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China, is the largest country in East Asia and the most populous in the world with over 1.3 billion people, approximately a fifth of the world's population. It is a socialist republic ruled by the Communist Party of China under a single-party system. Since the introduction of market-based economic reforms in 1978, the poverty rate in the PRC has decreased from 53% in 1981 to 8% in 2001. Censorship of political speech and information is openly and routinely used to silence criticism of government and the ruling Chinese Communist Party. A number of foreign governments and NGOs routinely criticize the PRC, alleging widespread civil rights violations including systematic use of lengthy detention without trial, forced confessions, torture, mistreatment of prisoners, restrictions of freedom of speech, assembly, association, religion, the press, and labor rights. Regarding homosexuality, sodomy was decriminalized in 1997, and the new Chinese Classification and Diagnostic Criteria of Mental Disorders removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 2001. The situation has continued to evolve. There is no explicit law against homosexuality, neither are there laws protecting gays from discrimination, nor are there any gay rights organizations in China. It is believed that the Chinese policy towards gay issues remains the "Three nos": no approval, no disapproval, and no promotion. An Internet survey in 2000 showed that Chinese people are becoming more tolerant towards homosexuals. 


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Gay sex to blame for 1,700 new HIV infections among Chinese students, experts say

Senior health experts say that sex between men is the main cause HIV infections among Chinese college students rose by 25% last year Gay sex is to blame for most of 2,000 new HIV infections in China last year, according to health experts. Over 1,700 college students were infected with HIV in 2012, approximately 65%… Read more »

Dating Violence Among Gay Men in China.

Abstract This is the first study on the prevalence of dating violence and threats of being forced to “come out of the closet” among Chinese gay men. Data on social demographic information and the experience of dating violence, including types of abuse, threats of “outing,” and the gender of abusers were collected from 418 gay… Read more »

Chinese Parents Fight for Gay Children’s Marriage Rights

Parents of Gays and Lesbians in China Demand Their Children Be Allowed to Marry Of all the ways a son can be disrespectful to his parents, argued the ancient Chinese philosopher Mencius, the worst is to have no offspring. Now, in a bold challenge to this centuries-old tradition, nearly 200 parents of gays and lesbians… Read more »

Emerging Chinese Leaders Head Home After Extensive Training

Emerging Chinese Leaders Head Home After Extensive Training Political economists have long noted the growing importance of the Pacific Rim. In 2011, for instance, the Brookings Institute noted that “the Asia-Pacific accounts for about 50 percent of trade and 60 percent of global GDP and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that by 2030, the… Read more »

Gay couple distraught after son obstructs online wedding

A gay couple has told of their disappointment after their wedding ceremony, which was being broadcast live online, was interrupted by the son of one of the couple. “We feel so upset and disgraced because the ceremony was interrupted by the son. He even beat the guests away. We are too upset to accept any… Read more »

A Proposal for Unwitting Wives of Gay Men in China

A few months after Americans approved gay marriage at the ballot box for the first time, a Chinese court has stirred controversy by recommending China making it easier for women to escape marriages to gay men. The First Intermediate Court of Beijing recently submitted a report calling for legislation that would allow people who discover… Read more »

Being gay in China

In both Chinese history and literature, homosexuality was open and tolerated. Has social acceptance come full cycle as China increasingly engages the international community? Is there a place for same-sex relationships now? The China Daily Sunday team of Han Bingbin, Gan Tian, Shi Yingying and Xu Lin file the reports. Pederasty, the erotic relationship between… Read more »

New study shows Chinese tolerance for homosexuality over thousands of years

A new study by a Chinese sociologist has documented tolerance of homosexuality and same-sex relationships going back thousands of years in China Chinese sociologist Pan Guangdan has documented acceptance of same-sex relationships in China going back thousands of years, suggesting that tolerance for LGBTs may be coming full circle in the People’s Republic of China.… Read more »

In China, Grass-Roots Groups Take On H.I.V./AIDS Outreach Work

Guangzhou, China — As he waited to give blood for an H.I.V. test one recent afternoon, Le, a 25-year-old marketing professional, explained why he was there. “I was aware of the consequences” of not using a condom, he said, “but somehow I didn’t know how to say no.” Le, a gay man who would give… Read more »

LGBT Issues in China

This semester I have been working at the Beijing LGBT Center. Before going to the center I was getting extremely excited to see how the LGBT community is thriving in Beijing. Not going to lie, I was not expecting much. Having learned about China’s reaction to the rise of the LGBT community and how it… Read more »

Activists march for gay rights in Macau

Gay rights march planned for former Portuguese colony near Hong Kong Activists in Macau are planning a march for gay rights on Thursday in response to the government not including same-sex partners in drafted cohabitation law. Jason Chao, who started a Facebook page urging the government to include gay couples in the domestic partnership law,… Read more »

Lesbians hold wedding in east China

Gay women openly hold a wedding ceremony in Wuhu, Anhui province, China Two lesbians held a wedding ceremony openly in Wuhu in China’s eastern Anhui province on Saturday 27 October, according to Xinhua news agency. It is the first public lesbian marriage ceremony in Wuhu, despite the fact that the Chinese government does not recognize… Read more »

PFLAG China confronts national adoption agency ban on gay couples

Message on China Center of Adoption’s website says homosexuality is a mental illness The director of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) China has confronted the national adoption agency about a message on their website that says they don’t allow gay couples to adopt because homosexuality is a ‘mental illness’. Homosexuality was removed… Read more »

Coming out

More gay teenagers are gaining acceptance by their parents Homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness in China a decade ago, but prejudice remains deep. So when an editor at the government education department in the city of Hangzhou was compiling a pamphlet recently to help parents guide their children through puberty, she included a… Read more »

Mothers of LGBTs protest sexuality education textbook in Hangzhou

Following complaints from 18 mothers of gay children and gay groups over a sexuality education booklet targeted at parents of teenagers that describes homosexuality as a type of “sexual deviance”, the publisher has agreed to revise the sections about homosexuality in its second edition. About 50,000 copies of Parents, Please Walk Your Children Through Puberty… Read more »

First AIDS Walk planned for China

China will have it’s first AIDS Walk in October, along the Great Wall near Beijing Beijing Gender and Health Education Institute is planning the first AIDS walk in China. Organizers hope that around 150 people will walk together along the Great Wall of China just north of Beijing on Saturday 13 October to raise money… Read more »

First national LGBT conference in China draws 80 LGBT activists

More than 80 LGBT activists, representing 53 organisations and over 23 different regions in China attended the first ever national China LGBT Community Leader Conference in June. Watch Video here. On 16 and 17 June 2012, more than 80 LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) activists, representing 53 organisations and over 23 different regions from as… Read more »

New Chinese Dictionary Leaves Out Colloquial Term for ‘Gay’

A new edition of a Chinese dictionary omits the definition of a word that is commonly used to describe homosexuals, reports China’s state-run news agency Xinhua. The sixth edition of the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary does not define the word tongzhi (‘comrade’ in English), which is the colloquial term widely used in China to refer to… Read more »

Chinese dictionary leaves out popular word for ‘gay’

The Chinese gay community’s most popular word to refer to themselves has been left out of a new Chinese dictionary, sparking criticism A new edition of a modern Chinese language dictionary has been criticized for leaving out the most popular term used by Chinese gays to refer to themselves. The compilers of the Contemporary Chinese… Read more »

China lifts ban on lesbians donating blood

Lesbians in China can now legally give blood – although the ban on sexually active gay and bisexual men remains. The Ministry of Health announced last week that the ban on lesbians donating blood would be lifted immediately. State media suggested that celibate gay men would also be able to donate blood, as the wording… Read more »

China LGBT Community Leader Conference debates Future of LGBT Movement

On June 16 to 17, 2012, the China Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Community Leader Conference successfully took place in Beijing. In a historic first, the conference managed to gather a varied selection of Chinese LGBT movement leaders. Emphasizing the participation of communities whose voice remains largely underrepresented in China’s LGBT movement, representatives of… Read more »

Homoerotic traditions in pre-modern Asian & Pacific Island societies

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identities are commonly thought of as relatively recent, western, social constructs… but what do we know about non-heteronormative expressions of sexuality in historical Chinese, Korean, South Asian and Southeast Asian cultures? There is a very wide misconception that ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender’ (LGBT) constitutes a purely modern phenomenon… Read more »

Welcome to Gay China TV

Gay Star News talks to Xiaogang Wei, founder of Queer Comrades, China’s online LGBT TV channel It’s a depressing thought, but to a certain extent TV defines who we are as a society. Is the increase of gay characters on TV shows in the West a reflection of greater tolerance? Or is society more tolerant… Read more »

Discomfort over homosexuality helps spread HIV in China

Stigmas about homosexuality have kept people from seeking HIV testing, leading to a dramatic increase in the number of cases among gay men China’s discomfort over discussing sex, and especially homosexuality, is a major problem when it comes to HIV, according to a scientific journal. A consortium of six researchers in China point out in… Read more »

Gay and out in China

As society in China modernizes, its gay community is less mysterious and increasingly part of the country’s fabric, pursuing dreams and happiness like other citizens. Before setting out to document this story, I had a somewhat stereotypical image of gay Chinese – that they lived colorful and comfortable lives, with prominent members often active in… Read more »

Shanghai Pride Tshirt design revealed

We love the design of the new Shanghai Pride Tshirts The design of the new Shanghai Pride Tshirts were revealed today, ahead of the festival in early June. We love the use of Shanghai landmarks – the Jin Mao tower, the Expo’s China Pavilion, Shinmao International Plaza, the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Shanghai World… Read more »

Chinese erotic gay fiction site shut down

Founder of homoerotic fiction site imprisoned and fined, case reveals that most stories were written by young women around 20 years old The Chinese government has shut down a website that published homoerotic fantasy stories and imprisoned and fined its founder. A surprising aspect of the case was that most of the writers of the… Read more »

Over three-quarters of Chinese gay students bullied at school

New survey says 77% respondents were victims of school bullying based on sexual orientation or gender identity in China A new survey released for IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) has shown that over three-quarters of gay students in China were victims of bullying at school. The survey with 421 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight… Read more »

Chinese “gay wives” face legal limbo, cultural bias

Beijing (Reuters) – In the eight years since Tianlei told his parents he was gay, they’ve put relentless pressure on him to act straight and marry. “My parents push me to deceive a girl into marrying me,” said Tianlei, a 28-year-old company manager in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan, using a nickname. “They just… Read more »

China: 16 million women ‘married to gays’

A university professor in China has estimated that 16 million women in the world’s most populous country are married to gays. Professor Zhang Bei-chuan of Qingdao University says the huge number of women – equivalent to the population of the Netherlands – who have tied the knot with gay men are struggling to cope. Speaking… Read more »

Psychological characteristics in high-risk MSM in China

Men who have sex with men (MSM) have become a high-risk group of HIV infection in China. To date, little is known regarding the behavioral, social and psychological characteristics in Chinese MSM, which makes the implementation of preventive and therapeutic strategies for this high-risk subpopulation of people extremely difficult. Methods: A total of 714 questionnaires… Read more »

Gay, Lesbian and HIV Grassroots Growing in China

Increased awareness is changing what was stigmatized treatment of HIV/Aids in China. This year the country will host its first ‘AIDS Walk’, which will include a trek along the Great Wall. There are officially 780,000 people living with HIV/Aids in China, but stigma and discrimination means that people are afraid to get tested. Anyone taking… Read more »

First Edition of the China Rainbow Media Awards Announces Results

Beijing, China – Initiated by the Aibai Culture & Education Center and the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute, and organized by a consortium of social organizations, the first annual China Rainbow Media Awards announced the winners on 9 December in Beijing. They include Southern Weekend & Phoenix TV (LGBT Salute Award) and Li Yinhe (Special… Read more »

Higher HIV Rate in Chinese MSM Who Also Have Sex With Women

Nearly one third of Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM) also have sex with women, according to results of a large meta-analysis. MSM who had sex with women had higher HIV and syphilis rates than MSM who had sex only with men. MSM have a high risk of HIV acquisition and transmission in… Read more »

First “Gay Community” HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clinic

Yesterday morning, northbound at North Beach, the capital of a separate area of the hospital, we put a Chaoyang District CDC VCT (voluntary counseling and HIV testing) clinic of the golden brand, where the main face of the male homosexual population, provision of HIV voluntary counseling and testing services. Will receive free screening assay Here,… Read more »

Coming Out in China: The True Cost of Being Gay in Beijing

This post is in partnership with Worldcrunch, a new global-news site that translates stories of note in foreign languages into English. The article below was originally published in Economic Observer. After he left Tianjin last year, Zhang Xiaobai realized that homosexuals are not “rare birds.” When he was still in primary school, Zhang (not his… Read more »

Beijing’s Gay Community Fights Censorship

When the Beijing LGBT Center screened a prerecorded lecture on gay-themed movies last year, the venue was so packed that latecomers had to jostle for a spot on the windowsills of the rented classroom doubling as their makeshift theater. This year, however, a similar event attracted only a handful of people, leaving much of the… Read more »

Gay China News & Reports 2011

Utopia Guide to Gay and Lesbian China (first gay and lesbian guide to China) 1 Suzhou: Homosexual Prostitution Ring Exposed in Three Provinces 1/11 1a China announces high-speed rail link to Singapore via Vietnam 1/11 2 Gay men ‘marry’ in Beijing 1/11 3 China’s Sports Illustrated features gay sportsmanship in cover story 1/11 3a Shanghai’s… Read more »

Gay China News & Reports 2010 Jun-Dec

1 Personal Visit to LGBT Community of Beijing by Felix of Southeast Asia 6/10 2 Queer China, ‘Comrade’ China 6/10 3 Gay men and lesbians in China marry heterosexually to cover-up 6/10 4 Biggest obstacle for China’s gays: Social pressure for marriage 6/10 5 Selling ‘smiles:’ Inside the world of Shanghai’s male sex workers 6/10… Read more »

Gay China News & Reports 2010 Jan-May

Utopia Guide to Gay and Lesbian China (first gay and lesbian guide to China) 0 China’s first gay pageant gives glimpse of new acceptance 1/10 00 China paper splashes nation’s ‘first gay marriage’ 1/10 1 China’s state press covers gay wedding 1/10 2 Mr Gay China pageant shut down by police 1/10 3 China will… Read more »