Portugal, Europe

Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1982. Laws against discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation are in effect. Portugal is generally tolerant of gays. Homophobic violence is extremely rare (two reported cases in the past ten years). Portugal was also one of the only countries to enshrine a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation on its constitution. A new Penal Code 2007 came in force which equalized the age of consent to 14, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender and strengthened the anti-discrimination legislation much further. There exists an increasingly vibrant and dynamic gay scene in the Lisbon and Porto metropolitan areas as well as the Algarve with several gay bars, pubs, nightclubs and beaches (specially in Algarve). Other smaller cities and regions such as Leiria, Braga and Madeira also have much more discrete gay communities. In Lisbon, most LGBT-oriented businesses are grouped around the bohemian Bairro Alto and the adjacent Principe Real neighbourhoods. In both Lisbon and Porto there are also annual Gay Pride Parades that attract tens of thousands of participants and spectators. Lisbon is also host to one of the largest LGBT film festivals in Europe, the Lisbon Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Civil unions in Portugal were introduced for same-sex couples on 15 March 2001. A gay marriage law was passed and came into effect on 5 June 2010.



Portugal overturns presidential veto to legalise same-sex adoption

Portugal’s parliament has just overturned the presidential veto on a bill to legalise same-sex adoption there. The new law had passed through Portugal’s Parliament last last year, granting full adoption rights to same-sex couples, and allowing lesbian couples to receive medically assisted fertilisation. Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva, of the centre-right Social Democratic Party, blocked… Read more »

Portugal President Anibal Cavaco Silva Vetoes Gay Adoption Bill

Portugal President Anibal Cavaco Silva has vetoed a bill recently approved by lawmakers that granted full adoption rights to gay and lesbian couples. The legislation gave gay couples the same adoption rights as straight couples. Silva called the change radical and in need of broader public consultation. He said that he was uncertain whether the… Read more »

Portugal parliament votes down gay adoption

Third time lawmakers reject full adoption rights for same-sex couples Portugal’s parliament yesterday (22 January) rejected draft laws that would allow gay couples to adopt children for the third time, although the vote margin was smaller than ever. The bills were all defeated by some 30 votes in the Lisbon assembly, which 220 deputies attended.… Read more »

Portugal: Opposition party to table same-sex adoption bill

Portugal’s opposition Socialist party plans to table a bill which would allow same-sex couples to adopt children and access fertility treatment. The state has recognised same-sex marriage since 2010 – but joint adoption remains restricted to different-sex couples in the country, and there are little provisions for LGBT people who want families. In addition, lesbian… Read more »

What will be named the world’s best LGBT film short?

Two men meet moments before their execution. A love story between two women across decades and states. A zebra – all of these and more in the running for the Iris Prize A late night search for Viagra by two aging strangers during a one night stand. A military exercise in the woods where two… Read more »

What the second LGBTI Pride feels like for Portuguese in Braga

Portugal’s third-largest city gears up for its second Gay Pride parade. Have things changed since last year? While some cities are celebrating decades of Gay Pride parades and parties this June, others are only just embarking on their pride parade journey. Pride organizer Janison Horácio, a Brazilian native fighting for LGBTI rights in Portugal, paints… Read more »

Straights ‘want to wash’ after contact with gays

Researchers have discovered that even some people who consider themselves to not be homophobic still think gay men can ‘contaminate’ them Straight people still think gay men are ‘dirty’, according to new research. According to experiments undertaken across the world, the participants felt the need to ‘physically cleanse’ themselves after imagining contact with a gay… Read more »

Handsome dancers show off tropical flair at the Madeiran Carnival

The island of Madeira comes alive during carnival season, an annual event celebrating the last days before Lent with typical drinks and dances that last for days on end I’m back to the British coldness after heating up with dancers at the Madeiran ‘Carnaval’. I’m still reeling from the colors and the perfumes of one… Read more »

Your gay guide to the Portuguese paradise of Madeira

Founder of GayMadeira.com Tobi Hughes shares his favorite spots for enjoying this idyllic island For a small island, Madeira has some major claims to fame. The smallest of three islands off Portugal’s coast holds the record title for the world’s biggest fireworks show. Madeira is also home to (arguably) the world’s most attractive football player:… Read more »

Gay Portuguese in Braga prepare for first pride

LGBT people in Braga feel they are ‘invisible’ but are coming out for their first pride on Saturday Gay people in the Portuguese city of Braga often feel they are invisible. However, a group of LGBT people are hoping to change that by holding the city’s first Gay Pride event. Braga, the third largest city… Read more »

Gay Portuguese in Braga prepare for first pride

LGBT people in Braga feel they are ‘invisible’ but are coming out for their first pride on Saturday Gay people in the Portuguese city of Braga often feel they are invisible. However, a group of LGBT people are hoping to change that by holding the city’s first Gay Pride event. Braga, the third largest city… Read more »

Gay couples in Portugal win limited adoption rights

Lisbon (Reuters) – Portugal’s parliament on Friday handed same-sex couples the right to adopt the children or foster children of one partner, a partial victory for equality campaigners that fell short of their call for full adoption rights. The co-adoption law scraped through with a majority of just five votes in the 230-seat Lisbon assembly,… Read more »

Same-sex couples win adoption rights for partners’ children in Portugal

Portuguese parliament votes for partial adoption law for same-sex couples but stops short of full equality Portugal’s Parliament has voted in favour of limited gay and lesbian adoption. The new law will allow those in same-sex couples to adopt their partner’s biological or adopted child. Ruling Social Democratic Party (SDP) supported the bill along with… Read more »

Amsterdam and Lisbon film festivals join The Iris Prize

The world’s largest LGBT short film festival approves two new partners and seeks one more LGBT film festivals in Amsterdam and Lisbon have joined The Iris Film Prize, the world’s biggest gay short film festival, and will each nominate a short film to compete. They join the expanding international network of LGBT film festivals including… Read more »

Spain and Portugal: from tyrants to toleration

Brussel – On a map of Europe where green is gay-friendly and red is not, an olive-coloured peninsula in the west brings a little variety to an otherwise yellowish south. Both Spain and Portugal, in a little over one generation, have gone from being among the most repressive to the most egalitarian societies for LGBT… Read more »

Gay Portugal News & Reports

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