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LGBTI groups and Jose Delgado reach four agreements’ after conflict

Jose Delgado, a journalist and program director “in flesh” must attend academic workshops that will address issues of sexual diversity. One of the agreements reached yesterday with the LGBTI groups of Guayaquil. The Centre City LGBTI, represented in the mediation process by Carlos Alvarez legal and Gonzalo Abarca, will be responsible for issuing these courses.… Read more »

Colombia: Gay priests ‘hired hitmen after AIDS diagnosis’

A pair of Catholic priests in Colombia reportedly hired hitmen to kill them after one was diagnosed with AIDS. The Daily Mail reports the case of Rafael Reatiga, 35, and Richard Piffano, 37, Roman Catholic priests in Bogota. When the men were discovered shot dead last year, they were thought to have been the victims… Read more »

Peru gay rights activists push for more rights in law

On 12 February 2011, the Peruvian police beat a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who were kissing in the capital’s main square to protest against discrimination. A year later, Lima’s gay movement is renaming the anniversary as Peru’s Stonewall, in reference to the riots in New York in 1969 which gave rise… Read more »

Little is known about these men who offer sex for money

Mishe in Brazil, Chapero in Spain in Peru Freight, Prepayment in Colombia, New York Muster, taxi boy in Argentina. Many are the names by which they are known, but little is known about these men who offer sex for money. “Creatures of the Night”, a film by Hernan Aguilar, delves into the lives of four… Read more »

Discrimination, policies, and sexual rights in Brazil.

Source – Instituto de Medicina Social, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Abstract This article focuses on a politics arena that has been articulated through the impact of ideals of sexual rights on Brazilian sexual politics, namely the affirmation of “LGBT rights”. These rights have been constructed both through attempts to extend… Read more »

Sao Paulo Metro launches campaign to combat homophobia

The Brazilian State of São Paulo in partnership with the São Paulo City Metro (Underground) launched yesterday a campaign to combat homophobia entitled: “See beyond prejudice. Respect differences.” Its objective is to increase respect towards, and decrease discrimination against, LGBT people living in South America’s most populous city. The first stage of the project aims… Read more »

Ecuador’s new lesbian health minister to close ‘gay cure clinics’

The appointment of a lesbian politician as Ecuador’s new health minister has caused a stir this week, as she announced a campaign to shut down religious ‘lesbian cure’ clinics. Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, announced the appointment of Carina Vance Mafla, who is openly gay, as the newest member of his cabinet. The American-born activist hit… Read more »

Festival kicks off 4th Patagonian Festival of Sexual Diversity

El Bolson (Télam) – Families and young people living in Patagonia, as well as domestic and foreign tourists of all ages took part Thursday in the opening quarter of the Patagonian Festival for Sexual Diversity. The festival, which runs until Saturday morning, the entity was organized by the South Open and sponsored by the National… Read more »

National consultations on scrapping gay laws delayed; SASOD calls it “inexcusable”

Guyana’s two-year old delay in holding national consultations on the decriminalizing of homosexuality is being labeled “inexcusable” by a gay advocacy group. And with time already running out for the next United Nations review, government is yet to say exactly when this work will begin. Scrapping British colonial laws was also one of the agenda… Read more »

Underage Gays and Trans Sell Sex in the Streets of Guayaquil

Guayaquil – A group of underage kids, looking like a childish, are the new “owners” of some streets in downtown Guayaquil, such as May Day, in which prostitutes. In the evenings and early mornings, the place is full of “clients” which are usually adult men looking to satisfy their sexual whims. Predator prey on the… Read more »

SASOD’s war on discrimination far from over

says lack of relevant laws stymieing anti- discrimination efforts The lack of laws to protect homosexuals here proves a deterrent in the fight against discrimination, according to co-founder of the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) Vidyaratha Kissoon. He told Guyana Times that while his organisation continues to work to eradicate discrimination against homosexuals, it… Read more »

Alagoas formalizes the Working Group to Combat Homophobia

Alagoas (a federal district in northeast Brazil) has now officially a Working Group to Combat Homophobia. The resolution was signed on Friday (23) by the Secretaries of Defense Social Security (DES), Darius Caesar, and Women, Citizenship and Human Rights, Katia Born, during a meeting with representatives of groups LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestites and Transsexuals).… Read more »

Public policy must include gender identity – Kissoon

The Society against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) is urging a comprehensive review of a broad range of policy statements and is calling for the development of clear guidelines of policies in the public sector. Social rights activist, Vidyaratha Kissoon, who spoke on behalf of the society, said the education policy has shown signs of discriminatory… Read more »

Argentina – Gender Identity Law (English translation)

Gender Identity Law – Buenos Aires, November 30th. Article 1 – Right to gender identity. All persons have the right, a) To the recognition of their gender identity; b) To the free development of their person according to their gender identity; c) To be treated according to their gender identity and, particularly, to be identified… Read more »

Brazil: Anti-Homophobia Bill Suffers a “Death Blow”

Brazilian lawyer Thiago Fiago comments on the recent changes to the complementary bill PLC122, which originally intended to criminalize homophobia. Fiago says the proposed bill has suffered a “death blow” and criticizes the role of religion, and particularly evangelical representatives, in the parliament. We see the years of dedication Brazilian LGBT Advocacy rightly being negotiated… Read more »

Off2Colombia Releases Video of Bogotá Gay Pride…

… and Claims Bogotá Could be the Next Gay Capital of the World (PRWEB) – Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, is quickly getting rediscovered as one of the most vibrant, culturally rich capital cities in South America. What is less talked about, however, is its rapidly emerging Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, which is strongly… Read more »

Argentine Chamber of Deputies approves Gender Identity Law

Last night, Argentina took one step closer in becoming the first country in Latin America to legally recognize transgender people’s right to their gender identity. During the last regular session of the year, the Argentine Chamber of Deputies approved the “Gender Identity Law” by a vote of 167-17 (with 7 abstentions). “We can’t believe that… Read more »

AIDS Among Young MSM Makes Progress

15 to 24 years in the sights of the Ministry of Health to control the spread of AIDS in the country. Last year alone, 9.5 Brazilians in this age group in every 100 thousand inhabitants, manifested symptoms of the disease. The proportion that may mistakenly seem minimal to the layman, leaving authorities on alert. In… Read more »

Gay Uruguay News & Report 2011

1 Gay Marriage Law Proposed In Uruguay 4/11 2 The Gay Scene in Uruguay 6/11 3 A View from Montevideo 10/11 April 09, 2011 – On Top Magazine 1 Gay Marriage Law Proposed In Uruguay by On Top Magazine Staff A bill that would legalize marriage between two members of the same sex is expected… Read more »

Gay Columbia News & Reports 2011

Gay Columbia web sites: Quia Gay Colombia Poor Bu Hhappy Miss Colombia Gay Medellin August 19, 2005 Comment from Lonely Planet Thorn Tree LGBT web site: Bogota is a big gay town. There are many clubs, bars, bathhouses. Most of the action is located in the Chapinero district (some people refer to it as Chapigay).… Read more »

Gay Argentina News & Reports 2011

    1 Gay Marriage In A Small Argentine Town 2/11 2 Inauguran Centro de Alfabetización para Trans en Tucuman 2/11 (Literacy Center for Trans People Opens in Tucuman, Argentina) 3 30 noches, 30 camas 2/11 (Documentary Film on Intimacy and Sexual Diversity) 4 Hunger Strike by Trans in the Ezeiza Federal Jail 3/11 5… Read more »

Gay Guyana News & Reports 2011

1 Gay Bashing in Georgetown Guyana 1/11 2 Gov’t against sexual discrimination, But…3/11 3 Guyana keeps gay sex ban, opposes discrimination 3/11 4 Homosexuals… Dirty Words… and Me 6/11 5 Guyana gets it right criminalising HIV will not work! 9/11 6 Youth rises above rape, HIV+ status to become rights advocate 9/11 7 First hand… Read more »

Gay Chile News & Reports 2011

1 2012 Census Questions Include Sexual Diversity 1/11 2 Lesbian judge in Chile fights for new US laws 4/11 3 Chilean president seeks ‘regulation and protection’ for gay couples 5/11 4 First Time a Chilean Deputy in Congress Defends Homophobia 6/11 4a The Pride of Santiago 7/11 5 Chilean President Agrees to Recognize Gay Couples… Read more »

Gay Peru News & Reports 2011

1 Peruvian Action Alert 1/11 2 In Peru, LGBT mark twelfth anti-hate, anti-violence day 6/11 3 Lima, Peru Mayor Susana Villaran Helms Gay Pride March 7/11 4 Perform Actions on Behalf of LGBT Anti-discrimination Ordinance 8/11 5 In Prison, a Little Health Care Goes a Long Way 10/11 January 2011 – IGLHRC 1 Peruvian Action… Read more »

Gay Brazil News & Reports 2011

1 Brazil OKs in vitro fertilization for gay couples 1/11 2 In Brazil, in one year, 250 LGBT murdered: a "homocausto" 1/11 3 Six transvestites receive literary prize from Ministry of Health, Sao Paulo 1/11 4 ‘River Without Homophobia’ Launches Booklet on Rights of Trans People 1/11 5 Brazilian Law Society’s 1st National Congress on… Read more »

Gay Argentina News & Reports 2008-10

1 Argentine gay couple defies country’s civil union ban, braces for legal battle 1/08 2 Argentine couple seeks recognition of Spanish marriage 2/08 3 Widowed gays win rights in Argentina 8/08 4 Argentina: Ban on gay soldiers is lifted, effective today 2/09 5 TV AD in Argentina 9/09 6 Argentine Congress considers same-sex marriage 10/09… Read more »

Gay Argentina News & Reports 2000-07

1 Buenos Aires Legalizes Same-Sex Unions 12/02 2 Gay ex-priest-turned-model pens life story 4/03 3 Argentina: Gay rights landmark 3/03 4 Buenos Aires softens legal opposition against homosexual couples 7/03 5 Wary of past abuses, Argentine capital approves gay rights 7/03 6 Argentine Gays Legalize Union, 1st in Latin America 7/03 7 Using New Law,… Read more »

Gay Brazil News & Reports 2008-10

1 Baby taken away from Brazilian gay couple 1/08 2 Rio’s governor requests civil union rights for homosexual couples 3/08 3 Brazil opens condom factory to help preserve the Amazon rain forest 4/08 4 Brazil takes movie inspiration for condom campaign 4/08 5 Brazil launches hot site for gay travellers 5/08 6 Brazillian Prez Supports… Read more »

Gay Guyana News & Reports 2001-10

1 Sexual orientation bill going back to perliament 1/01 2 Guyana debates gay rights bill groups advocate calm discussions 7/03 3 Shooting at gay wedding in Guyana injures one 3/04 4 Foreigners should not have to tell us about unacceptable behaviour 6/08 5 Male cross-dressers convicted 2/09 6 Human rights organisations call for end to… Read more »

Gay Venezuela News & Reports

0 Gay Politics in Venezuela 11/05 1 Venezuela: Struggling for gay and lesbian rights 11/05 1a Struggling for Gay and Lesbian Rights in Venezuela 12/05 2 Yhajaira Marcano Bravo, Venezuelan Trans Activist flees the country 5/06 3 Commentary from a reader regarding Venezuela 4/06 4 Venezuela May Lower Voting Age, Add Gay Rights in… Read more »

Gay Brazil News & Reports 2000-03

1 Brazil Grants Some Legal Recognition to Same-Sex Couples 6/00 2 Suspect for Letter Bomb to Gay Organization 2/01 3 Brazil gay activists lobby for same-sex unions 5/01 4 Some 200,000 expected for Brazilian gay parade 6/01 5 Brazilian gays lose hope for same-sex union bill 7/01 6 Pelotas Journal: Of Gays and Gauchos 8/01… Read more »

Gay Peru News & Reports 2000-10

Also see: Peru organization for promotion of Human Sexual Rights: 1 Inca flag and gay pride clash in Peruvian Andes 8/00 2 Peruvians march in first gay pride parade 7/02 3 Catholic University in Peru angers students 9/03 4 Peru prime minister fired over rumors 12/03 4a Peru OKs gay sex in the military… Read more »

Gay Brazil News & Reports 2004-07

1 Gays in Brazilian State Quietly Tie Knot 5/04 2 In Brazil: Prejudice Out at school 6/04 3 Hundreds of thousands turn out for gay pride parades 6/04 4 Brazil’s homosexuals slam ‘insulting’ bill 7/04 5 Brazil: Organizing for Gay Rights in Salvador da Bahia city Nov/Dec 2004 6 Gay Rio de Janeiro: The New… Read more »

Ecuador News & Reports

1 Evangelicals attack Ecuador’s protection of sexual minorities 3/08 2 President Correa falls into political trap 4/08 3 Ecuador: Kidnapping, torture, confinement at ex-gay therapy centers 5/08 4 Catholic Church Blasts Ecuador’s New Gay-Positive Constitution 7/08 5 President Rafael Correa vows to fight homophobia in wake of NYC murder 12/08 6 Baxter Labs Accused of… Read more »

Gay Uruguay News & Report 2000-10

1 Gays March in Uruguay 9/00 1a Prez Disses Gays 2/01 1b A Very Out Lesbian: Uruguayan Lesbian Activist Diana Mines 5/01 2 International LGBT Latino/a Conference: Activists Re-Charge Energy 11/02 3 Uruguay: South America’s hot new gay getaway 1/05 4 Uruguay to pass gay union law 9/06 5 First Hurdle for LGBT Rights Passed… Read more »

Gay Paraguay News & Reports

1 Being an American homosexual in Paraguay 10/86 2 Protest Abduction and Violence Against Lesbian 5/10 3 Argentine Neighbors Uruguay, Paraguay To Debate Gay Marriage 7/10 4 Dueling Gay Marriage Rallies Held In Paraguay 10/10 5 Activists In Paraguay Optimistic About Upcoming Gay Marriage Debate 10/10 6 Organizaciones LGBT de Paraguay exigieron justicia para los… Read more »

Gay Chile News & Reports 2003-10

1 Bill to support same-sex couples advances in Chile 6/03 2 Judge scandal is step back for homosexuals in Chile 11/03 3 Anti-AIDS commercials in Chile spark media backlash 12/03 4 Ruling forces gay parents to choose between closet, parenting rights 7/04 5 September 14-17: 3rd Regional Conference 8/04 6 Chiles’s Supreme Court Accused of… Read more »

Gay Bolivia News & Reports

1 Lesbian Actresses Arrested For Naked Soap 12/02 2 Reflections of a Gay Seminarian following his visit to Bolivia 3/05 3 La Familia Galan, Bolivia’s leading troupe of drag queens–a photo essay 2005 4 Some Comments from a Native about Gay Bolivia 7/06 5 I Am Rich Potosi 11/06 (Non gay background book) 5a Gay… Read more »

Gay South America News & Reports (All South America)

1 Sources of Homophobia in Latin America 07 2 HIV prevention hampered by homophobia 1/09 3 LGBT Rights Movement: Progress and Visibility Breed Backlash 6/09 4 Report: Inequalities Fueling AIDS Pandemic In Latin America 11/09 5 Coalition Of LGBTTTI…Supports The Approval Of…Human Rights, Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity 6/10 6 Commentary: Stop discrimination against Blacks… Read more »

Gay Colombia News & Reports 2001-10

Gay Columbia web sites: Quia Gay Colombia Poor Bu Hhappy Miss Colombia Gay Medellin Most of the LGBT clubs and bars in Bogotá are in the Chapinero area, including the only LGBT Community Center in the country, which opened in September 2006, and is sponsored by the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá. Best clubs:… Read more »