Gay Ivory Coast News & Reports

Useful Website for LGBT Africa 1 Shadows and Eye-Shadow 9/98 2 Ivorian gay community fights for right to life and love 9/06 3 United Nations Human Right Council 13th Session 3/10 4 Jimmy Leon Interviews Carlos 12/10 5 Ivory Coast president refuses to ‘abdicate’ 12/10 (non gay background story) Website for LGBT organization ‘Arc en… Read more »

Mauritania News and Reports

Also see: More About Coup 0 The situation of homosexuals, including treatment by government authorities 1/04 1 Status of homosexuality: illegal 1/05 1a Mauritania: Fight against AIDS slow to take root in port city of Nouadhibou 4/05 2 AIDS "caravan of hope" travels river valley to break taboos 5/05 3 Mauritanian government, NGOs discuss human… Read more »

Gay South Africa News & Reports 2000-02

1 Military Mutilation: Another Victim Steps Forward 8/00 2 Tukkies Was Warned Of Levin’s Experiments 8/00 3 Gay Cultures in Capetown, South Africa 8/00 4 Gay judge fights for human rights in South Africa 11/00 5 Faiths unite to fight gay invasion of Cape Town 3/01 6 Drag queens to march on church 9/01 7… Read more »

Gay Algeria News & Reports

Also See: Islam and Homosexuality on Unspeakable Love by Brian Whittaker Gay Travels in the Muslim World by Michael Luongo Islam and Homosexuality by Samar Habib Film about French -Algerian student Film ‘Wild Reeds’ about gay-theme French-Algerian love Gay and Lesbian Arabs website Gay and Lesbian Arab Society-Ahbab 1 Algerian imams join in the… Read more »

Gay Malawi News & Reports 2005-09

0 Malawi rejects ‘pro-gay’ bishop 2/05 0a CEDEP advocates for homosexuality 1/07 0b Homosexuality exists in Malawi prisons 4/07 0c CEDEP presents research findings on HIV 7/08 0d Malawi MSM survey reveals very high HIV acquisition 8/08 1 Malawian gays form association 8/08 2 Malawi Gay Rights Movement to promote female condoms 8/08 3 Free… Read more »

Gay Sierra Leone News & Reports

1 Sierra Leone activist Fannyann Eddy killed 11/04 2 Sierra Leone activist FannyAnn Eddy’s killer caught 1/05 3 Police say no hate crime in gay activist murder 1/05 4 Alleged Fannyann Eddy Murderer Reportedly Escapes Police in Sierra Leone 7/05 4a Protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender 10/07 5 African lesbian conference… Read more »

Sudan and South Sudan News & Reports 2004-11

1 The rape of slave boys in Sudan 6/04 2 A Sudanese gay man tells what life is like in Arab Africa 10/04 3 homosexuality In Sudan’s Nubian and Cushite societies 3/05 4 “I tell people I have HIV so they can know it’s real” 12/07 5 Gay Africans and Arabs come out online 2/08… Read more »

Gay Tunisia News & Reports 2006-10

Links & Comments: Wikipedia: Article 230 of the Penal Code of 1913 (largely modified in 1964) decrees imprisonment of up to three years for sodomy between consenting adults…The Tunisian government tightly censors the internet and in addition to blocking sites containing political opposition; Tunisia also filters pornography and gay-related content. Gay Tunisia forum Gay Tunisian… Read more »

Gay Madagascar News & Reports

Also see: 1 The Mysterious Fiancée Halfway across the World 2/09 2 The number of people infected with HIV / AIDS is increasing 10/11 February 18, 2009 – 1 The Mysterious Fiancée Halfway across the World by Michael Foster, RPCV Madagascar As any PCV or RPCV will tell you, it is completely fascinating… Read more »

Gay Cape Verde News & Reports

  1 – In a World on the Move, a Tiny Land Strains to Cope – An Identity Linked to Migration 2 – Islands of Sexuality: Theories and Histories of Creolization in Cape Verde   1 – In a World on the Move, a Tiny Land Strains to Cope – An Identity Linked to Migration… Read more »

Gay Mauritius News & Reports

Also see: Behind the Mask LGBT African website 1 Hundreds of gays and lesbians in Mauritius stage the first gay rights march 6/06 2 Mauritian gay people seek legal protection 7/06 3 Sodomy Halts Debates on Sexual Offences Bill 4/07 4 Battle over sexual offences bill in Mauritius 5/07 5 Mauritius: A critical evaluation of… Read more »

Gay Togo News & Reports

1 Men in the Middle: Reaching Non-Gay Identified MSM in Togo 3/09 March 18, 2009 – PSI BCC Blog 1 Men in the Middle: Reaching Non-Gay Identified MSM in Togo A growing body of evidence around men who have sex with men (MSM) in Africa suggests that this long-ignored population is not only present, but… Read more »

Democratic Republic of the Congo News & Reports

Useful website for LGBT Africa: 1 U.N. Forces Using Tougher Tactics to Secure Peace 5/05 2 "Sexual and reproductive rights are human rights"8/08 3 Uganda: You are Worth Nothing 6/09 4 Symbol of Unhealed Congo: Male Rape Victims 8/09 5 DRC Still Hostile To Homosexuality 10/09 6 Criminalising homosexuality in the DRC 11/10 7… Read more »

Gay Eritrea News & Reports

Useful website for LGBT Africa: Also see: More information about Islam & Homosexuality can be found at: Other articles of interest can be found at: Queer Muslim magazine: Huriyah Gay Islam discussion groups: 1 Eritrea: Asmara Military Police arrested 6 gay men in October 11/03 November… Read more »

Gay Tanzania News & Reports

Also see: Behind the Mask 0 A Gay Muslim Marriage in Tanzania 1 Anti-Gay Protest Targets Gay Tourists 3/03 2 Hundreds protest cancelled visit of gay tourists 3/03 3 Tanzania Implements HIV Prevention Measures as World Marks AIDS Day 11/07 4 Dar man gets life imprisonment for carnal knowledge 2/08 5 African lesbian conference… Read more »

Gay Uganda News & Reports 2002-2006

Also see: Behind the Mask LGBT African website S.M.U.G. Uganda’s Gay Lesbian Alliance Uganda Blogspot Gay Kampala personals GalaUganda 1 An ignorant homophobic article about the fledgling gay organization GALA 8/02 2 Uganda pan-africanists rap gay sympathizers 7/03 3 Reject Homosexuals and Lesbians, Uganda Anglican Church Urges 8/03 4 New political party for gay Ugandans?… Read more »

Gay Egypt News & Reports 2001-02

Also See: Islam and Homosexuality Useful website for LGBT Africa: Important Report: In a Time of Torture: The Assault on Justice In Egypt’s Crackdown on Homosexual Conduct 3/04 by Scott Long, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Project at Human Rights Watch 0 Recent documentarty films 1 ‘Gay rights’ protest as… Read more »

Gay Ghana News & Reports 2000-06

Useful websites for LGBT Africa: Gay Ghana web site: Personals web site with many Ghana postings: 1 A peek into the gay Ghanaian closet 7/03 2 Rule: Gays be silent: Discrimination is alive and well south of the Sahara 11/03 3 Ghana–ready for gay rights? 5/04 4 Interactive theatre exposes attitudes in… Read more »

Gay West Africa News & Reports

1 Grist for the Mill–Homosexuality: The Gatekeepers 5/98 2 Long Road Home 12/02 The Hungry Soul Magazine (On-line) July 1998 1 Grist for the Mill–Homosexuality: The Gatekeepers by Sobonfu E. Somé The west African author and teacher Sobonfu E. Somé, whose work has influenced numerous western luminaries, including Alice Walker, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Robert Bly,… Read more »

Gay Zimbabwe News & Reports 1998-2007

Also see: Behind the Mask LGBT African website Gay Rights and History from Wikipedia Reports: Part 1 Gay bashing in Zimbabwe (1996); Part 2 Gay bashing in Zimbabwe (1996) Gay Oral History Project in Zimbabwe: Black Empowerment, Human Rights, and the Research Process (1999) Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) 1 Zimbabwe’s gays live in… Read more »

Gay Libya News and Reports

Also see: Islam and Homosexuality Behind the Mask LGBT African website    More information about Islam & Homosexuality can be found at: Other articles of interest can be found at: Queer Muslim magazine: Huriyah Gay Islam discussion groups: 1 Gadhafi: ‘Straights’ don’t get AIDS 7/03 2 Human… Read more »

Gay Zambia News & Reports

Also see: Behind the Mask LGBT African website 1a In Zambia , Breaking Rocks for Meager Existence 8/96 (non-gay background story) 1 Zambians Drop Ties with USA Episcopal Church Over Gay Bishop 12/03 2 AIDS Now Compels Africa to Challenge Widows’ ‘Cleansing’ 5/05 2a Prison sex abuse slammer 5/07 2b New Study of MSM to… Read more »

Gay Gambia News & Reports

Useful website for LGBT Africa: Behind the Mask Gambia information: Gambia News (general): 1 The Gambia: Bumster Trouble 10/02 2 Homosexuals and HIV/Aids 12/02 3 Maryland gay man fights deportation to Gambia 8/04 4 In Gambia, AIDS cure or false hope? 3/07 5 How is it to be gay in Gambia now? 6… Read more »

Gay Kenya News & Reports 2007-08

Also see: Behind the Mask LGBT African website ‘7 Years’: film about gays in Kenya (2007) 1 One step forward, two steps back for Africa’s gay people 2/07 2 Homosexuals come out in Kenya 4/07 3 Human Rights Commissioner Confronts Homophobic Statements 7/07 4 Behind the gay issue 9/07 5 Gay bishop move rejected by… Read more »

Gay Niger News & Reports

Official name: Republic of Niger Capital: Niamey Head of state: President Mamadou Tandja (previous president assassinated in 1999) Population: 11,665,937 Independence: from France in 1958 Languages: French (official), Hausa, Djerma Religion: Muslim 80%, remainder indigenous beliefs and Christians Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XOF) Website for LGBT Africa: Behind the Mask 1 Between hope and… Read more »

Gay Kenya News & Reports 1998-2006

Also see: Behind the Mask LGBT African website ‘7 Years’: film about gays in Kenya (2007) 1 Homosexuality takes root in Kenya 6/98 2 The "Myth" of Homosexuality in Kenya Society 6/98 3 Homosexuality and Aids: A double-edged sword by Wanjira Kiama 6/98 4 AIDS in Kenya: Where Are Kenya’s Homosexuals? 8/98 5 Kenya’s President… Read more »

Time for Lesbians

They no longer hesitate to walk the streets, frequenting bars and other parts “hot” in the capital. And even kissing in public. Morals are they changing? It’s the least we can say. After the girls, fans of alcohol, here come the hour of lesbians. In the old days Malian women were ashamed to display their… Read more »

The Killing Disease

Editor’s note: Swaziland has the highest HIV infection rate in the world. Life expectancy there has fallen from 55 to 29 since AIDS first appeared. Peace Corps has had a strong presence in Swaziland for many years. Almost all volunteers there are involved in some form of education or community development that involves AIDS prevention,… Read more »

South Sudan Anglican Church rejects tribalism and homosexuality

Rumbek — The Anglican Church of Sudan said preferring to establish its own hierarchy in the country in a manner to mark its distance from other reformist churches for tribalism and their practices of homosexuality and abortion. The Archbishop of Anglican Church of Sudan, in South Sudan Rt. Rev most Archbishop Abraham Mayom Athiaan told… Read more »

Mauritius Holds First Gay Pride

Activists on the tiny island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa staged the nation’s first Gay Pride parade over the weekend in the town of Rose Hill. Carrying hundreds of brightly colored balloons and waving banners saying “Viva sexual freedom!” and “To be gay is not a crime,”… Read more »

Oil and Tourism Threaten to Treble Rate of HIV Infection in Five Years

Sao Tome – The HIV prevalence rate in Sao Tome and Principe could treble over the next five years as tourism and the development of offshore oil bring thousands of people flooding into the remote island state in the Gulf of Guinea, a prominent local AIDS campaigner has warned. Antonio Amado Vaz, executive director of… Read more »

Book review: Kendall, K. (1997) “Looking for Lesbians in Lesotho” Scottsville: University of Natal Drama Department

…The women in northern Mozambique and Lesotho are examples of same-sex relationships and sexualities located outside of the “heterosexual norms in Africa.” These relationships were socially and culturally accepted in Mozambique, and were celebrated by women and their husbands in the Lesotho context, maybe because they existed alongside women’s heterosexual relationships and were not disruptive… Read more »

Eritrea expels three hotel employees for ’immorality’

Asmara,(AFP) — Three Western employees working at a luxury hotel in Asmara were expelled from Eritrea last week over “a question of immorality,” Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu Ahmed said Friday. The three employees were expelled and left the country last week because “they exercised immoral activities, which invade our tradition and culture,” Ahmed told… Read more »

In a Time of Torture

The Assault on Justice in Egypt’s Crackdown on Homosexual Conduct I used to think being gay was just part of my life and now I know it means dark cells and beatings. It is very, very difficult to be gay in Egypt. I’ll tell you something. Some things that happen in your life you can… Read more »

Your Basic Little Paradise

Sao Tome and Principe is a tiny two island African nation, near the equator, off the coast of Equatorial Guinea. Luis has lived and worked there for several years and finds that the ‘live and let live’ attitude of the country means that while there are no facilities for gay people, there is little to… Read more »