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Backlash from Italy’s LGBT groups as Parliament votes on ‘useless’ gay hate ban

Italian LGBT groups are unsatisfied with a proposed anti-homophobia bill that passed in the lower Chamber of Deputies last night, arguing the bill’s freedom of speech protections still allow discriminatory transgressions Italy’s LGBT groups are saying the new ban on homophobia is ‘hypocritical’. LGBT rights and ally groups criticized the proposed legislation, which intends to… Read more »

Sicily’s first openly gay governor wins support with anti-mafia crusade

Palermo, Italy — Of the last two men to sit in Sicily’s palatial governor’s office, one is up on criminal charges and the other is doing hard time. Enter their successor, Rosario Crocetta — the unlikeliest politician ever to govern Cosa Nostra country. Back when he was mayor of a coastal town plagued by mob… Read more »

Sardinians march for gay rights in beach pride

An estimated 10,000 people marched on the beach of Cagliari, Sardinia, to shout, sing and fight for LGBT rights in an anti-gay region of Italy At least 10,000 people gathered on Cagliari’s beach to fight for LGBT rights in Sardinia, Italy. Photo by Daniele Guido Gessa At least 10,000 people marched for gay pride in… Read more »

Italy: Politicians call for civil unions, anti-gay hate laws

After a letter from a suicidal gay teen went viral in Italy, center-right politicians are now calling on government to back gay rights Italy’s center-right politicians are calling for equal rights for gay people, saying they are in favor of same-sex unions and anti-homophobia laws. Sandro Bondi, the former Culture Minister, has responded to a… Read more »

Italy: Culture committee chairman proposes bill on gay civil unions

A centre-right Italian politician proposes to introduce a bill this week that would recognise the civil rights of gay couples in same-sex relationships. Giancarlo Galan is confident that he will receive support from colleagues within ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) party. “In the PdL, there are many who think like me…Then there… Read more »

Same-Sex Couple Say, ‘I Do,’ as Italy Sticks to ‘I Don’t’

Rome — The nuptials were traditional in almost every sense. The music was romantic. Teary vows were exchanged, along with shimmering rings, and a passionate first kiss was greeted with boisterous cheers, and more tears, by both families. But from a legal point of view, the wedding last week of Massimiliano Benedetto and Giuseppe Ilaria… Read more »

Italy grants gay partners rights but only for politicians

Deputies in the lower house of parliament given health benefits for gay partners. But other Italians are angry they are getting rights normal same-sex couples don’t yet enjoy The Italian Camera dei Deputati (the lower chamber of the Parliament) has approved a new rule which extends its politician’s health benefits to their gay partners. Now… Read more »

History made in Italy as Milan recognizes UK civil partnership

Cristian and Federico signed their civil union in London in 2010. Now they can apply for local benefits and local welfare A local court in Milan has recognized a British civil partnership – the first time Italy has legally recognized a gay union from abroad. Now the civil union between Cristian, a biologist, and Federico,… Read more »

It is easy to be cynical and exaggerate the extent of abuse by clergy against children

Westhampton, MA – Quoted here are excerpts from the Associated Press of September 14, 2009 and published by the New York Times. It is easy to be cynical and exaggerate the extent of abuse by clergy against children but that serves no purpose other than creating more abuse, in this case against innocent clergy who… Read more »

Vatican: Topless women demonstrate for equal marriage rights during Pope’s weekly prayer

A Ukrainian feminist group have demonstrated topless at St Peter’s Square for gay rights, as Pope Benedict XVI gave his weekly prayer. Four women from Ukrainian feminist group, Femen, stripped off to display the words “Shut up!”, on their fronts, and “in gay we trust” on their backs. The activists also shouted “Homophobic shut up!”,… Read more »

Gays and lesbians in Italy worry about their future

Fear life as senior more difficult for gays than heterosexuals Rome(ANSA) – Homosexuals in Italy fear their future will be more difficult than that of heterosexuals, according to a survey released Wednesday. Fully 55% of gays and lesbians surveyed say they are concerned about their future in Italy, and 52% said that being homosexual and… Read more »

Italian boy commits suicide after Facebook and school gay hate

15-year-old boy loved to wear pink trousers and pink jumpers, but was derided on Facebook and at his high school A 15-year-old boy has committed suicide after having been bullied on social networks and at school in Rome, Italy. ‘AS’, a student from the Cavour high school, in Rome’s city center, loved to wear pink… Read more »

Italian gay man given paid leave for same-sex marriage

Tuscan company Publiacqua ignores law to give employee two-weeks off to marry his husband An Italian gay man has obtained two weeks leave from his company to marry his husband in Brazil. The news is making headlines in Italy, a country that does not recognize same-sex unions, partnerships or marriages. Gioacchino Di Gioia from Prato,… Read more »

Vatican vows to fight gay marriage after gains in U.S., Europe

Vatican City (Reuters) – The Vatican, reacting to strong gains for gay marriage in the United States and Europe, on Saturday pledged never to stop fighting attempts to “erase” the privileged role of heterosexual marriage, which it called it “an achievement of civilization”. For the second consecutive day, Vatican media weighed in with forceful editorials… Read more »

Almost half of Italians want same-sex marriage

Istituto Nazionale di Statistica released its first national survey on homosexuality in the Mediterranean country The first official Italian national survey on homosexuality has been presented at Montecitorio Palace. More than half of Italians think that same-sex couples should have more rights, but only 43% believe that they should have the right to marry. The… Read more »

Church and gays clash over Bologna Pride

The march will start from the museum of the Holy Mary, once home of the LGBT movement. But the Catholic hierarchy has attacked the organizers The city of Bologna, northern Italy, is in the center of a struggle between the Church and the rights of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens. The next national… Read more »

Nest in Cagliari, Sardinia this spring

Urban flamingos and a gay scene make the historic seaside city of Cagliari, capital of the Italian island, pretty in pink Flamingos, flamingos everywhere. When you land in Cagliari you find these exotic tropical birds crowded onto one of the biggest Europe’s lagoons, the Laguna di Santa Gilla, next to the airport. Spring is the… Read more »

Uruguayan man given landmark residence permit to live with husband in Italy

Authorities in northern Italy on Monday issued a residence permit to a Uruguayan man whose application was initially rejected because his marriage to an Italian man – which took place in Spain – is not recognised by the country’s laws. A court in Reggio Emilia ruled last month that authorities had violated European Union rules… Read more »

Pope Benedict warns against gay marriage

Pope Benedict XVI has denounced gay marriage in a speech to US bishops visiting Vatican City. The Pope warned of “powerful political and cultural currents seeking to alter the legal definition of marriage”. He also urged the bishops to emphasise to their Church that premarital sex and cohabitation was “gravely sinful” and “damaging to the… Read more »

Video: Italian gay marriage film shows unequal laws

An Italian marriage equality video shows the preparations for a gay couple’s wedding as a reminder that the country provides no legal recognitions for same-sex relationships. The film was made by Secret Wood Team with the support of Arcigay, who campaign for equality between individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Although homosexuality… Read more »