Personal Testimony About the Three Gay Pride Marches Last Week 7/08 2 Reverse swing: It may be an open affair for gays, lesbians New Delhi 7/08 3 Capital witnesses Pride walk, but 68 Pages of anguish gets no hearing 7/08 4 Interconnected stories of… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2008 May-Jun

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 377 petition hearing set by delhi high court 5/08 2 India’s transgendered – the Hijras 5/08 3 It’s Hard Out There for a Gay Prince 5/08 4 Harassed lesbian couple ends life 5/08 5 Delhi HC to take up PIL on gay rights 5/08… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2008 Jan-Apr

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Surat AIDS workers go gay-hunting 1/08 2 What’s wrong with playing gay, asks Samir Soni 1/08 3 Mr.Gay India and Gay Blogs 1/08 4 Gujarat’s gay prince to adopt child soon 1/08 5 Police bust ‘gay’ party 2/08 6 Police raid private house party… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2007 Jul-Dec

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Lesbian marriage breaks up, girl slits wrist in court 7/07 2 Gay husband drives Bengal woman to suicide 7/07 3 Gay. So what? 7/07 4 Prince of Rajpipla Could Become First Openly Gay Indian Royal 7/07 5 My life: a true story of life… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2007 Jan-Jun

 Also see: Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Prince is out but not down In India, where being gay is a crime 1/07 2 Review of ’07 New Years Party at Karma Club 1/07 3 Gay Goa 1/07 4 Actor Richard Gere champions AIDS awareness 1/07 5 Police refuse to arrange gay wedding 1/07 6… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2006

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Gay prostitution on the rise in the City of Joy 1/06 2 Actor and Director Anupam Kher is Happy and Gay 1/06 3 Anger at ‘shameful’ India gay law 1/06 4 Protests mount in India over arrest of gay men 1/06 5 Indian gay… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2005

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Lesbian couple sparks debate in Uttar Pradesh state 4/05 2 HC hands over alleged lesbian couple to parents 4/05 3 Transvestites get ”married” 4/05 4 Bollywood and Bomgay (1) 5/05 5 Bollywood and Bomgay (2) 5/05 6 AIDS Rises in India—Gay sex accused 5/05… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2004

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Film fest with a difference 1/04 2 India’s Gay Community To Fight Fast Spread Of AIDS 1/04 3 Twenty percent of Mumbai’s gay are HIV positive 5/04 4 Anti-Gay Extremists Torch Theater Playing Lesbian Film 6/04 5 City gays, lesbians yearn for open-mindedness 6/04… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2003

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 India Court: Govt Must Clarify Stand On Gay Relations 1/03 2 Male model exposes gay Bollywood (Bombay) 5/03 3 Gay Bombay comes out 6/03 4 Gay and gloomy (2003) 6/03 5 Rally to promote rights for sexual minorities 6/03 6 Gays slowly but stealthily… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2002

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: 1 Two Gay Judges Urge Liberalisation of Gay Sex Laws In India 1/02 2 Glitter and Gumboots: Delhi University Wakes Up To Same Sex Love 2/02 3 Govt seeks time to reply on PIL making gay relations legal 4/02 4 ‘Muggy Night’ Raises the Curtain… Read more »

Gay India News & Reports 2000-01

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Gay Bombay Yahoo Group: Film: ’68 Pages’ A searingly honest film (2007) about five lives marked by pain and bound by hope – in 68 Pages of a counselor’s diary. A transsexual bar dancer, a prostitute, a gay couple – characters often ignored by Indian cinema take center… Read more »

Breaking the Gay Taboo in South Korea

Seoul, For most Koreans, “homosexuality” was not even in their vocabulary in 2000 when Hong Suk-Chun, a star entertainer at the time, declared publicly that he was gay. “They fired me; [It took] just one day,” Hong said, snapping his fingers. “I had a radio show, TV show and TV drama. I expected that, but… Read more »

LGBT Organization ‘Labrys’

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – First Arts Festival against Homo-and Transphobia to be held in Bishkek 14 May 2009. For the first time in Kyrgyzstan an arts festival named ‘Rainbow Kyrgyzstan’ commemorating the International Day Against Homo- and Transphobia is to be held in Bishkek on 17-20 May. The festival was prepared and organized by Lesbian, Gay,… Read more »

Homosexuality in East Timor

ETLJB 25 April 2009 Sydney – The rights of the homosexual citizens of East Timor have proven to be a fertile ground for virulent anti-gay vilification by some of East Timor’s political leaders. Discussion of the issue in the public domain has also provided an opportunity for the persecution of gay men and women in… Read more »

Gay Mongolia News Reports

 (Note: our apologies for the predominance of non-gay stories here but there is very little gay news that comes from Mongolia. Meanwhile, there are other important issues in that fragile country.) 0 First Gay and Lesbian Group Opens Ulan Bator Office 6/99 1 Mongolian Sex Education 1/01 2 First Ever Hotline for/by the LBGT Community… Read more »

Gay Bangladesh News & Reports 1996-2009

Also See: Islam and Homosexuality The oldest, biggest and the most active internet based mailing list of Bangladeshi gays called Boys Only Bangladesh (BOB). Since the group cannot be found out by searching, advertising is the only way it can reach people across the world. And India being our biggest LGBTneighbour, it is believed that… Read more »

Gay Armenia News & Reports

Armeniapedia Gay Armenia We For Civil Equality 1 Armenian activists threaten to out politicians 12/02 2 Armenia Removes Anti-Gay Laws From Criminal Code 1/03 3 Armenia’s Animosity Towards Gays 8/07 4 IWPR: Armenia gays face long walk to freedom 3/09 5 PINK’s new steps in new office 7/09 6 Armenia: Homophobia turns deadly 8/09 7… Read more »

Gay Bhutan News and Reports

1 Interview with a gay Bhutanese critic 2004 2 General Commentary on Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism 2003 3 Thousands of southern Bhutanese of Nepalese ethnicity forcibly ‘evicted’ 2003 4 Over 100,000 Bhutanese refugees 2003 5 Comments regarding Bhutanese/Nepali refugees 2004 6 Interview with Dori, a gay man from Bhutan 2006 7 Bhutan Lets the World… Read more »

Gay Burma News & Reports 2003-11

1 Nat Kadaws–Gay Men Married to Spirits 2 Bloggers Who Risked All to Reveal the Junta’s Brutal Crackdowna 10/07 3 Former Myanmar Political Prisoners – Torture, Including Gay Rape 10/07 4 Gay in Rangoon 11/07 5 Myanmar Seizes U.N. Food for Cyclone Victims – Blocks Foreign Experts 5/08 6 Myanmar Frees Political Prisoner 9/08 non-gay… Read more »

Gay Cambodia News & Reports 2004-08

 1 Cambodian King Comments on Gay Marriages 2/04 2 A Search for Sexual Identities in the Shadows of Angkor Wat 6/04 3 Compassion in Cambodia (from the gay-friendly King) 11/04 4 By Siem Reap’s Ruins, a New Night Scene (including a gay/mixed bar) 5/05 5 There’s a growing gay scene in Phnom Penh and Siem… Read more »

Central Asia Essays on Sexuality Issues

From:Himal South Asian Magazine "The matter of identity: Does identity matter" The discussion of sexual desire as sexual ‘identity’ in LGBT intellectual and activist circles in Pakistan is something that is argued with rather than argued about. " Class, conservatism, and sexuality" To gain an understanding of alternative sexualities in modern-day Pakistan, most… Read more »

Gay East Timor News & Reports

1 East Timor Assembly Rejects Gay Protections 1/02 2 Catholic propaganda obscures the true toll of HIV in East Timor 12/09 Gay Today January 2, 2002 1 East Timor Assembly Rejects Gay Protections by Rex Wockner, International News Report The new Constituent Assembly of East Timor voted to remove gay protections from the new nation’s… Read more »

Gay Georgia News & Reports

1 Georgia Gay Overview: first country in South Caucasus to decriminalize Homosexuality when it joined Council of Europe 2 Reputation For Tolerance Slipping Amidst Attacks Against Religious Minorities 7/03 3 For some gay partners, Europe offers a safe haven 6/05 4 Building an inclusive Georgia 3/07 5 ‘Gay’ rally in Georgia cancelled 7/07 6 LGBT… Read more »

Gay Guam News & Reports

1 Benjamin Cruz may be the nation’s highest-ranking gay judge 11/97 2 In the Closet: understanding teenage homosexuality on Guam 12/03 3 Guam Considers Recognizing Gay Unions 8/09 4 Guam: Survey 26% Support Same-Sex Marriage 8/09 November 25, 1997 – The Advocate 1 Cruz control: newly appointed Guam supreme court justice Benjamin Cruz may be… Read more »

Gay Laos News & Reports 2007-11

1 In Laos, Chinese Motorcycles Change Lives 12/07 (background story) 2 A Deadly Harvest of Cluster Bombs in Laos 4/08  (background story) 3 Looking for the other side of Laos 10/08 4 Mekong Erotics 1/09 5 High HIV prevalence amongst men who have sex with men in Laos 3/09 6 Laos tackles transgender taboos 6/09… Read more »

Gay Malaysia News & Reports 2008-09

Also see: More information about Islam & Homosexuality al-fatiha-news Queer Muslim magazine Gay Islam discussion groups: Muslim Gay Men     LGBT muslim Queer Jihad           Bi-muslims Trans-muslims       Lesbian muslims 1 U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2007 3/08 2 Malaysian Cops Crack Down on Gay Life 5/08 3 Activist Toni Kassim dies (updated) 6/08… Read more »

Gay North Korea News & Reports

  May 20, 2005 A reader recently wrote : I’d like to know something about the gay situation in North Korea. Could you send me an e-mail if you know something? GlobalGayz response: There is such fear and secrecy about many aspects of North Korea that it is difficult to find anything reliable about… Read more »

Gay Pakistan News & Reports 2005-09

Also see: More information about Islam & Homosexuality al-fatiha-news Middle East Youth Muslim Yahoo Group: “Queer Muslim Revolution“ Queer Muslim magazine: Huriyah, Barra Gay Islam discussion groups: Muslim Gay Men     LGBT muslim Queer Jihad           Bi-muslims Trans-muslims       Lesbian muslims 1 Hijra community seeks HIV awareness 4/05 2 Focus on gay rights in Pakistan extremely difficult 5/05… Read more »

Gay Uzbekistan News & Reports

Also see: More information about Islam & Homosexuality al-fatiha-news Queer Muslim magazines: Huriyah, Barra Gay Islam discussion groups: Muslim Gay Men     LGBT muslim Queer Jihad           Bi-muslims Trans-muslims       Lesbian muslims 1 Uzbek journalists face homosexuality charges 5/03 2 Uzbek journalist charged with sodomy demands new judge 8/03 3 Uzbek journalist pleads guilty to sodomy charges 8/03… Read more »

Gay Vietnam News & Reports

1 Vietnamese Grassroots GLBT Organization Emerges 7/97 1a Gay Life Is Persecuted and Condemned in Vietnam 7/99 2 Vietnam Approves Historic Trade Pact with U.S. 11/01 (non-gay background story) 3 The Vietnam War and Gay Men (1998) 4 Things are gradually improving for southern California Vietnamese gays 4/02 5 Gays in Vietnam seek an identity… Read more »

Gay South Korea News & Reports 1999-2002

1 An Overview of the Gay Situation in Korea 11/99 2 Age-old prejudices challenged on stage: Hahahoho Club 8/00 3 Second queer filmfest (quietly) celebrates changing views 8/00 4 Gay actor Hong ‘coming back’ 12/00 5 Local gay and lesbian groups launch campaign to gain access to Internet 8/01 6 Entertainer Redefines Gender Identity 6/01… Read more »

Gay Philippines News & Reports 2001-02

1 Transgenders and other ‘third sexers’ 6/01 2 Gays in the Philippines push for equal rights 2/02 3 Progay hits ‘ungrateful macho church leadership’ 5/02 4 Filipino gays struggle with their rainbow 6/02 5 Religious, economic biases haunt Pinoy gay community 6/02 6 Pride Day 2002 and its impact on the gay community in Manila… Read more »