Gay Turks & Caicos News & Reports

1 Turks & Caicos Chief Minister responds to opposition leader over gay cruise 4/05 Caribbean Net News April 8, 2005 1 Turks & Caicos Chief Minister responds to opposition leader over gay cruise by Bridgette V Newman “He who is without sin, Let him cast the first stone” these were the words echoed by… Read more »

Gay Curacao News & Reports

Also see: Caribbean Anti Violence Project 1 Curaçao launches new web site for gay travelers 1/05 2 Curaçao courts gay travelers 1/05 3 Live and let live, says the island of Curaçao 4/05 4 Becky Alter: out, professional, touring musician finds gay-friendly bar 7/07 5 Gay-friendly vibe is strong in Curacao: There is no real… Read more »

Gay Saint Vincent and the Grenadine News & Reports

1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Treatment of homosexuals 11/06 2 No decriminalisation of same-sex relationships 5/11 01 November 2006 – 7 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Treatment of homosexuals, including the availability of state protection and the attitude of the general public toward them Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Ottawa… Read more »

Gay Trinidad & Tobago News & Reports 2004-10

1 Gays in Trinidad & Tobago protection–from Abroad, Not at Home 6/04 2 Gender on Trinidad & Tobago’s Government Agenda 3/05 3 Tobago To Elton John: You’re Gay, Stay Away 3/07 4 Black lesbian has head shaved bald in barbershop 4/07 5 Gay man taunted by cops gets $28,400 7/07 6 ‘Paradise Lost’ film shows… Read more »

Gay Dominican Republic News & Reports

Also see: Gay Domincan Republic story Dominican Republic LGBT Movement–A Sociopolitical and Cultural Approach Caribbean Anti Violence Project 1 Governments in Denial as AIDS Ravages Caribbean 5/03 2 Dancing With the Devils: Carnival Time 10/05 3 Publication of book: ‘Musing under the Moon: … 6/06 4 CCNY’S Dominican Archives Wins Top Award For Excellence 10/07… Read more »

Gay Jamaica News & Reports 1999-2002

Also see:Caribbean Anti Violence Project 1 Caribbean Leaders Blast British Demands To Legalize Homosexuality 4 /99 2 Jamaican Students Beaten at Northern Caribbean University 2/01 3 Gang Violence Escalating in Jamaica 6/01 4 Assessment of Jamaica’s HIV/AIDS Surveillance System 8/01 5 Roots of Homophobia in Jamaica 6 Unchanged Laws Delay Efforts to Stop HIV/AIDS 7/02… Read more »

Gay Cuba News & Reports 1997-2002

Also see: Caribbean Anti Violence Project 1 Havana Boys: Interviews with gay men and a mother 2001 2 Book review: ‘Drag Queens and Macho Men in Cuba’ by Ian Lumsden" 10/97 3 Book Review:  ‘Machos. Maricones, and Gays–Cuba and Homosexuality’ 1/01 4 Whorehouse of the Caribbean (Con) 6/01 5 Gays Wed In Cuba (con) 6/01… Read more »

Gay Granada News & Reports

Also see: Gay Caribbean News & Reports 1 Grenada opens arms to gay cruises 12/07 2 Grenada relents on gay cruises 12/07 3 Police in Grenada accuse man of having gay sex 5/11 December 6, 2007 – Jamaica Gleaner 1 Grenada opens arms to gay cruises St. George’s, Grenada (CMC) – The Grenada Government yesterday… Read more »

Aruba Must Recognize Same-sex Marriages From Netherlands

According to a recent court ruling in the Netherlands Antilles (Court of First Instance, 17 July 2008), a same-sex couple that was married in the Netherlands and subsequently moved to the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao), has the same rights under Netherlands Antilles law (or Aruban law as the case may be) as Netherlands Antilles opposite-married couples… Read more »

The Gay Agenda Threatens To Destablize Modern Societies

…the gay conversation Last night, I finally had a chance to respond to an email I received from Dan Savage, the editor of The Stranger – wittingly described by a friend as “the alternative” paper to Seattle’s alternative newspaper [Seattle Weekly]. As readers of this blog know, he authored what I thought to be a… Read more »

Netherlands Forces Homosexual ‘Marriage’ on Aruba

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The Caribbean island state of Aruba must recognize same-sex marriages performed in the Netherlands, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled April 13, forcing legal recognition of homosexual marriages in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, as well as the Netherlands proper. The case went to the Supreme Court after a municipal official for… Read more »

Prime Minister Offers Measured Pro-Gay Response to Bigoted Church Hysteria

Islands Of The Bahamas’ Position On Gay And Lesbian Travel Nassau, The Bahamas – The Right Honorable Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Islands Of The Bahamas presented the following speech regarding The Bahamas’ position on gay and lesbian travel to the people of The Bahamas via national television. The Commonwealth supports… Read more »