Macedonia Gay Rights Record ‘Worst in Balkans’

Macedonia least respects the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community, of all the countries in the Balkans, an international watchdog says. Macedonia’s gay rights record has been slated by an international LGBT rights group. An updated annual report, “Rainbow Europe Index 2011,” by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association,… Read more »

European Parliament denounces Russian ‘gay propaganda’ laws

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the upcoming presidential election in Russia today clearly denouncing the regional laws which ban ‘gay propaganda’ around minors. The St Petersburg city legislature approved the ‘gay propaganda’ bill 31 to 6 in a delayed second reading last week and reportedly increased fines for those convicted under it tenfold.… Read more »

‘I Made a Film for Homophobes’

Spiegel Online: Mr. Dragojevic, you’ve indicated that making this film was your civic responsibility. What do you mean by that? Dragojevic: I know that sounds somewhat ostentatious. I firmly believe that art can change people’s attitudes. For this reason I make films for the so-called man on the street. Many filmmakers, especially in the big… Read more »

Lithuanian Fined for Anti-gay Comment on Facebook

A 37-year-old man from Vilnius has been ordered in court to pay a fine of 450 euros (1560 Lithuanian litas) for a comment he posted under an article on Facebook about the world-famous singer Lady Gaga’s criticism of the Lithuanian Government, informs. According to , the First District Court of Vilnius City judged… Read more »

Video: Italian gay marriage film shows unequal laws

An Italian marriage equality video shows the preparations for a gay couple’s wedding as a reminder that the country provides no legal recognitions for same-sex relationships. The film was made by Secret Wood Team with the support of Arcigay, who campaign for equality between individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Although homosexuality… Read more »

Oslo Declaration on HIV Criminalization

Oslo, Norway – A growing body of evidence suggests that the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, potential exposure and non-intentional transmission is doing more harm than good in terms of its impact on public health and human rights. A better alternative to the use of the criminal law are measures that create an environment that enables… Read more »

From Diyarbakir with love: Kurdish, gay and proud

Kurds rarely make it onto the international media – and that’s even more so for Kurdish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, yet they do exist have many stories to tell. So we travelled to the city of Diyarbakir in Eastern Turkey (or North Kurdistan), the centre of the Kurdish culture in the region. Here… Read more »

Turkey: Film “Zenne Dancer” Examines Risks of Disclosing Sexual Identity

A critically acclaimed film in Turkey about the murder of a gay man by his father is prompting Turkish society, once again, to examine its tolerance of differences [6]. Zenne Dancer is inspired by the story of 26-year-old university student Ahmet Yildiz, who was gunned down in Istanbul in 2008 in what has often been… Read more »

No posthumous pardon for Alan Turing; gay computing pioneer still a criminal

An online petition signed by over 23,000 people which called on the UK government to grant a posthumous pardon to Alan Turing has been rejected. “A posthumous pardon was not considered appropriate as Alan Turing was properly convicted of what at the time was a criminal offence,” the BBC reported Justice Minister Lord McNally as… Read more »

Malta considers hate crimes after bus attack on lesbians

An off-duty Maltese bus driver has been charged after physically attacking two lesbian fellow passengers, reportedly for kissing. The incident comes amid public discussion on the island over the introduction of hate crime laws to protect gay and transgender citizens. Driver Marco Borg, 43, was charged on Saturday with causing injury and disrupting public order.… Read more »

Scottish opposition leaders back equal marriage

The leaders of Scotland’s four opposition parties pledged their support for equal marriage rights for gay couples yesterday. The heads of the Scottish Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green parties backed the Equal Marriage Pledge, which aims to lift the ban on gay marriage and straight civil partnerships in Scotland. Johann Lamont MSP, Ruth Davidson… Read more »

Lithuanian who called for ‘another Hitler’ to tackle gays fined

A furniture-maker in Lithuania has been ordered to pay a fine of £375 after calling on Facebook for “another Hitler” to kill gays. The Lithuania Gay League reports that the man, 37, was handed down a fine of 1560 Lithuanian litas after they alerted authorities to his post. He had commented under an article on… Read more »

MEPs condemn gay arrests in Northern Cyprus

A Conservative MEP has condemned arrests made in Northern Cyprus for “unnatural intercourse” after the self-declared state’s leader told her he had drafted a repeal of the law. Marina Yannakoudakis, who represents London in Strasbourg, called for an immediate moratorium on arrests today. Her concern was echoed by the European Parliament’s Intergroup on LGBT rights… Read more »

Why is Lithuania set to punish the ‘public promotion of homosexual relations’?

In 2010, citing “security”, Lithuanian authorities attempted to prevent a Gay Pride march in Vilnius. This march nevertheless went ahead and history was made. The Pride march was the first since Lithuania’s legalisation of homosexuality in 1993. Sadly – predictably – it was also disrupted by homophobes, despite a heavy police presence on the streets,… Read more »

184 MEPs support gay rights manifesto

184 MEPs, including the President of the European Parliament came together this week to sign a pledge in support of LGBT rights, following a two-day long awareness event. Martin Schulz MEP, president of the European Parliament, along with dozens of MEPs gathered over Tuesday and Wednesday to show support for LGBT rights, at an event… Read more »

Reykjavik prepares for February gay festival

Iceland’s capital city is inviting gay people from around the world to attend its International LGBT Festival from 16-19 February. The Rainbow Reykjavik Event Team along with tour operators Pink Iceland and Reykjavik Excursions, have put together a programme of events and tours. Audur Halldorsdottir from Visit Reykjavik said: “We are really excited about hosting… Read more »

A gay film reveals Turkey at a crossroads

Istanbul – Sexuality and homophobia in modern-day Turkey are brought to the fore in ZENNE Dancer, a new film directed by Caner Alper and Mehmet Binay which premiered today in Istanbul. Drawing inspiration from the 2008 murder of Ahmet Yildiz, the film shows Turkey at a crossroads between progressive and conservative trends. A close friend… Read more »

MSM is now the ‘cornerstone’ of HIV prevention strategies

The high proportion of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men (MSM) was now so high that measures directed at this group was now the cornerstone of HIV prevention strategies in Europe, according to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC). The Centre’s Director Dr Darina O’Flanagan said the highest proportion of new… Read more »

Vienna’s Got Balls

The traditional waltz makes way for a vibrant and decidedly modern new dance party. My first visit to Vienna was under less than ideal circumstances. It was 1995, and after studying at a summer program at Cambridge University in England, my friend with whom I was going to backpack around Europe cut his stay short… Read more »

Muslims posted ‘nasty and frightening’ anti-gay leaflets demanding homosexuals ‘turn or burn’

Five Muslim men distributed “threatening, frightening and nasty” leaflets depicting gay men being executed in an attempt to encourage hatred against homosexuals, a court has heard. The men posted leaflets, with titles including “Turn or Burn”, “God abhors you” and “The Death Penalty?”, through doors and handed them out at a mosque, calling for the… Read more »

Gay activists gather for anti-fascist march with pink triangles

Leaders’ Association of the Rainbow “counting on that gays and lesbians come out to anti-fascist rally in Moscow on 19 January 2012. It was organized for the second year in a row speaks committee “January 19”. This year’s day in January will be held for three years after the murder in Moscow of lawyer Stanislav… Read more »

Discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in health care, education, employment and social security in the russian federation

Table of Contents Executive Summary ………………………………………………………………………………….. 3 Key Terms ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 4 General prohibition of discrimination – art. 2, para. 2, of the ICESCR …………………. 5 Right to work – art. 6 of the ICESCR ……………………………………………………………… 9 Right to social security – art. 9 of the ICESCR ……………………………………………….. 11 Protection of the family, motherhood and childhood… Read more »

High Court of Appeals rules against homophobic journalism!

Turkey’s High Court of Appeals has ordered the Turkish daily paper Yeni Akit to pay compensation for insulting LGBT people in a headline it printed in 2008, according to a report published by Hürriyet. Yeni Akit printed an article titled “Üskül prefers perverts,” regarding Zafer Üskül, the then head of Turkish Parliamentary Human Rights Commission… Read more »

PinkNews to celebrate 25 January as Peter Tatchell Day – legendary campaigner turns 60

To mark the 60th birthday of our most iconic human rights campaigner, will be naming Wednesday 25 January Peter Tatchell Day. To celebrate the day, we will look back at the enormous contribution Peter Tatchell has made to the fight for equal gay rights and human rights in general across the UK and abroad… Read more »

First belarusian video about equality and love

We are glad to introduce the first Belarusian short video about taboo love, about same-sex love and above different fillings. In a three-minute video you can see story of two couples. Narrative showing that love applies to all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, age, race, nationality. In this clip affected the issue of human… Read more »

Update on LGBT issues in Russia

It’s been a busy month.  The fine folks at the Russian LGBT-network have put together a handy guide to existing and proposed laws banning homosexual “propaganda” in front of minors, a scary bit of legislative homophobia that could make any public statement of same-sex attraction a punishable act.  The guide is useful and comprehensive; unfortunately… Read more »

New Hungarian constitution comes into effect with same-sex marriage ban

Hungary’s new constitution, which bans gay marriage and does not explicitly protect gay people from discrimination, has come into force amid public unrest. The constitution was enacted 262-44 in April of last year, with 80 members of parliament boycotting the drafting and voting process, and took effect on 1 January 2012. The document specifically restricts… Read more »

Anti-gay Hungary constitution becomes law

New anti-LGBT constitution and laws in Hungary come into force – activists join protests LGBT activists in Hungary have protested together with opposition parties against the new constitution that restricts marriage to heterosexuals and fails to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The constitution came into force on 1 January. Meanwhile a new Family… Read more »

Poll claims only 4% of Lithuanians support same-sex civil unions

Market research company RIAT found markedly lower support for gay civil partnerships than in the pastMarket research company RIAT found markedly lower support for gay civil partnerships than in the past A poll by Lithuanian market research company RIAT claims only 4% of the country supports the introduction of civil partnerships for gay couples. The… Read more »

Russia’s Gay Revolution, As Seen by An American Abroad

For an American living in Russia, many things are funny. The laughter never stops, really. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually only here to collect amusing stories that I can tell at cocktail parties to impress girls. I like to think of it as an investment for the future. Among these delights are watching straight… Read more »

Gay Irish teachers lead double lives

Being honest about their relationships can get them fired in a nation in which the Catholic church still wields power Schools in Ireland can be hostile places for gay people, particularly the staff rooms. Gay, lesbian or bisexual teachers in schools, still dominated by the Catholic church, risk discrimination or even the sack if they… Read more »

Spain’s Jose Zapatero Says He’s Proudest Of Gay Marriage On His Way Out

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Spain’s former prime minister, says passing a gay marriage law is his proudest achievement. Mariano Rajoy and his conservative Popular Party (PP) won control of Parliament in a landslide victory last month as Spain shifted hard to the right while struggling under piles of debt and sky-high unemployment. The power shift… Read more »

‘Missing’ gay Malaysian newlywed in Ireland draws harsh criticism

A Malaysian man, who was reported missing as early as 2008 while he was a medical student in Ireland, is now a subject of controversy in his home country after photos of him in a same-sex civil union surfaced last week. Ariff Alfian Rosli, a 28-year-old Malaysian man whose family reported him missing after he… Read more »

‘Visionary’ Jamaican rights activist announced as recipient of inaugural David Kato Award

Global award honouring murdered human rights activist to be presented to Jamaican lawyer, Maurice Tomlinson in London David Kato, the human rights activist murdered in his home in Kampala, Uganda on 26 January 2011, is representative of the millions of individuals worldwide who daily struggle against hostility and persecution simply because of their sexuality. Inspired… Read more »

Study finds 50 per cent of gay people in Malta overestimate discrimination laws

A study in Malta has said that while 60 per cent of respondents experience discrimination in the workplace, only half are aware this is the only area where they are protected. While almost two-thirds knew that the law protected them on matters of employment, as required in the EU, fewer were aware that protection did… Read more »

Proposal to repeal anti-gay laws “has been submitted”

A Conservative MEP who lobbied the leader of Northern Cyprus to repeal the self-declared state’s anti-gay laws said yesterday he had written to her confirming that the proposal had been drafted. Marina Yannakoudakis, who represents London in Strasbourg, had been visiting Nicolosia as part of her role on an EU group for relationships with the… Read more »

Video: Two-step on LGBT rights in Montenegro

A Montenegrin actor who took part in a pro-LGBT video has received death threats. Todor Vujoševic received serious threats after starring in a video for LGBT rights in the small Balkan country. The video shows Vujoševic as one of the players in a spot where two boys kiss passionately while celebrating the success of their… Read more »

250,000 sign petition against St Petersburg “gay propaganda” law

Nearly a quarter of a million people have signed a petition calling on world leaders to hold Russia to account for a draft law in St Petersburg which threatens to silence its gay community. The draft law would punish the promotion of LGBT lifestyles in public alongside paedophilia in Russia’s second largest city. The US… Read more »

Lone Gay Bar’s Closure Leaves Kosovo Gays Bereft

This abrupt opening and closure of a pioneering gay-friendly venue in Pristina has highlighted the embattled status of this maringalised community. The media furor surrounding the rapid opening and closure of Kosovo’s first gay bar has exposed the precarious position of the gay community in this deeply conservative, mainly Albanian land. The Pure Pure Club… Read more »

Catherine Ashton and MEPs receive petition on freedom of speech in Russia

Today the High Representative of the European Union Catherine Ashton and Members of the European Parliament received a petition with almost 250,000 signatures, urging them to support the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Russia. The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Presidents of the LGBT… Read more »