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Belize, Trinidad, fight LGBTs at CCJ

Maurice Tomlinson, who filed the challenge, is Jamaica’s leading LGBT lobbyist Belize and its sister Caribbean nation – Trinidad and Tobago, appear tomorrow before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), to face a challenge filed against both countries by Jamaica’s leading LGBT lobbyist, Maurice Tomlinson – the man who alleges that Belize’s immigration laws violate… Read more »

Casco Viejo, Panama City

You don’t need much time to process what’s going on after the elevator door slides open onto the rooftop at the Tantalo Hotel in Panama City’s Casco Viejo neighborhood. If you’re heading out during the day, the mind-baffling proximity of Panama City’s expansive, modern skyline across the bay from the hotel, which is itself surrounded… Read more »

Belize prepares for gay sex law to be axed

With a court due to rule whether the gay sex ban is unconstitutional, experts say the Belize government is paving the way for consensual anal sex to become legal Belize is preparing for their law against sodomy to be struck down by the courts. Gay anal sex, considered ‘against the order of nature’, is illegal… Read more »

An LGBT victory in Belize

September 21, 2013 marked Belize’s 32nd independence day and, in an unprecedented move, the country’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, used the opportunity to support the right to equality for LGBT citizens. In his message to mark the day the PM said: “Government will therefore fully respect the right of the churches to propagate their understanding… Read more »

Chihuahua becomes fourth Mexican state to legalize same-sex marriage

Same-sex couples may now seek to be married through the Civil Registry of the Mexican state of Chihuahua after a District Court Judge ruled in favor of a gay couple who had sought to be married but had instead been turned away. The couple, named as Tony and Thomas by El Pueblo, had sought to… Read more »

Chihuahua becomes fourth Mexican state to legalize same-sex marriage

The Mexican state of Chihuahua has joined Mexico City, Quintana Roo and Oaxaca in allowing same-sex couples to marry following a 22 August court verdict Same-sex couples may now seek to be married through the Civil Registry of the Mexican state of Chihuahua after a District Court Judge ruled in favor of a gay couple… Read more »

Gay in Belize? You’re breaking the law. Still.

A vestige of British colonial times, Belize’s anti-sodomy law punishes gay sex with up to 10 years in prison. Its Supreme Court is due to rule whether to scrap the law, but Belize’s religious right — backed by a Texas missionary — is pushing to uphold it. Belize City, Belize — As a growing number… Read more »

Mexico’s 1st gay mayor elected in rough north

Mexico City (AP) — Mexico’s first openly gay elected mayor is set to take office in a rough part of Zacatecas state known for cowboy boots, embossed belts and drug gang shootouts. Benjamin Medrano, a 47-year-old singer and gay bar-owner, says he is proud to be openly gay and rights groups say his victory in… Read more »

Costa Rican’s Laura Chinchilla Signs Bill Possibly Legalizing Gay Civil Unions

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla has signed a bill which could extend some benefits associated with marriage to gay and lesbian couples. Daily La Nacion reported on Friday that Chinchilla had signed the bill into law. The Legislative Assembly approved the measure on Monday. After gay rights groups hailed passage as a victory, conservative lawmakers… Read more »

Guatemala says no to gay marriage

Otto Pérez Molina, president of Guatemala, says he is opposed to gay marriage, ahead of a discussion on the matter by the Organization of American States Guatemala’s president Otto Pérez Molina said that his country is not in favor of gay marriage and abortion, two issues that will be discussed in the General Assembly of… Read more »

Belize gay rights campaigner is facing more death threats, says lawyer

Caleb Orozco, fighting to overturn country’s anti-gay laws, is said to have faced more threats of violence since start of court case Death threats against Caleb Orozco, the gay rights campaigner attempting to overturn laws that criminalise homosexuality in Belize, have escalated during the four-day courtroom hearing, his lawyer has claimed. The high-profile challenge to… Read more »

Activist challenges Belize’s church and state over anti-gay law

In a climate of anti-gay moral panic, Caleb Orozco leads a fight to force Belize to repeal its law punishing gay sex with up to ten years imprisonment Caleb Orozco, an LGBT rights advocate is taking to court Belize’s government and an anti-gay religious lobby in an attempt to overturn the country’s anti-gay sex law.… Read more »

USAID launches partnership to promote LGBT rights

The U.S. Agency for International Development on Monday unveiled a public-private partnership designed to promote LGBT rights around the world. USAID will work with the Swedish International Development Corporation Agency, the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute, the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law and Olivia Companies on… Read more »

Honduras reforms its penal code to end human right violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity

Honduras is moving a step closer to the UNAIDS vision of ‘zero discrimination’. Its Congress has recently adopted a reform of the Penal Code that will ensure legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. “This has been a historic step for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual and Intersex (LGBTI) populations that have… Read more »

Indigenous LGBT political leaders bring concerns to D.C.

On Saturday, March 16, indigenous LGBT elected officials and candidates from North and South America provided testimony at a public hearing at the Inter American Commission on Human Rights at the Organization of American States. Three leaders representing indigenous populations in Bolivia, Mexico and the United States testified at the panel “Situation of the Human… Read more »

Inciting hatred will be punished in Honduras

The reform was introduced by the addition to Article 321, whereby sanctions are taken against people who publicly, through the media, inciting racial discrimination either or sexual orientation and gender identity. On February 21, 2013 becomes a historic day for the LGBT community in Honduras, after long years of struggle process where organizations like LGTB… Read more »

Mexico’s Highest Court Declares Law Banning Gay Marriage Unconstitutional

The Mexican Supreme Court (la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nacion) on Monday declared a law in the state of Oaxacan limiting marriage to heterosexual couples to be in violation of the country’s constitution. According to the Washington Blade, the court cited two groundbreaking U.S. Supreme Court civil rights cases, Loving v. Virginia and… Read more »

Gay Murders in Belize

In Belize there have been over 300 murders since 2010 (145 the most in a year ever in 2012). Of that there were 27 murders of gay men in its various forms between 1997-2012. The recent murders of the four men is a sign of the times and how our LGBT organizations operating environment is… Read more »

Belize Human Rights Defenders Crime and Violence Data

Previous to this a report was circulated that was noted as not exhaustive. We have looked thoroughly through our files and are able to pull together current data that we can verify as having on file or have collected have newspaper clippings. The total cases we have accumulated is 73 and counting from 1997-2012. This… Read more »

Blind Alleys

The Unseen Struggles of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Urban Refugees in Mexico, Uganda and South Africa PART I Guidance for NGOs, Governments, UNHCR & Program Funders Read PDF Source – Oram International

Barrow meets with Belize gang leaders in the aftermath of brutal murders (Non gay background story)

Belmopan, Belize – Prime Minister Dean Barrow has confirmed holding talks with the leaders of a notorious criminal gang here after four men were found murdered in an apartment building on Tuesday. Barrow told reporters that he led a delegation that included National Security Minister John Saldivar for talks with the leaders of the George… Read more »

Opponents Block Debate On Gay Unions In Costa Rica

Lawmakers opposed to gay rights on Tuesday blocked debate of a civil unions bill in Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly. Opponents called 3 15-minute recesses in a row as lawmakers attempted to debate the bill, prompting the chamber’s president, Victor Emilio, to table the discussion and bring the evening session to a close. Two years ago,… Read more »

Mexican State Oaxaca To Legalize Gay Marriage

The Mexican state of Oaxaca will legalize gay marriage after the nation’s top court unanimously declared its marriage law, which excludes gay and lesbian couples, to be unconstitutional. On Wednesday, the nation’s Supreme Court (la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nacion (SCJN)) sided with three gay couples who wish to marry in the state.… Read more »

Costa Rica to develop HIV strategies to reach male sex workers

The Minister of Health of Costa Rica, Dr Daisy Corrales, aims to strengthen the AIDS response among key populations at higher risk in her country, which is where the epidemic remains concentrated. During a meeting with UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé on 6 November at the UNAIDS Headquarters in Geneva, Dr Corrales highlighted the focus… Read more »

Guatemalan transgender woman lives in 2 worlds

Dressed as a man, the sixth-grade teacher leaves school and walks several blocks through a dangerous red-light district overrun with gangs and crack dealers. Arriving at a friend’s home, a transformation begins. Off come wide-leg jeans, T-shirt and a baseball cap that hides long hair. After an extensive, two-hour makeup session, Linda Elizabeth Tylor Martinez… Read more »

Do you have advice for LGBT rights activists in Belize?

Caleb Orozco of United Belize Advocacy Movement (Photo courtesy of CTagOnline) What strategy should an LGBT rights group pursue when homophobic religious leaders launch a counterattack? That’s what Caleb Orozco, executive president of the United Belize Advocacy Movement, wants to know. He is hoping that experienced LGBT activists and others around the world will make… Read more »

Guatemalan Transgender Woman Lives Double Life, As A Male Schoolteacher And Female Prostitute

Guatemala City — Dressed as a man, the sixth-grade teacher leaves school and walks several blocks through a dangerous red-light district overrun with gangs and crack dealers. Arriving at a friend’s home, a transformation begins. Off come wide-leg jeans, T-shirt and a baseball cap that hides long hair. After an extensive, two-hour makeup session, Linda… Read more »

Feature: Decriminalising homosexuality in Belize

Caleb Orozco is the executive president of the United Belize Advocacy Movement, UNIBAM, and is part of a constitutional challenge to overturn the law in Belize which criminalises homosexuality. Visiting London, he briefed PinkNews.co.uk on the case. Under Belize’s Criminal Code, gays face a penalty of up to ten years’ imprisonment. Section 53 states: “Every… Read more »

Mexico grants social security benefits to gay couples

Amendments to social security law now include medical and social benefits to gay spouses Mexico now includes gay couples as beneficiaries to social security benefits. Winning 252 votes for, 80 against and 15 abstentions, in the country’s House of Representatives these amendments improve the constitutional rights of gay, lesbian and bisexual Mexicans. As a Latin… Read more »

Remembering Erick Martinez

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF) is deeply saddened by the murder of Erick Martínez, a renowned LGBT rights advocate who served as the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at Asociación Kukulcan, a respected LGBT rights organization in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Erick was a fearless human rights defender, respected and appreciated by his peers and… Read more »

Nicaragua enthrones Miss Gay 2012

A beauty contest in Nicaragua has crowned a 22-year-old designer as Miss Gay 2012, a competition to choose “the queen of the transvestites.” The event was held at the Ruben Dario National Theater, the first time the space opened to an LGBT event, according to Luis Morales, the director of Institute of Nicaraguan Culture. It… Read more »

Razzia violenta en discoteca gay de Costa Rica

San Jose – (La Nacion) El aparente uso de fuerza excesiva en un operativo policial realizado en la discoteca homosexual Club Oh!, el 13 de abril levantó críticas y motivó denuncias. Representantes del centro nocturno dijeron que más de 20 funcionarios de la Fuerza Pública y la Policía Municipal ingresaron armados al establecimiento, lo que… Read more »

Julio Cesar Largaespada, grieved by the death of Eddy Ramirez

Outside his home was killed by several blows the young Napoleon Eddy Ramirez Novoa, 27. The suspects in the crime are the brothers Milton Rafael (36), alias “Payo” Jose Ramon (32) and Oscar Garcia Lopez (25). Similarly Largaespada Julius Caesar, who was a partner of the victim, was beaten and was taken to Hospital Escuela… Read more »

Costa Rica’s LGBT community mourns death of leader

A friend pays his respects to LGBT leader Abelardo Araya, who died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Araya helped found the Movimiento Diversidad (Diversity Movement), a political group that worked to promote LGBT rights in Costa Rica. Renowned Costa Rican LGBT activist Abelardo Araya died Wednesday of an apparent heart attack at the age… Read more »

Honduras is test of new US policy on gay rights

San Pedro Sula, Honduras – From U.N. chambers to the halls of the State Department, global pressure on countries to protect the rights of homosexuals and transgender people is rising. For Josue Hernandez, the new emphasis can’t come fast enough. The 33-year-old gay activist bears the scar of the bullet that grazed his skull in… Read more »

Cancun Plans to Pass Gay Marriage Bill to Attract Tourists

Cancun and other resort areas on the Mexican Caribbean will have a new attraction for gay and lesbian couples from the United States, Canada and Europe, allowing them to legalize their unions thanks to a quirk in the local civil code, activist Patricia Novelo told Efe. “This market niche … is very attractive for European,… Read more »

Discrimination Undermines AIDS Prevention

Guatemala City (IPS) – “At the clinic we were attended to by a woman who criticised us and only talked to us about religious questions,” says Carlos Valdez of Proyecto Unidos, an NGO in Guatemala that fights for access to HIV/AIDS prevention services by homosexuals and sex workers. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people “face… Read more »

Senate GOP filibusters nominee over pro-gay editorial

Senate Republicans successfully filibustered on Monday the confirmation of an ambassadorial nominee, citing a pro-LGBT editorial she wrote as one reason to vote against her. The cloture vote to advance the nomination of Mari Carmen Aponte for the position of U.S. ambassador to El Salvador failed by 49-37 on a mostly party-line basis. Aponte has… Read more »

Hispanic Caucus urges Senate to confirm Obama’s pick for El Salvador ambassador

Washington — Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Tuesday pressed the Senate to swiftly confirm President Barack Obama’s nominee for ambassador to El Salvador, casting Republican opposition as denying a Hispanic woman a rare shot at a prestigious diplomatic post. In gloves-off political terms, seven members of the caucus said the Senate’s failure to… Read more »

Gay Mexico News & Reports 2011

1 México se encamina hacia una Constitución más tolerante con los gays 3/11 2 Conapred dice que no aumentó la homofobia en los últimos cinco años 4/11 3 Mexican gay rights campaigner murdered 5/11 4 Mexican gay rights campaigner murdered 5/11 5 Mexican LGBT center helps with HIV work 6/11 6 Condemnation of the Murder… Read more »