Italy: Politicians call for civil unions, anti-gay hate laws

After a letter from a suicidal gay teen went viral in Italy, center-right politicians are now calling on government to back gay rights

Italy’s center-right politicians are calling for equal rights for gay people, saying they are in favor of same-sex unions and anti-homophobia laws.

Sandro Bondi, the former Culture Minister, has responded to a letter written by a suicidal gay teen that has sparked national news in Italy.

Speaking at the weekend, he said he did not understand why his fellow Catholics should fight against the recognition of gay people.

He also argued gay people are not legally protected and noted the country is one of the last in the European Union to not recognize civil partnerships or same-sex marriages.

Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies, said she hoped to meet with the gay teen and said she ‘really hoped’ politicians would make gay hate crime a criminal offense.

She said: ‘A country that considers itself civilized cannot afford to live without a law against homophobia, an evil that drives many young people to take their own lives.’

Former minister Giancarlo Galan also backed Bondi, saying: ‘It is time for homosexuals to also be given the full rights of Italian citizenship.’

Last month, the Constitutional Court’s President Franco Callo said they could ban same-sex marriage but they could not refuse same-sex couples the ‘fundamental right to obtain legal recognition of their stable union, with attached rights and obligations’.

In a survey published in January, it found 77% of Italians were supportive of civil partnerships.

by Joe Morgan
Source – Gay Star News