Gay people in Myanmar have adopted a secret language

Their slang can help protect them from abuse Wednesday has just turned into Thursday in Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city, and pleasure-seekers are on the prowl in a glitzy neighbourhood. Drivers slow down to inspect sex workers waiting by the kerb. Three of them, all transgender women, chat brightly. Your correspondent tries to eavesdrop but even… Read more »

Malaysia’s cruel religious ban on gay sex is to be challenged in an historic court case

A man in Malaysia has won the right to challenge a religious state law banning gay sex in the mostly Muslim country. According to Reuters, a lawyer for the man said on Wednesday (May 27) that Malaysia’s top court had him the go-ahead for the landmark LGBT+ rights test case. The Muslim man in his… Read more »

Mapping out a spectrum of the Chinese public’s discrimination toward the LGBT community: results from a national survey

AbstractBackground China has the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population. This study assessed the discrimination experienced by LGBT individuals in China in a comprehensive way, covering discrimination perpetrated by family, media, medical services, religious communities, schools, social services, and in the workplace.Methods The current study involved a national survey of 31 provinces… Read more »

Gay man forced to flee Turkmenistan after police assaulted him for being HIV-positive

The man sought asylum in Europe after police allegedly assaulted him until he confessed to being gay A gay man from Turkmenistan was forced to flee his home country after he was arrested and assaulted for being HIV-positive. Speaking to RadioFreeEurope, the 23-year-old was granted asylum in a European country after he was targeted for… Read more »

Gay Student From Turkmenistan Finds Refuge Abroad But Faces Criminal Charges At Home

Maksat’s sexual orientation as a gay man has cost him the chance of having a family and living in his home country, Turkmenistan, where homosexuality is a criminal offense and a strict social taboo. Beaten and blackmailed by police, the 23-year-old from Ashgabat recently received asylum in a European country, but he says the ordeals… Read more »

Singapore high court upholds gay sex ban

Singapore’s High Court today rejected a legal challenge to decriminalise homosexuality. The challenge was filed by three gay citizens. Peter Tatchell, LGBT+ campaigner and Director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, commented: “This ruling reaffirms that gay men in Singapore remain criminals. It is a clear violation of the right to privacy, equal treatment and individual… Read more »

Transgender pastor defies HK court to conduct same-sex marriages

Kualal Lumpur: A transgender pastor has vowed to officiate same-sex marriages in Hong Kong despite a legal challenge failing to provide assurances that he will not face arrest. Marrz Balaoro was arrested in 2017 for holding ceremonies in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight (LGBTS) Christian Church which he founded in the global financial… Read more »

Transgender Character In ‘Itaewon Class’ Reflects Changing Attitudes In South Korea

Over the last two decades Korean dramas have become more open to exploring LGBTQ issues. Gay characters—or characters people assumed were gay—have appeared in several TV dramas, with Gong Yoo falling for a girl disguised as a boy in Coffee Prince (2007), Lee Min-ho, playing a supposedly gay character in Personal Taste (2008), Lee Jong-suk… Read more »

Tokyo’s High Court Rules Same Sex Marriages Have The Same Rights As Straight Marriages

In an apparent first high court ruling of its kind, a same-sex common-law couple in Japan has been recognized as having the same legal protections as a married couple, after the Tokyo High Court ruled in favor of a woman who sued her former same-sex partner for damages over infidelity at an appeal decision on… Read more »

Indonesia proposes bill to force LGBTQ people into ‘rehabilitation’

The “Family Resilience Bill” would force lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people into treatment to “cure” their sexual orientation or gender identity. Lawmakers in Indonesia are pushing legislation that would force LGBTQ people into government-sanctioned rehabilitation centers to “cure” them of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Last month, three lawmakers in Indonesia’s House of… Read more »

The Fight for LGBT Rights in Vietnam Still Has a Long Way To Go

Prejudice, discrimination, and stigma against the LGBT community in Vietnam still loom large. Change will take concerted efforts. On September 14, 2019, on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Ho Chi Minh city, Nguyen Hue street was busy as normal, attracting hundreds of tourists. But something was different about that day: the street was holding an… Read more »

Indonesia to ban homosexuality and S&M with ‘offenders’ having their children taken away

A leaked draft of a new ‘Family Resilience’ law in Indonesia has revealed plans to ban homosexuality and S&M sex, with offenders to be threatened with losing custody of their children. Under the proposed law, anyone “suffering” from “sexual deviations” would be required to report themselves to rehab facilities for treatment. It defines sexual deviations… Read more »

Mumbai’s Pride Parade cancelled after anonymous message links it to CAA-NRC protest

Mumbai has been hosting the Queer Azadi March every year since 2008. The annual LGBT Pride Parade scheduled for February 1 at August Kranti Maidan was cancelled Tuesday after an anonymous message was circulated over the weekend linking it to a protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the proposed nationwide National Register of… Read more »

In Bali, LGBT businesses targeted for catering to the gay community and ‘tainting tourism’

Indonesia’s Island of the Gods has long been touted as one of Asia’s top gay destinations But even Bali is not immune from the nation’s growing anti-LGBT sentiment LGBT visitors to Bali could be forgiven for thinking that the Indonesian island is a haven of tolerance in an increasingly conservative Muslim-majority nation. “Beautiful landscapes, sandy… Read more »

In the camp world of K-pop, it’s hard for stars to be gay

On a brightly lit stage, two male K-pop stars with glowing skin and perfectly coiffed hair are nibbling either end of the same long, chocolate stick. As the stick gets smaller and smaller, they get closer and closer – and eventually a fellow K-pop idol pulls them into a kiss. In South Korea’s glitzy, highly… Read more »

PM Khan launches healthcare scheme for transgender Pakistanis

  Khan said his government was resolute in protecting the transgender population of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday launched a health scheme for the transgender community in the Muslim-majority country. The Sehat Insaf Card, which falls under the government’s Sehat Sahulat Program, is a scheme designed to improve healthcare access and provide… Read more »

LGBT rights: The film about gay love shaking up Georgia

“When I told my mother I was gay, she said I wish you were dead or had never existed at all. It’s better not to have a son than to have someone like you.” Lasha, in his early twenties, has his arm around his partner Beka’s waist. They are sitting together in a secluded park… Read more »

Tata Steel’s New Policy Allows LGBTQ Employees to Declare Partners, Avail HR Benefits

Employees will also get financial assistance for gender reassignment surgery and 30 days of special leave for the same. New Delhi: Tata Steel on Monday said that it has introduced a new human resource policy that enables its employees from the LGBTQ+ community to declare their partners and avail all the HR benefits permissible under… Read more »

LGBTQ faces discrimination in workplace, says CCHR report

The Cambodian Centre for Human Rights (CCHR) issued a report this month revealing workplace discrimination faced by members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community in Cambodia. Along with the report, the CCHR in a press release on Sunday said: “LGBTQ individuals face discrimination in accessing employment. A fifth of respondents said… Read more »

Miss Universe celebrates its first openly gay contestant

The Miss Universe beauty pageant has featured an openly gay contestant for the first time — and she hails from a country where homosexuality is criminalized. Twenty-year-old Swe Zin Htet competed as Miss Myanmar at the event on Sunday night in Atlanta, Georgia. Though she failed to advance to the top 20, fans say she… Read more »

India’s Transgender Rights Law Isn’t Worth Celebrating

India’s parliament passed a bill to protect transgender rights last week, but the new law is inadequate on several fronts. Trans activists and allied human rights groups have critiqued the various trans rights bills since the first one was introduced in 2016. In the end, lawmakers failed to consider the concerns the activists raised. As… Read more »

Transgender-rights bill angers activists

New Delhi — Last week, as the Indian Parliament passed a bill for the protection of transgender people, thousands of LGBTQ community members protested in the latest battle for gay and transgender rights in the country. The legislation prohibits discrimination and criminalizes physical abuse against the transgender community, but it has been rejected by the… Read more »

China’s LGBT community in push to legalise same-sex marriage

Hundreds of thousands have shared their love stories, written letters and made submissions to a review into Chinese civil law during Novembe Same-sex marriage is not banned in China, but it currently has no legal status Nearly 200,000 people have appealed to the Chinese authorities to recognise same-sex marriage, in a month-long push sparked by… Read more »

Japan’s Support for Gay Marriage Is Soaring. But Can It Become Law?

The country is being pulled in two directions as it experiences a “boom” in L.G.B.T. awareness but also remains committed to a sometimes inflexible traditional culture. Tokyo — Ikuo Sato stood in front of a Tokyo court in April and told the world he was gay. To a packed room, he described the anxiety he… Read more »

Japan’s Support for Gay Marriage Is Soaring. But Can It Become Law?

The country is being pulled in two directions as it experiences a “boom” in L.G.B.T. awareness but also remains committed to a sometimes inflexible traditional culture. Tokyo — Ikuo Sato stood in front of a Tokyo court in April and told the world he was gay. To a packed room, he described the anxiety he… Read more »

Islamic exorcisms used as a ‘cure’ for homosexuality in Indonesia: ‘If I am Muslim, I can’t be gay’

Jakarta, Indonesia – It was in December 2017, as anti-LGBTQ sentiment was peaking in Indonesia, when Acep Saepudin’s father decided something needed to be done about his son. He sought out a spiritual teacher in their town of Purwakarta in West Java Province and asked the ustad to give the young man an Islamic exorcism… Read more »

Myanmar government urged to scrap colonial-era law on gay sex

Myanmar one of more than 40 countries where laws introduced by British entrench discrimination against LGBT people. Yangon, Myanmar – Khin Maung Htun, a gay man in Myanmar, was standing on the street one night last year scrolling through his phone when police showed up to arrest some men who had been fighting nearby. The… Read more »

Singapore court to hear cases seeking to decriminalise gay sex

City-state has retained an old British law that criminalises gay sex, but several legal challenges hope to change that. As a Singapore court prepares to hear a series of legal challenges to a law that bans gay sex, LGBT+ activists on Tuesday called for the “right” verdict to be delivered so similar reforms can be… Read more »

Georgian far-right groups attempt to storm cinema at gay romance movie premiere

Hundreds of far-right protesters clashed with filmgoers and police at the Georgian premiere of And Then We Danced, an Oscar-nominated film that celebrates gay love. Set and filmed in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, And Then We Danced is the country’s first LGBT+ film, starring a gay dancer who is coming to terms with his sexuality. The… Read more »

Malaysia sentences five men to jail, caning and fines for gay sex

Kuala Lumpur – A Malaysian religious court sentenced five men on Thursday to jail, caning and fines for attempting gay sex, media and a rights group said. Sodomy and same-sex acts are illegal under Islamic law in Muslim-majority Malaysia, although convictions are rare. The Selangor Shariah High Court, on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital,… Read more »

‘And Then We Danced’ director responds to threat of protests in Georgia

Swedish director Levan Akin has responded to threats of protest by right-wing groups at the Georgian premiere of his film And Then We Danced on Friday, November 8. And Then We Danced is the story of a young man in the National Georgian Ensemble who is attracted to a rival male dancer. It has drawn… Read more »

Thousands join Taiwan’s 17th LGBT Pride parade

Clelbration:The first LGBT pride parade held since the legalization of same-sex marriage in May brought people to the streets of Taipei to ring in ‘year zero’ More than 200,000 people participated in the 17th Taiwan LGBT Pride parade in Taipei yesterday, celebrating what they dubbed “year zero” for marriage equality. The event’s organizers called on… Read more »

Thousands attend Taiwan’s first pride since legalisation of gay marriage

Revellers march through Taipei as same-sex equality continues to divide country Nearly 200,000 revellers have marched through Taipei in a riot of rainbow colours and celebration as Taiwan held its first pride parade since making history in Asia by legalising gay marriage. The island has long hosted the region’s largest pride marches but this year… Read more »

Gay in Georgia: „If you are Georgian, you need to be a straight man“

The current Spartacus Gay Travel Index ranks Georgia number 95 in its ranking, with an overall rating of -2. In categories such as same-sex marriage, persecution, antidiscrimination laws or transgender rights, the country only scores in a single case with a positive rating. All others are either 0 or negative. Although homosexuality has been legal… Read more »

Hong Kong Court Upholds Ban On Gay Marriage

A Hong Kong court has rejected a challenge against the city’s ban on same-sex marriage. According to CNN, Hong Kong’s Court of the First Instance handed down its ruling on Friday. The plaintiff in the case is a woman known as MK who argued that the city’s ban violated her constitutional rights. The court said… Read more »

Indonesia’s ‘gay sex ban’ is a ‘human rights disaster’ for LGBT people

A comprehensive overhaul of Indonesia’s criminal code that would effectively put a gay sex ban in place has been slammed by human rights groups. New laws being proposed will ban sex between unmarried couples and make it illegal for unmarried couples to live together. As same-sex relationships are not recognised under Indonesian law, it will… Read more »

Lesbian wedding of Pakistani-Indian couple – wearing sari and sherwani

In a lesbian wedding that showed “love has no borders”, two women – one from India, one from Pakistan – have married in a ceremony wearing traditional outfits. Bianca Maieli wore an ivory sari at her wedding to new wife Saima Ahmad, who wore a sherwani – an outfit traditionally worn by male brides in… Read more »

Field Training with Key Populations to Strengthen Advocacy Capacity – Lighthouse, Vietnam

This case study has been prepared by MPact to analyze community approaches used to increase meaningful engagement in Global Fund processes to ensure access for key populations. Being implemented in 23 countries and across 6 regions, the Global Fund (GF) technical assistance program aims to increase meaningful engagement of Key Populations communities in GF processes… Read more »

Plea For LGBT Rights In Uzbekistan Provokes Police Raid, Online Backlash

    by RFE/RL’s Uzbek Service – Margot Buff Source – Radio Free Europe

Gay Chinese find a place to be themselves on ‘Rainbow Cruise’ to Vietnam

(BL) – Workshops, talks and advice on LGBT issues are on offer during five-day return journey from Shenzhen to Da Nang With more than 1,000 gay Chinese and their families on board the ship, it’s also a place for some to come out On the deck of a cruise ship in southern China, two grey-haired… Read more »